ホースマン・オヴ・ジ・アポカリプス Horsemen of the Apocalypse

出典 Bestiary 6 159ページ
The greatest of daemons, known as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse(or simply the Four), rule the blighted plane of Abaddon. Each of these monstrously powerful evil demigods is a unique physical personification of one of the four concepts of apocalyptic events:death, famine, pestilence, and war.

Only four Horsemen can exist at any given time, though whether their claim to that status is granted by the assent of their other sibling-peers, by their native plane of Abaddon, or by a rumored fifth progenitor Horseman of deific power remains a mystery. While their number remains exclusive, Horsemen can and have died and been replaced, slain by vengeful gods, demon lords, daemonic harbingers from within their own courts, or even―in rare cases―their own sibling-peers among the Four. Among the Horsemen, only Charon, the Horseman of Death, has held his position from the beginning. The title of “Horseman” is gender neutral―there are and have been female, male, and genderless Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as well as ones with multiple genders.

Every Horseman was once a mortal whose soul transitioned into the form of a daemon at some point after death. This legacy stands at the center of their kind, gnawing at their pride and sanity moment by moment, as they understand that they began their lives as the very things they seek to exterminate. Equally incongruous is that the Horsemen each actively foster their own mortal cults, even granting spells to clerics pledged to their name. The Horsemen see their worshipers as useful idiots condemned to oblivion upon death, despite the aid such cultists provide in carrying out the Four's genocidal will.

Any Horseman can be contacted through commune and can be called by a gate spell, though they are under no compulsion to come through the latter. Typically the Horsemen require an enormously valuable offering or a tremendous amount of bloodshed in their name before accepting such an invitation.

Apocalyptic Realms

The Four Horsemen collectively rule vast reaches of their native plane of Abaddon, dividing their realms among themselves. Within each of their respective apocalyptic realms on Abaddon, each Horseman holds godlike powers and exerts control both actively and subconsciously over the surrounding landscape and its nightmarish denizens, often blurring the line between themselves and their claimed portions of Abaddon. For all their terrible power, however, none of the Four are omnipotent, and with careful preparation, powerful mortals can travel within their realms without falling afoul of their rule. A Horseman gains the following additional powers while in its realm(the statistics presented on the following pages do not include these abilities).


Each Horseman is a unique creature ranging in power from 脅威度 27 to 脅威度 30. Horsemen are beyond the reach of most mortal heroes, and even beings of equivalent power fear to directly oppose them on their native plane of Abaddon. As such, the Four are best used as either the final enemies of long-term campaigns or as the lurking puppeteers of villains who can be directly opposed and defeated by the player characters. Between them, the Four control the resources of an entire plane, including courts of daemons known as harbingers―an entire race of fiends devoted to the extermination of all mortal life. They play an extremely long game, however, and as such their methods are often subtle and complex, extending to the use of mortal servitors, cults, and even dupes completely unaware that their actions further the goals of creatures devoted to the termination of all mortal life. One way of incorporating a Horseman into a campaign is by having PCs fight the Horseman's lesser minions until the party gradually becomes aware that one of the Four is the campaign's major antagonist. Once the PCs come to this conclusion, if they are themselves mythic characters, they might directly fight the Horseman in a truly epic battle. If not, they might be placed in situations where they either fight the Horseman for a few rounds before, for instance, using an artifact to banish the Horseman back to Abaddon. Alternatively, they might fight a lower-powered version of the Horseman weakened by the PCs' actions elsewhere. In any event, even being in a Horseman's presence should be a truly memorable experience and something that players will recall even years later.

ホースマン:アポリュオン Horseman, Apollyon

This muscular figure has a skeletal ram's head and a cloud of f lies spews from his mouth.

アポリュオン 脅威度29 Apollyon

出典 Bestiary 6 160ページ
経験点 6,553,600
イニシアチブ +12; 感覚 暗視60フィート、ディテクト・グッドトゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+49
オーラ 畏怖すべき存在(120フィート、難易度38)、Plague Shadow(10フィート)、アンホーリィ・オーラ難易度29)


アーマー・クラス 47、接触35、立ちすくみ38(+12不浄、+1回避、+12外皮、+4反発、+8【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 717(35d10+525); 再生30(神性または神話
頑健 +38、反応 +23、意志 +34
防御的能 apocalyptic resurrection、フリーダム・オヴ・ムーヴメントダメージ減少 20/エピック、、および完全耐性 能力値ダメージ能力値吸収、[強]、(魅了効果(強制)効果[即死]効果、[病気]、生命力吸収石化、[]; 抵抗 [氷雪]30、[雷撃]30、[]30; 呪文抵抗 40


移動速度 50フィート、飛行30フィート(良好)
近接 アシャー・オヴ・ザ・ブラック・レインサイズ)=+56/+51/+46/+41(2d4+29/19~20/×4)、噛みつき=+46(6d6+8、加えて“生命力吸収”、および“病気”)、突き刺し=+46(4d6+8)
遠隔 アシャー・オヴ・ザ・ブラック・レインロングボウ)=+48/+43/+38/+33(1d8+21/×3)
特殊攻撃 蝿のブレス病気生命力吸収(1d4レベル、難易度38)、Father of Plagues
擬似呪文能力術者レベル29; 精神集中+40)

(神) Apollyon can use this ability's mythic version in his realm.


基本攻撃 +35; 戦技ボーナス +51; 戦技防御値 86
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《回避》《駆け抜け攻撃》《かすめ飛び攻撃》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:エピデミックプレイグ・ストーム》、《騎射》《騎乗戦闘》《強行突破》《強打》《近距離射撃》《クリティカル強化:サイズ》、《クリティカル熟練》《攻防一体》《致命的な狙い》《不調化クリティカル》《迎え討ち》《猛突撃》
技能 〈威圧〉+49、〈知識:神秘学、工学、歴史宗教〉+45、〈隠密〉+46、〈軽業〉+43、〈騎乗〉+46、〈交渉〉+46、〈呪文学〉+48、〈真意看破〉+49、〈知覚〉+49、〈知識:次元界〉+48、〈はったり〉+49、〈飛行〉+50、〈魔法装置使用〉+49
言語 奈落語、天界語、共通語、獄語; テレパシー300フィート
その他の特殊能力 ホースマンの特徴


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(破滅界アバドン
編成 単体、または騎乗(アポリュオン、およびザ・ホワイト・ホース
宝物 ×3(アシャー・オヴ・ザ・ブラック・レインその他宝物


蝿のブレス/Breath of Flies(超常) Every 1d4 rounds as a move action, Apollyon can exhale a cloud of flies in a 60-foot cone. Those caught in the area take 18d6 points of piercing damage from the bites and are nauseated for 1d4 rounds. A creature that succeeds at a 難易度42 Reflex save takes half the normal damage and negates the nausea effect. Any creature that takes any damage at all from the flies is automatically sickened for 1 minute. The flies linger for 1d4+1 rounds, gathering at the start of Apollyon's next turn into a buzzing 20-foot-square cloud centered on the cone's point of origin. Any creature that ends its turn in this cloud must succeed at a 難易度42 Reflex save or take 9d6 points of piercing damage and become sickened for 1 minute. This cloud of flies can be dispersed by any area effect that deals damage or creates strong or stronger wind. All daemons and apocalypse horses are immune to the effects of breath of flies. The save DCs are Constitution-based.

病気/Disease(変則) Those bitten by Apollyon risk contracting soul plague, a deadly affliction that causes flesh to rot and drip away and that fills the sufferer with overwhelming despair and nausea. The soul of a creature that dies from soul plague is consigned to Abaddon to become one of the hunted of that realm, regardless of the victim's actual alignment and religion in life. Soul plague can be cured via magic but cannot be cured through normal rest.

Soul PlagueSoul Plague噛みつき―致傷型; セーヴ頑健難易度42; 潜伏期間即座; 頻度 1回/日; 効果 1d8【耐】吸収、および吐き気がする状態24時間。このセーヴ難易度【耐久力】に基づいている。

Father of PlaguesFather of Plagues(擬呪) As a swift action(but no more than once per day per target), Apollyon can inflict upon a single target within 60 feet any disease that the creature has ever previously suffered, unless the target succeeds at a 難易度38 Fortitude save. The onset is immediate and this ability affects creatures immune to disease unless they are of demigod or greater stature, though creatures immune to disease gain a +4 bonus on their saving throws. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Plague ShadowPlague Shadow(超常) Apollyon is surrounded by a carpet of plague-ridden vermin that bubbles up from the ground at his feet. Creatures within a 10-foot radius of Apollyon are subject to damage from this swarm. Any creatures in the area occupied by the plague shadow at the end of Apollyon's turn take 5d6 points of swarm damage and must succeed at a 難易度38 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based

Apollyon has ruled for eons, since he seized his throne and slew all potential rivals following the disappearance of his presumed-dead predecessor. The Horseman of Pestilence is also known as the Prince of Plagues, and rules from his domain of the Plaguemere, a vast realm of swamps, flooded forests, and shallow, acidic oceans. His citadel, the Throne of Flies, is carved from a titanic spinal column and set of ribs, rumored to be those of a dead god of healing or a protean lord slaughtered by the Four and dragged back to Abaddon to feast upon.

While other horsemen engage in more overt acts of brutality against the mortals of the Material Plane, Apollyon and his servitors focus instead on their distinct form of creation:the crafting of new diseases and plagues capable of doing the daemons' work for them, spreading across the Material Plane in virulent pandemics. Less known is the fact that these acts of creation also extend to artifacts and magical items intended to corrupt their recipients, and even larger metaphysical infestations that work within the goddess of death's system to taint souls and condemn them to Abaddon after judgment.

Apollyon frequently sends his minions to the Material Plane, and their actions there leave behind contagious diseases long after they're killed or banished. When spreading ever more horrific and virulent plagues, the Horseman is not averse to granting temporary immunity to his mortal cultists in exchange for using them as carriers and living incubators, though this protection is short-lived―eventually, they too fall and their souls are carried to Abaddon amid clouds of corpse flies.

アポリュオンの教団 Apollyon's Cult

Apollyon is worshiped by those who carry, suffer from, or use disease, including neutral evil druids, vengeful lepers, wererats and the like. Apollyon also commands the allegiance of a significant portion of the daemon-worshiping urdefhan race. The Prince of Plagues is served by leukodaemons, his deacon servitor race, as well as astradaemons, diseased undead, monstrous rats, nuckelavees, otyughs, piscodaemons, and all manner of vermin. His unholy symbol is a yellow scythe, and the scythe is also his favored weapon. He grants access to the domains of Air, Darkness, Destruction, and Evil, and to the subdomains of Catastrophe, Daemon, Loss, and Night.

アシャー・オヴ・ザ・ブラック・レイン Usher of the Black Rain

オーラ 圧倒的・全て; 術者レベル 29
装備部位 なし; 市価 ―; 重量 12ポンド
区分 上級アーティファクト

Apollyon's weapon is the Usher of the Black Rain. He can cause this weapon to shift from a scythe to a composite longbow(Str +16) as a move action, but in both forms the Usher is a +5 unholy wounding weapon. As a longbow, it creates ammunition automatically as it is fired. Against foes who are currently suffering from a disease, the Usher of the Black Rain deals an additional 6 points of profane damage with each hit.


The Usher of the Black Rain burns to ash if Apollyon's cloak(which was stitched from the flesh of the angels whose souls empower his bow) is brought to Nirvana, washed clean there, and then buried while intoning each dead angel's long-forgotten name.

ホースマン:カロン Horseman, Charon

This ancient figure is dressed in black, and its eyes are sunken pits that glint with malevolent cunning.

カロン 脅威度30 Charon

出典 Bestiary 6 162ページ
経験点 9,830,400
イニシアチブ +12; 感覚 暗視60フィート、ディテクト・グッド生命感知トゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+50
オーラ 畏怖すべき存在(120フィート、難易度40)、アンホーリィ・オーラ難易度30)


アーマー・クラス 48、接触38、立ちすくみ40(+16不浄、+10外皮、+4反発、+8【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 774(36d10+576); 再生20(神性または神話
頑健 +32、反応 +32、意志 +35
防御的能 apocalyptic resurrection、フリーダム・オヴ・ムーヴメント負のエネルギーへの親和性Stygian Bondダメージ減少 20/ エピック、、および完全耐性 能力値ダメージ能力値吸収、[強]、[即死]効果、[病気]、生命力吸収、[精神作用]効果石化、[]; 抵抗 [氷雪]30、[雷撃]30、[]30; 呪文抵抗 41


移動速度 50フィート、水泳30フィート; エア・ウォークウォーター・ウォーク
近接 +5スペルティーリング・アンホーリィクオータースタッフ=+52/+47/+42/+37(1d6+20/19~20、加えて“呪い of ages”)、+5スペルティーリング・アンホーリィクオータースタッフ=+52/+47/+42(1d6+20/19~20、加えて“呪い of ages”)、または接触=+51(“呪い of ages”)
遠隔 Stygian ボルト(×4)=+44(10d6、加えて“記憶喪失”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 5フィート
特殊攻撃 呪い of the ages、記憶喪失Stygian Bolt
擬似呪文能力術者レベル30; 精神集中+42)

(神) Charon can use this ability's mythic version in his realm


基本攻撃 +36; 戦技ボーナス +51(突き飛ばし+55); 戦技防御値 89(対突き飛ばし91)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《駆け抜け攻撃》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:サークル・オヴ・デステレキネシス》、《騎乗戦闘》《強打》《クリティカル強化:クオータースタッフ》、《クリティカル熟練》《攻防一体》《上級突き飛ばし》《上級二刀流》《突き飛ばし強化》《二重斬り》《二刀流》《二刀流強化》《迎え討ち》《猛突撃》《盲目化クリティカル》
技能 〈威圧〉+48、〈知識:神秘学、工学、地理歴史宗教〉+48、〈隠密〉+47、〈軽業〉+44、〈騎乗〉+47、〈交渉〉+48、〈呪文学〉+51、〈職能:船乗り〉+50、〈真意看破〉+50、〈水泳〉+59、〈知覚〉+50、〈知識:次元界〉+51、〈はったり〉+51、〈魔法装置使用〉+51
言語 奈落語、天界語、共通語、獄語; テレパシー300フィート
その他の特殊能力 craft item、ホースマンの特徴Reach of the StyxTransform Mount


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(破滅界アバドン
編成 単体、または騎乗(カロン、およびザ・ペイル・ホース
宝物 ×3(+5スペルティーリング・アンホーリィクオータースタッフその他宝物


アイテム作成 Charon is treated as having access to all Item Creation feats listed in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook plus Craft Construct for the purposes of creating magic items or constructs.

Curse of AgesCurse of Ages(超常) The first time in a round that Charon strikes a creature with a weapon or a successful touch attack, that creature must succeed at a 難易度40 Fortitude save or instantly grow decrepit and feeble, as if the target suddenly became venerable. The target's Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength scores are reduced by 6, but its mental ability scores are not increased. If Charon touches or strikes a venerable target(either a naturally venerable creature or a creature suffering from this effect or a similar magical effect), that creature is subjected to memory loss(see below). Curse of the ages is an aging and a curse effect. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

記憶喪失/Memory Loss(超常) When Charon strikes a creature with a Stygian bolt or touches or strikes a venerable target, he can affect that creature with memory loss. A creature affected by memory loss must succeed at a 難易度40 Will save or gain 2 permanent negative levels as swaths of memory are wiped away. These negative levels are a mind-affecting effect but not a negative energy effect. If these negative levels cause the target's total number of negative levels to equal or exceed its Hit Dice, instead of dying the target enters a catatonic state that lasts as long as the negative levels from the Stygian bolts continue to cause its total number of negative levels to equal or exceed its Hit Dice. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Reach of the StyxReach of the Styx(超常) Once per hour as a standard action, Charon can transport himself and any adjacent creatures―such as passengers on his skiff―to any point touched by the River Styx, even if he is not currently on a plane through which it flows, traveling as if via a plane shift spell.

Stygian BoltStygian Bolt(超常) As a standard action, Charon can spit four blasts of Stygian water from his mouth. Each of these Stygian bolts can target a different creature. These attacks are treated as ranged attacks with a range increment of 100 feet. On a hit, a Stygian bolt deals 10d6 points of bludgeoning damage and inflicts memory loss.

Stygian BondStygian Bond(変則) Charon's regeneration cannot be overcome by any means when he is in physical contact with the River Styx or when he is aboard his skiff while on the River Styx.

Transform MountTransform Mount(超常) As a swift action, Charon can cause his mount, the Pale Horse, to transform into a skiff that can carry up to four passengers plus himself. He can also transform this skiff back into the Pale Horse as a swift action, in which case he automatically mounts the Pale Horse and any passengers or cargo in the skiff are dumped into adjacent squares.

Charon, the Horseman of Death and Boatman of the Styx, is ancient even by comparison to his kindred Horsemen. Of all the Four, he alone was an original Horseman, the first―and only―Lord of Death. Yet Charon's title obfuscates his true focus:not simply death as a whole, which is the purview of all daemons, but specifically death by old age. Even the most virile mortals must eventually succumb to that looming specter, and in this sense, it's unsurprising that the Boatman remains the most powerful of the Four. Like mortality's inevitable end, Charon's patience is legendary.

Charon resembles his thanadaemons, and most presume that he modeled them after himself. Charon, however, is so ancient as to have preceded the creation of humanoid life and thus his current form is likely nothing more than a modern guise, with his original form long discarded.

Daemons in Charon's service range far and wide across Abaddon, often riding the Styx to other reaches of the cosmos, hunting souls in his name. Unlike those of the other Horsemen, Charon's servitors often act in understated and subtle ways, yet they harvest just as many souls as others. When approached independently by a traveler, Charon sometimes simply carries the guest off to be consumed. Other times, however, he makes legitimate deals, though his bargains work toward ends hundreds or thousands of years in the making. Charon's dealings also serve him well in other ways, with even his fellows among the Four often quietly acquiescing to his authority. In the past, Charon has bargained with dying and desperate divinities, archfiends, empyreal lords, and even the populations of entire worlds, offering them aid in return for payments of souls, knowing all the while that the bargainers were beyond saving anyway.

Charon's domain is the largest of the Four, particularly when one takes into account the fact that the River Styx stretches into or borders the others' realms, the unclaimed wastes, and the planes beyond. Every branch of the Styx ultimately flows back to Charon's citadel, the Drowning Court, which comprises hundreds of mobile islands, ships, and floating castles swirling around a massive central whirlpool.

カロンの教団 Charon's Cult

Charon is worshiped by ferrymen and -women, grave robbers, undertakers, the undead, and so very many doomed and damned would-be immortals. The Horseman of Death is served by thanadaemons, his deacon servitor race, along with fiendish krakens, grim reapers, hags, hydrodaemons, river monsters, and numerous varieties of undead. Charon's unholy symbol is a skull with coins over its eye sockets, and the quarterstaff is his favored weapon. He grants access to the domains of Death, Evil, Knowledge, and Water, and to the subdomains of Daemon, Ice, Memory, and Undead.

ホースマン:ザリエル Horseman, Szuriel

This blond woman's pitch-black eyes weep tears of blood, and a massive pair of raven's wings spreads from her shoulders.

ザリエル 脅威度28 Szuriel

出典 Bestiary 6 164ページ
経験点 4,915,200
イニシアチブ +13; 感覚 暗視60フィート、ディテクト・グッドトゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+46
オーラ 畏怖すべき存在、(120フィート、難易度36)、アンホーリィ・オーラ難易度28)


アーマー・クラス 46、接触35、立ちすくみ37(+12不浄、+11外皮、+4反発、+9【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 676(33d10+495); 再生20(神性または神話
頑健 +30、反応 +31、意志 +32
防御的能 apocalyptic resurrection、ファイアー・シールド(ウォーム・シールド)、フリーダム・オヴ・ムーヴメントダメージ減少 20/エピック、、および完全耐性 能力値ダメージ能力値吸収、[強]、(魅了効果(強制)効果[即死]効果、[病気]、生命力吸収石化、[]; 抵抗 [氷雪]30、[雷撃]30、[]30; 呪文抵抗 39


移動速度 40フィート、飛行60フィート(良好)
近接 ラメンテーション・オヴ・ザ・フェイスレス=+58/+58/+53/+48/+43(2d6+36/17~20)、(×2)=+46(1d6+9、加えて“生命力吸収”)
特殊攻撃 生命力吸収1レベル難易度36)、Eruptive ArrivalFury of the Forsaken
擬似呪文能力術者レベル28; 精神集中+38)

(神) Szuriel can use this ability's mythic version in her realm.


基本攻撃 +33; 戦技ボーナス +51; 戦技防御値 86
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《駆け抜け攻撃》《かすめ飛び攻撃》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:テレキネシス》、《騎乗戦闘》《クリティカル強化:グレートソード》、《クリティカル熟練》《クリティカル体得》《攻防一体》《上級武器開眼:グレートソード》、《上級武器熟練:グレートソード》、《武器開眼:グレートソード》、《武器熟練:グレートソード》、《迎え討ち》《猛突撃》《盲目化クリティカル》《よろめき化クリティカル》
技能 〈威圧〉+46、〈知識:神秘学、工学、歴史宗教〉+42、〈隠密〉+45、〈軽業〉+45、〈騎乗〉+45、〈呪文学〉+42、〈真意看破〉+46、〈知覚〉+46、〈知識:次元界〉+45、〈はったり〉+46、〈飛行〉+49、〈魔法装置使用〉+46
言語 奈落語、天界語、共通語、獄語; テレパシー300フィート
その他の特殊能力 Corrupted Flamesホースマンの特徴Warmonger


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(破滅界アバドン
編成 単体、または騎乗(ザリエル、およびザ・レッド・ホース
宝物 ×3(ラメンテーション・オヴ・ザ・フェイスレスその他宝物


Corrupted FlamesCorrupted Flames(超常) Channeling the fury and sorrow of those devoured within the boundaries of her domain, Szuriel's touch corrupts the very essence of fire. Any spell-like ability or supernatural effect used by Szuriel that normally causes fire damage deals half of that damage as fire damage and half of it as profane damage that is not subject to energy resistance or fire immunity.

Eruptive ArrivalEruptive Arrival(超常) When Szuriel uses any teleportation effect, she can create a pyroclastic detonation upon arrival as a swift action. This creates a blast of fire that deals 20d6 points of fire damage to all creatures within a 30-foot radius(Reflex 難易度41 half). Szuriel can selectively omit creatures from this effect as she chooses, though she rarely does, enjoying the carnage and death of even her own allies. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Fury of the ForsakenFury of the Forsaken(超常) As a standard action once per day, Szuriel can instill all non-daemons within a 60-foot radius of herself with a mind-twisting rage and lust for blood. Affected creatures gain a +4 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution and a -2 penalty to アーマー・クラス, and they are compelled to attack the nearest creature regardless of any previous allegiances. A creature can resist this effect with a successful 難易度36 Will save; otherwise, it persists as long as Szuriel remains within line of sight. When the effect ends, an affected creature becomes fatigued. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect and does not stack with barbarian rage, the rage spell, or similar effects. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

WarmongerWarmonger(変則) Szuriel is proficient with all weapons, and is treated as a 20th-level fighter for the purpose of qualifying for feats that require a minimum fighter level as a prerequisite.

At first glance, Szuriel seems a triumphant, angelic figure. With her ivory skin, f lowing golden hair, f lawless and powerful body clothed in a coil of unsullied silk, and wings the blue-black of a raven, she appears as a personification of glory from on high―a veritable goddess of war. Up close, however, this impression quickly fades. Mirrored and black as onyx, Szuriel's eyes bleed constantly in crimson rivulets that run down her cheeks and fall to the ground. When she deigns to smile, she reveals a mouth of jagged, razor-sharp fangs more befitting a shark or dragon than anything humanoid. Szuriel's greatsword, Lamentation of the Faithless, has been wielded by every Horseman of War dating back to the first, and it is said to be the corrupted blade of an ancient and forgotten empyreal lord.

The Horseman of War was once a fallen mortal paladin. After she was excommunicated for her sins, she became a conquering general and finally a ruling empress who slaughtered the followers of her former faith. Her own death came not on the battlefield but by an assassin's blade, yet this merely opened the greatest chapter in her conquests by propelling her into Abaddon and, in time, the role of the Horseman of War.

Szuriel makes open mockery of all angels, playing upon their thematic elements in her warped, destructive interactions with mortals, awing both the misguided and those fully cognizant of her nature. Her cults often portray her not as a paragon of destruction, conquest, and genocide, but as promising righteous victory, with the souls of fallen soldiers elevated to paradise regardless of what horrific crimes they commit.

Szuriel's armies represent the largest and most strictly organized force in Abaddon, but at any given moment, fully half of the Horseman's armies are scattered throughout the planes in mercenary service to various Abyssal lords, archdevils, and whatever other forces purchase their services. Most times, that price is steep, as Szuriel demands living mortals or souls, or the right to consume those who fall upon the field of battle. When her armies march upon the mortal plane, they honor their commitments just long enough to make their “allies” complacent before engaging in systematic genocide.

ザリエルの教団 Szuriel's Cult

Szuriel is worshiped by those associated with every facet of war, including everything leading up to it and arising in its bloody wake. Arms dealers, looters, mercenaries, soldiers, and warlords worship the Angel of Desolation. Szuriel also holds the allegiance of a significant number of the daemon-worshiping and daemon-created urdefhan race. The Seraph of Devastation is served by her deacon race of purrodaemons as well as carrion eaters, obcisidaemons, undead soldiers, war beasts, and warswornB4. Szuriel's unholy symbol is a pale hand and black sword, and the greatsword is her favored weapon. She grants access to the domains of Evil, Fire, Strength, and War, and to the subdomains of Blood, Daemon, Ferocity, and Tactics.

ラメンテーション・オヴ・ザ・フェイスレス Lamentation of the Faithless

オーラ 圧倒的・全て; 術者レベル 28
装備部位 なし; 市価 ―; 重量 8ポンド
区分 上級アーティファクト

Szuriel's weapon is Lamentation of the Faithless, a black-bladed +5 speed unholy greatsword. When using the blade to attack, Szuriel regains 1d6 hit points with each successful hit. If Szuriel presents her sword as a standard action, all creatures within 60 feet that view it are blinded and affected by crushing despair for 1d4+1 rounds unless they succeed at a 難易度 30 Will save. Creatures with the good subtype and divine spellcasters take a -4 penalty on this save. As a standard action, Szuriel can call the sword to her hand from any distance, including across planar boundaries.


The sword shatters and sublimates if it is ever placed in the empty, walled garden at the summit of Heaven's mountain by a risen, repentant fiend.

ホースマン:トレルマリクシアン Horseman, Trelmarixian

This starving-thin man has a trio of jackal's heads with jagged, crystalline teeth. His oily black f lesh ripples disturbingly.

トレルマリクシアン 脅威度27 Trelmarixian

出典 Bestiary 6 166ページ
経験点 3,276,800
イニシアチブ +13; 感覚 暗視60フィート、ディテクト・グッドトゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+46
オーラ 畏怖すべき存在(120フィート、難易度36)、アンホーリィ・オーラ難易度28)


アーマー・クラス 45、接触35、立ちすくみ36(+12不浄、+10外皮、+4反発、+9【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 656(32d10+480); 再生20(神性または神話
頑健 +29、反応 +31、意志 +33
防御的能 不定形、apocalyptic resurrection、フリーダム・オヴ・ムーヴメントダメージ減少 20/エピック、、および完全耐性 能力値ダメージ能力値吸収、[強]、(魅了効果(強制)効果[即死]効果、[病気]、生命力吸収石化、[]; 抵抗 [氷雪]30、[雷撃]30、[]30; 呪文抵抗 38


移動速度 30フィート、飛行30フィート(標準)
近接 噛みつき(×3)=+46(4d6+21/19~20、加えて“生命力吸収”)、(×2)=+46(3d8+14/19~20、加えて“つかみ”)
特殊攻撃 生命力吸収1レベル難易度36)、高速飲み込み、predecessor's 激怒Ravenous Devourer飲み込み(10d6[強ダメージ、および1d6【判断力】吸収アーマー・クラス15、ヒット・ポイント65)、Wail of the Consumed
擬似呪文能力術者レベル27; 精神集中+37)

(神) Trelmarixian can use this ability's mythic version in his realm.


基本攻撃 +32; 戦技ボーナス +46(足払い+48); 戦技防御値 81(対足払い83)
特技 《足払い強化》《イニシアチブ強化》《駆け抜け攻撃》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:ハンガー・フォー・フレッシュ》、《騎乗戦闘》《強打》《クリティカル強化:噛みつき》、《クリティカル熟練》《攻防一体》《渾身の一打》《渾身の一打強化》《上級渾身の一打》《疲労化クリティカル》《迎え討ち》《猛突撃》
技能 〈威圧〉+45、〈知識:神秘学、ダンジョン探検、工学、歴史宗教〉+42、〈隠密〉+44、〈軽業〉+41、〈騎乗〉+44、〈呪文学〉+45、〈真意看破〉+46、〈知覚〉+46、〈知識:次元界〉+45、〈はったり〉+45、〈飛行〉+44、〈魔法装置使用〉+45
言語 奈落語、天界語、共通語、獄語; テレパシー300フィート
その他の特殊能力 ホースマンの特徴


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(破滅界アバドン
編成 単体、または騎乗(トレルマリクシアン、およびザ・ブラック・ホース
宝物 ×3


Predecessor's RagePredecessor's Rage(超常) Trelmarixian consumed the previous Horseman of Famine, and portions of that previous Horseman's essence still exist within Trelmarixian's belly, being slowly digested like a sweet, spiritual lozenge. This previous Horseman was herself a parasitic entity, and once per hour as an immediate action, Trelmarixian can lower his resistance to his predecessor's rage to allow her to infuse him with fury from within. When Trelmarixian does so, he gains the effects of righteous might, and his regeneration increases to 30 for 4 rounds. When this effect ends, Trelmarixian is staggered for 1d4+1 rounds if he fails a 難易度35 Fortitude save, or for only 1 round if he succeeds.

Ravenous DevourerRavenous Devourer(変則) Trelmarixian's bite attacks always apply 1・1/2 × his Strength modifier to his damage.

飲み込み/Swallow Whole(超常) Trelmarixian's swallow whole ability is a supernatural ability that can affect Huge or smaller creatures, despite the fact that Trelmarixian is only Medium. His stomach functions similarly to an extradimensional space and can hold any number of creatures. If Trelmarixian swallows an object that contains an extradimensional space(such as a bag of holding or a portable hole), that object cannot be opened while it is within the Horseman of Famine's belly, but it does not otherwise interact with his stomach in a destructive way.

Wail of the ConsumedWail of the Consumed(超常) Trelmarixian can, as a standard action once every 1d4 rounds, call upon the tattered fragments of the innumerable souls he has consumed to unleash a mind-shattering wail. This affects all creatures within a 60-foot spread. Affected creatures take 1d10 points of Wisdom drain and are stunned for 1 round. A creature that succeeds at a 難易度36 Will save instead takes 1d4 points of Wisdom damage and is staggered for 1 round. This is a sonic mind-affecting effect. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

The youngest but perhaps most ambitious of the Four, Trelmarixian the Black obsesses over soul consumption, riding the line between brutal, amoral science and quasi-religious zealotry. A perpetually ravenous shapeshifting horror, Trelmarixian maintains a three headed humanoid shape―but only just, with his frame constantly shuddering and shifting and threatening to slump into a protoplasmic slurry of bile, blood, and mucus. Trelmarixian was once a meladaemon himself, and his meladaemon servitors, while always emaciated and bestial, have become more canine in appearance under his rule. When the so-called Lysogenic Prince rose to power, he overthrew and consumed his predecessor, but he maintains a fragment of her existence within him to fuel periodic bouts of parasitic rage.

Trelmarixian embodies not only starvation, but also the broader concept of wasting, both physical and metaphysical, particularly the lingering dooms of cancer, parasitism, and spiritual decay. Like the viral afflictions he represents, the Horseman of Famine behaves like his chosen concept in a concrete manner, having secretively inserted fragments of his physical form into many of his servitors. This bombards him with sensory information on a truly maddening scale, and thus Trelmarixian's fragmented mind brims with insanity and a multitude of voices, including that of his predecessor. He still adores her in his own fashion, and she in turn speaks to him, advising as she sees fit or mocking his shortcomings like an aggressive, self-aware conscience. By force of will, he can silence the voices, but the thing that haunts him more than any of these cannot be so easily dismissed. Most daemons retain only fractured, fragmented recollections of their mortal life. Trelmarixian, on the other hand, remembers everything save for the last few minutes of his life. As a mortal, daemon-blooded tiefling, Trelmarixian exterminated all life on his world with a work of profound sorcery, but in doing so he condemned himself to starvation. Near the moment of his agonizing death, he recalls someone talking to him, asking him questions and mocking his success as paltry compared to what awaited him after death. Despite his destruction of everyone he had ever known in life, someone was there, and he cannot remember that person's face or final words.

Trelmarixian's memories haunt him still, as does the question of whose blood his soul carried, and thus who may still have some unknown claim on him, such as a long-dead Horseman of Famine. He's likewise haunted by the notion that he was born to be the vector for his progenitor's return―one virus within another, waiting and incubating, to someday express itself and snuff him out as he did his own predecessor.

Trelmarixian's domain, the Withered Court, is a realm of biological and metaphysical horrors, towers spun from flesh and bone with mortal souls used like living, screaming bricks, each mournfully crying out in the constant pangs of starvation. In this realm of horrors, his servitors devour as much as they craft, warping souls into nightmarish wonders while their master continues his nihilistic work within his citadel, the miles-high Weeping Tower.

トレルマリクシアンの教団 Trelmarixian's Cult

Trelmarixian is worshiped by all those touched by famine and the broader concept of wasting, including evil druids, gryphs, hungry ghosts, and victims of starvation. Trelmarixian also holds the allegiance of many of the daemon-worshiping and daemon-created urdefhan race. The Lysogenic Prince is further served by astradaemons, derghodaemons, fiendish jackals and jackal monsters, ghouls, scavengers, vampires, vermin, and wendigos, but also by those who have been driven to madness or cannibalism by starvation.

Trelmarixian's unholy symbol is a jackal skull viewed from the side as it clutches a solar eclipse in its jaws, and the spiked gauntlet is his favored weapon. He grants access to the domains of Earth, Evil, Madness, and Weather, and to the subdomains of Daemon, Decay, Insanity, and Seasons.

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