デーモン:ブリモラク Demon, Brimorak

This muscular, red-eyed, goat-headed demon wields a burning sword. Fire licks up from its flaming hooves.

ブリモラク 脅威度5 Brimorak

出典 Bestiary 6 83ページBook of the Damned - Volume 2:Lords of Chaos pg. 56
経験点 1,600
イニシアチブ +7; 感覚 暗視60フィート; 〈知覚〉+18
オーラ Smoke Breath(5フィート、難易度17)


アーマー・クラス 18、接触14、立ちすくみ15(+4外皮、+1サイズ、+3【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 57(6d10+24)
頑健 +9、反応 +8、意志 +3
防御的能 Boiling Bloodダメージ減少 5/冷たい鉄または完全耐性雷撃]、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10; 呪文抵抗 16
弱点 [氷雪]に対する脆弱性


移動速度 30フィート
近接 ロングソード=+11/+6(1d6+3/19~20、加えて1d6[])、=+5(1d3+1、加えて1d6[])
特殊攻撃 Burning Hoovesブレス攻撃(20フィートの直線状 of Boiling Blood、5d6[ダメージ反応難易度17・半減、1d4ラウンド毎に1回)
擬似呪文能力術者レベル6; 精神集中+8)



基本攻撃 +6; 戦技ボーナス +8; 戦技防御値 21
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《戦闘発動》《武器熟練:ロングソード
技能 〈隠密〉+16、〈軽業〉+12、〈真意看破〉+10、〈知覚〉+18、〈はったり〉+11、〈知識:工学、次元界〉+10; 種族修正 +8〈知覚〉
言語 奈落語、天界語、語、界語; テレパシー100フィート
その他の特殊能力 Flaming Weapon


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス
編成 単体、一団(2~6)、または 小隊(7~16)
宝物 標準(ロングソードその他宝物


Boiling BloodBoiling Blood(超常) Any creature that damages a brimorak with a non-reach slashing or piercing melee weapon is sprayed with its blood, taking 1d4 points of fire damage on each successful hit with such a weapon.

Burning HoovesBurning Hooves(超常) A brimorak's burning hooves leave scorched prints. Survival checks to track a brimorak are attempted with a +8 circumstance bonus. Against a prone foe, a brimorak can make two hoof attacks rather than just one.

Flaming WeaponFlaming Weapon(超常) As a free action, a brimorak can cause a single wielded melee weapon to deal 1d6 additional points of fire damage on a successful hit. This fire damage stacks with any fire damage that the weapon might also deal. The weapon loses this ability if it leaves the demon's grasp.

Smoke BreathSmoke Breath(超常) A brimorak's breath surrounds it to a radius of 5 feet. A creature who begins its turn in this area must make a successful 難易度17 Fortitude save or become sickened for 1 round. A creature gains immunity to a particular brimorak's breath for 24 hours with a successful save. This is a poison effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Brimoraks are demons born from the souls of arsonists, and in their fiendish lives, they love nothing more than setting fires. A brimorak stands 3 feet tall and weighs 80 pounds.

デーモン:リリトゥ Demon, Lilitu

While this seductive woman has goat horns, goat hooves, and a serpentine tail, her eyeless face is her most disturbing feature.

リリトゥ 脅威度17 Lilitu

出典 Bestiary 6 84ページThe Worldwound pg. 48
経験点 102,400
イニシアチブ +9; 感覚 暗視60フィート、トゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+34
オーラ アンホーリィ・オーラ難易度26)


アーマー・クラス 34、接触24、立ちすくみ28(+4不浄、+1回避、+10外皮、+4反発、+5【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 263(17d10+170)
頑健 +19、反応 +23、意志 +20
防御的能 身かわしProfane Graceダメージ減少 10/冷たい鉄および完全耐性雷撃]、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10、[]10; 呪文抵抗 28


移動速度 60フィート、飛行60フィート(良好)
近接 (×4)=+25(2d8+8/19~20)、尾の打撃=+20接触(1d6+4、加えて“Branding”)
特殊攻撃 Create HuskHusk LinkProfane PactSwift Claws
擬似呪文能力術者レベル17; 精神集中+25)



基本攻撃 +17; 戦技ボーナス +25; 戦技防御値 49
特技 《欺きの名人》《一撃離脱》《回避》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:チャーム・モンスター》、《強行突破》《強打》《クリティカル強化:》、《クリティカル熟練》《よろめき化クリティカル》
技能 〈威圧〉+25、〈知識:地域貴族〉+25、〈軽業〉+25、〈交渉〉+28、〈真意看破〉+26、〈知覚〉+34、〈知識:宗教〉+22、〈はったり〉+40、〈飛行〉+37、〈変装〉+29; 種族修正 +8〈はったり〉、+8〈知覚〉
言語 奈落語、天界語、語; テレパシー100フィート; タンズ
その他の特殊能力 変身(Small or Medium humanoid; オルター・セルフ)、Profane Wishcraft


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス
編成 単体、2体、集会(3~5)、またはカルトリリトゥ1、およびサキュバス6~12)
宝物 ×2


BrandingBranding(超常) Each time a lilitu damages a living creature with her tail slap, the wound leaves an angry and permanent red brand. The creature struck becomes staggered for 1 round from the pain. A successful 難易度26 Will save negates the staggered condition and reduces the duration of the brand from permanent to 1 hour. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based. Removing brands is difficult―each casting of restoration, dispel chaos, or dispel evil removes one brand. Heal removes 1d4+4 brands. Greater restoration removes a number of brands equal to the spell's caster level. Miracle and wish can each remove all brands at once. The number of brands a creature gains in this manner has a cumulative series of effects, as listed below.

1~3 BrandsThe lilitu can affect the branded creature with its create husk, husk link, and profane pact abilities.

4~6 BrandsThe branded creature takes a -2 penalty on all Will saves made against a lilitu's spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. The branded creature's aura now radiates chaos and evil.

7~9 BrandsThe branded creature's Wisdom score is reduced by 4. A chaotic evil creature is immune to this effect.

10 or More BrandsThe penalties to the creature's Will saves and Wisdom score that are listed above double. In addition, the branded creature automatically fails all Will saves made against a lilitu's spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. A chaotic evil creature is immune to this effect.

Create HuskCreate Husk(超常) Once per day as a swift action, when a lilitu deals enough damage with a weapon, spell, or spell-like ability to kill a branded Small or Medium humanoid within 30 feet, she can instead opt to transform that slain humanoid into a husk. The targeted creature can attempt a 難易度26 Fortitude save to negate this effect, allowing it to die normally. A humanoid transformed into a husk withers away into an immobile and desiccated corpse, but does not actually die―in this state, the creature remains aware of its surroundings but can take no actions at all. A husk is essentially treated as an object with hardness 15 and 60 hit points; it weighs 10% of the original creature's weight. If a husk is destroyed, the effect ends and the body dies. This is a curse effect―removing this curse restores the victim to life at a number of negative hit points equal to the creature's Constitution -1; a husk restored to life in this way has 1 round to stabilize or be healed before it dies. A lilitu can maintain a number of husks simultaneously equal to her Charisma bonus(8 husks for the typical lilitu); if she creates more husks than she can maintain, a previously created husk(chosen by the lilitu) is released and immediately dies. Lilitus hide their husk collections in very safe places. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Profane GraceProfane Grace(超常) A lilitu gains a +4 profane bonus to アーマー・クラス and on Initiative checks and Reflex saves.

Profane PactProfane Pact(超常) Once per day as a full-round action, a lilitu can forge a profane pact with a willing humanoid creature bearing at least one lilitu brand by touching the creature for 1 full round. A single creature can have no more than one profane pact with a lilitu at any time. This functions identically to a succubus's profane gift ability(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 68), save that it grants a +4 profane bonus to an ability score of the humanoid's choice and it does not grant a telepathic link to the target.

Profane WishcraftProfane Wishcraft(超常) A creature that accepts a wish from a lilitu immediately becomes chaotic evil unless it succeeds at a 難易度26 Will save. A creature that becomes chaotic evil in this way gains the benefits of a good hope spell for 24 hours, followed by the effects of crushing despair for 1d6 days(these spell effects function at 術者レベル17). The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Swift ClawsSwift Claws(変則) When a lilitu makes a full attack, she can attack twice with each of her claws, for a total of four attacks in that round.

Lilitus are subversive and hidden horrors, demons who work subtly in their constant quest to destroy and devastate. Whereas most demons prefer to rend and destroy, the lilitu is more akin to the succubus―she prefers to do her work in humanoid form to infect society with sin from within. Lilitus enjoy few things more than leading mortals into all manner of sinful acts, in the hope that when the mortal perishes, its soul will fuel the Abyss. Despite some superficial similarities to succubi, lilitus are not solely concerned with the sin of lust. The exact nature of sin that a lilitu tempts a mortal into committing varies, for these demons are adept at reading mortal desires and secrets, quickly discerning which sins a specific target can be convinced to perform.

Lilitus have numerous tools at their disposal for the encouragement of sin, but they much prefer their humanoid victims to commit sins of their own free will. As such, lilitus generally use their abilities to deceive and beguile mortals rather than forcing them to execute heinous acts. A son convinced to kill for his mother(the disguised lilitu) to rectify a grave injustice elicits far more delight than compelling a mind-controlled humanoid to do such a deed.

In her true form, a lilitu appears as an eyeless, horned, snake-tailed―but otherwise beautiful―human woman. Despite her lack of eyes, a lilitu can see with ease. A lilitu forms from the soul of a mortal who lured others of its kind to commit sins.

Lilitus are more likely than other demons to devote their work to a specific demon lord, yet they do not generally view such devotion as true servitude. It's simply convenient to have a specific demigod in mind when seeking to corrupt a mortal's faith and to convince such fallen souls to shift their own allegiance from a prior deity to the lilitu's chosen demon lord. When a lilitu chooses to ally herself with a demon lord, she takes on certain physical characteristics that reflect that demon lord's personality or appearance. For example, a lilitu that serves Dagon, the demon lord of deformity, sea monsters, and the sea might bear scaly skin like that of a fish, webbed fingers and toes, and finlike ridges on her head instead of the more typical goat's horns. A lilitu that serves Pazuzu, on the other hand, might have vestigial feathery wings on her back and bird's talons instead of hooves for feet. These appearance changes are cosmetic only and never impact the lilitu's options for natural attacks. Of course, the demon's ability to change shape or assume the form of a captured husk allows the demon to disguise her true form at will. Lilitus who serve specific demon lords in this manner often have class levels. A lilitu typically focuses on class roles such as bards, rogues, swashbucklers, or any other agility- and deception-based classes.

Lilitus typically stand 6 to 6・1/2 feet tall and weigh 130 to 150 pounds.

デーモン:ウーリオドルー Demon, Oolioddroo

This skeletally thin woman has a mothlike face, flies upon dragonfly wings, and is wrapped in shadows.

ウーリオドルー 脅威度13 Oolioddroo

出典 Bestiary 6 86ページThe Worldwound pg. 50
経験点 25,600
イニシアチブ +7; 感覚 暗視60フィート、See Thoughts〈知覚〉+32


アーマー・クラス 28、接触22、立ちすくみ20(+1回避、+6外皮、+4反発、+7【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 175(14d10+98)
頑健 +11、反応 +16、意志 +16
防御的能 Shadow Mantleダメージ減少 10/完全耐性雷撃]、[精神作用]効果、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10、[]10; 呪文抵抗 24


移動速度 30フィート、飛行40フィート(完璧)
近接 (×2)=+21(1d4+2)、=+21(1d6+2、加えて“Thought Siphon”)
特殊攻撃 Oviposition急所攻撃+3d6
擬似呪文能力術者レベル14; 精神集中+20)



基本攻撃 +14; 戦技ボーナス +16; 戦技防御値 38
特技 《一撃離脱》《回避》《風の如き脚》、《擬似呪文能力高速化:インヴィジビリティ》、《強行突破》《電光の如き脚》《武器の妙技》
技能 〈隠密〉+28、〈軽業〉+21、〈交渉〉+23、〈呪文学〉+22、〈真意看破〉+32、〈知覚〉+32、〈はったり〉+23、〈飛行〉+32、〈知識:神秘学、次元界〉+22、〈魔法装置使用〉+23; 種族修正 +4〈隠密〉、+8〈知覚〉
言語 奈落語、天界語、語; テレパシー300フィート


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス
編成 単体、2体、またはカルト(3~6)
宝物 標準


OvipositionOviposition(超常) As a full-round action once per day, an oolioddroo can use its tongue to implant its eggs into the brain of a helpless, sleeping, unconscious, or willing creature, dealing 1 point of Intelligence damage. Typically, the oolioddroo uses modify memory immediately after an oviposition, making its victim forget the violation. The egg gestates in the victim's brain for 24 hours, after which a small caterpillar-like larva emerges and nestles painlessly within the victim's brain. At this point, the oolioddroo can track the victim's location as if the victim were under the effect of a status spell, can communicate telepathically with the victim across any distance, and can use its detect thoughts, modify memory, and suggestion spell-like abilities through the link to target the victim. The larva(and its link to its oolioddroo) becomes inert whenever the victim and the oolioddroo are on separate planes. Victims carrying this larva radiate a chaotic and evil aura. Anyone who reads the victim's thoughts, such as via detect thoughts or telepathy, can attempt a Sense Motive check opposed by the oolioddroo's Bluff check to notice the presence of a second, alien set of thoughts in the target's mind. Dispel chaos and dispel evil can each immediately end the oviposition―the implanted larva melts into harmless fluid and is absorbed by the victim's body. This is not a disease effect, though, so heal or remove disease offer no aid in ending the effect. As an immediate action, an oolioddroo can use its feeblemind spell-like ability on the carrier―it uses this “scorched earth” tactic if it fears that the host is about to be rescued or cut off from its influence, such as occurs when the effects are ended via dispel chaos or dispel evil. Using feeblemind in this way automatically destroys the larva, regardless of whether or not the victim succeeds at the saving throw against the feeblemind effect, so an oolioddroo typically waits until the last moment to use this ability.

See ThoughtsSee Thoughts(超常) An oolioddroo can see a creature's thoughts, interpreting them as a shifting mass of colors, images, and shapes that infuse a creature's aura. An oolioddroo gains the effects of see invisibility against creatures with an Intelligence score as a result of this unusual sense. This ability also grants the oolioddroo a +8 racial bonus on Sense Motive checks. When it uses detect thoughts, it does not have to study an area or subject to gain all 3 rounds of information―it gains all of this information on the 1st round of using the ability. In addition, it gains a +4 racial bonus to the save 難易度 of its detect thoughts spell-like ability. A blind oolioddroo loses the ability to see thoughts.

Shadow MantleShadow Mantle(超常) The supernatural shadows that wreathe an oolioddroo grant the creature a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks and a +4 deflection bonus to its Armor Class.

Thought SiphonThought Siphon(超常) Whenever an oolioddroo damages a creature with its tongue attack, it can drink away one of the creature's thoughts or memories. A creature can resist this attack with a successful 難易度23 Will save. On a failed save, the oolioddroo targets the victim with one of the following effects. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

記憶吸収/Memory Drain:The victim is immediately affected by the oolioddroo's modify memory spell-like ability. The oolioddroo can adjust up to 5 minutes of memories immediately―it does not need to increase the spell's casting time to match the duration of the modified memory.

Skill DrainSkill DrainThe victim loses all skill ranks in a skill of the oolioddroo's choosing for 24 hours. Lost skill ranks can be recovered immediately with a restoration or greater restoration spell.

Spell DrainSpell DrainThe victim immediately loses one prepared spell or one unused spell slot of the oolioddroo's choice; this lost spell or spell slot can be replenished normally.

【判断力】吸収/Wisdom Drain:The victim takes 2 points of Wisdom drain.

/Tongue(変則) An oolioddroo's tongue attack is a primary attack that deals piercing and slashing damage. Whenever an oolioddroo damages a foe with its tongue, it can use its thought siphon attack.

Oolioddroos, known also as moth demons, are an especially insidious breed of fiend that can infest the brains of living creatures with their eggs, allowing them to manipulate their victims' thoughts and minds from afar. This might mean an oolioddroo's victim could go about its normal life for months or even years before the demon capitalizes on the link and forces it to undertake a particularly nefarious or vile deed. In the worst cases, the victim commits crimes or heinous acts at the oolioddroo's bidding and then immediately forgets about these acts, creating the perfect sleeper agent who not only unknowingly does the oolioddroo's bidding, but might, when not controlled, be significantly involved in efforts to oppose the acts of sabotage and terrorism the oolioddroo commands. To the oolioddroo, the torment, shame, and despair a victim feels upon realizing he's been at least somewhat responsible for such actions is as delicious and delightful as the pain and suffering caused by the acts themselves.

An oolioddroo appears as a skeletally thin woman with gray flesh. Its shadow mantle typically appears in the form of a flowing, diaphanous gown of semisolid shadows and smoke, but the demon can make this defense appear to be black clothes or simply its own shadow. The oolioddroo's deeply unsettling face is that of a horned moth, and her tongue, while flexible, is strong enough to penetrate flesh and bone with ease. An oolioddroo stands 6 feet tall, but weighs only 100 pounds. These sinister demons form from the souls of those who used brainwashing, mind control, and similar techniques, either magical or mundane, to trick or force the innocent into committing terrible acts of brutality.

Oolioddroos are particularly valued in more subtle invasions of the mortal realm, where the act of possession might be too blatant a tactic to use against the innocents of the world. When an oolioddroo does its job well, none even suspect demonic influence; instead they think that the devastating cruelties its influence has engendered rose entirely from the debased thoughts of lone fanatics or sociopaths.

An encounter with an oolioddroo can be rather complex due to the nature of the creature's special abilities―especially if a PC is its intended victim. If an oolioddroo attempts to seize control of a lone PC, one tricky tactic is to simply ask the character's player to attempt all the necessary rolls and checks beforehand. Typically, one of these demons attempts to implant eggs in a character who is alone or asleep, in which case that character can attempt a Perception check(at a -10 penalty if the character is sleeping) and a saving throw against the modify memory spell―if both fail, the implanted egg hatches without the player noticing. Thereafter, the source of the strange voices and compulsions in the character's mind, as well as the source of the periodic suggestions and other magical attacks, can be as frighteningly mysterious to the player as they are to the character. Of course, the GM should take care not to go too far with this―and if a PC or an ally uses detect evil, for example, she might guess that something is afoot when a normally nonevil PC radiates an unexpected aura.

デーモン:ヴァヴァキア Demon, Vavakia

This reptilian demon has a quadrupedal dinosaur's lower body, a vaguely humanoid upper torso, and a draconic saurian head.

ヴァヴァキア 脅威度18 Vavakia

出典 Bestiary 6 88ページ
経験点 153,600
イニシアチブ +2; 感覚 暗視60フィート、トゥルー・シーイング〈知覚〉+34
オーラ 畏怖すべき存在(60フィート、難易度25)、アンホーリィ・オーラ


アーマー・クラス 35、接触14、立ちすくみ33(+13外皮、-2サイズ、+4反発、+2【敏】、+8鎧)
ヒット・ポイント 297(18d10+198)
頑健 +26、反応 +12、意志 +22
ダメージ減少 15/冷たい鉄および完全耐性雷撃]、[]、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10; 呪文抵抗 29


移動速度 45フィート、飛行60フィート(標準)
近接 +1アンホーリィランサー=+28/+23/+18/+13(3d6+17/×3)、または噛みつき=+27(3d6+11、加えて“Smoking Wound”)、(×2)=+27(1d8+11)、尾の打撃=+22(2d8+5、加えて“朦朧化”)
接敵面 15フィート、間合い 15フィート(ランサーは30フィート)
特殊攻撃 ブレス攻撃蹂躙(4d8+16、難易度30)
擬似呪文能力術者レベル18; 精神集中+24)



基本攻撃 +18; 戦技ボーナス +31(突き飛ばし+33); 戦技防御値 47(対突き飛ばし49)
技能 〈威圧〉+27、〈知識:神秘学、次元界〉+25、〈隠密〉+20、〈呪文学〉+25、〈真意看破〉+26、〈水泳〉+26、〈知覚〉+34、〈はったり〉+27、〈飛行〉+16; 種族修正 +8〈隠密〉、+8〈知覚〉
言語 奈落語、天界語、語; テレパシー100フィート


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス
編成 単体、2体、または戦闘集団ヴァヴァキア1、加えてヘズロウ2~4、およびヴロック2~8)
宝物 標準(+2ブレストプレート+1アンホーリィランサーその他宝物


ブレス攻撃/Breath Weapon(超常) Once every 1d4 rounds, a vavakia can breathe out a 60-foot cone of green fire that seems to writhe and coil with the tortured shapes of a thousand screaming ghosts. This green fire comprises countless souls the vavakia has consumed, and these vomited souls consume flesh as surely as they consume sanity. A creature struck by this breath weapon takes 20d6 points of damage(Reflex 難易度30 half) as the raw profane power blackens and melts its flesh and skin. Evil creatures take half damage from the breath weapon, but good creatures that take any damage from a vavakia's breath weapon are automatically staggered for 1 round by the excruciating sensation. In addition, any living creature that takes damage from a vavakia's breath weapon must also succeed at a 難易度30 Fortitude save or take 1d8 points of Wisdom drain as its sanity slips away into madness. Immediately after the vavakia expels this green soulfire, the wailing flames flow in reverse into the demon's gullet through its open maw. This restores 1d8 hit points to the vavakia for each creature that was damaged by its breath weapon. The Wisdom drain element of this breath weapon is a mindaffecting effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Smoking WoundSmoking Wound(超常) The wounds caused by a vavakia's fangs result in terrible, eerie wounds that constantly weep wisps of green smoke rather than blood, a grim manifestation of the demon's effect on a mortal soul. Each time a vavakia bites a creature, it inflicts 2 negative levels. The wounds continue to smoke as long as the victim suffers those negative levels, causing the victim to become sickened from the hideous sensation and rank smell of the vapors. An effect that removes this sickened condition without restoring the negative levels only temporarily causes the wounds to stop smoking―they begin smoking again in 1d6 rounds. Nonliving creatures bitten by a vavakia are immune to its energy-draining bite and do not exhibit smoking wounds. The Fortitude save to remove these negative levels is 難易度25. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

朦朧化/Stun(変則) A creature struck by a vavakia's tail slap must succeed at a 難易度30 Fortitude save or be stunned for 1 round. On a critical hit, the stun effect lasts for 1d4 rounds on a failed save and 1 round on a successful save. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Vavakias are immense demons of great power. Saurian in shape, appetite, and destructive power, they are most often encountered on the Material Plane, though not as demons conjured by spellcasters to serve, but rather as violent invaders come to the world through tears in reality or portals to the deeper rifts. On the Material Plane, a single vavakia is a formidable presence, for the strange demon is driven to feed on living souls and spread destruction―roles at which it excels.

A vavakia demon measures 30 feet in length and stands 15 feet tall, weighing in at 6,000 pounds. Vavakias form on the Abyss from particularly cruel mortal souls who, in life, practiced the vile act of extracting, enslaving, and even consuming other souls. When such a sinful creature arrives on the Abyss, it brings with it partially absorbed fragments of souls from its victims, which it incorporates during its horrific transformation into one of the Abyss's most dangerous forms of demonic life.

The creation of the first vavakias in this manner came at the hands of the demon queen Lamashtu, who was unsatisfied with the raw physical might and monstrous shape of her earliest demonic minions. In those early days, before she had become a deity, Lamashtu was already quite interested in the method by which the Abyss transformed the souls of sinful mortals into demons. When she learned that this process had first been triggered by the daemons, she was at once intrigued and enraged―intrigued because she knew that anything the Horsemen of the Apocalypse could do, she could do, and enraged at the idea that she owed her very existence to the curiosity of a daemonic lord. Though Lamashtu herself rose from the Abyss spontaneously, shortly after the daemons first “taught” the Abyss how to process sinful souls, that difference meant little to the Mother of Monsters. Fueled by rage, she waged war against Abaddon for many years and captured two Horsemen of the Apocalypse―predecessors of those who hold those titles now. She murdered one of them and forced from the other the secret method of manipulating the Abyss and its souls before murdering him as well. Both murdered Horsemen were soon replaced on Abaddon, but by that point Lamashtu's wrath had been spent and all that remained was her own curiosity.

Most of Lamashtu's earliest attempts to create demonic life were hideous failures, but Lamashtu found joy and delight even in these failures. It wasn't until the demon used her own body as an incubator to shape and then eventually birth the first vavakias that she found real success. Lamashtu's early work in creating and manipulating the Abyss in this manner may have much to do with her resulting rise in power to the position of queen of demons―had not her escalating war with Pazuzu forced her attentions away from this hideous art form, there's no telling what other strange demonic races she might have birthed upon the world. Now that she is a true goddess, Lamashtu's interests expand far beyond the curiosities of the Abyss, and she has little time or desire to wallow in her home plane's fecund properties. Of course, other demon lords throughout the Abyss are eager to learn these secrets, but to date, none have managed to duplicate Lamashtu's feats of creation.

In any event, the vavakias themselves have proven a phenomenal success and are among the Abyss's most dangerous demonic races today―and since the creation of the first of their kind, the Abyss itself seems eager to spawn more and more of these deadly demons.

Though originally created to serve as living weapons of war, the vavakias have long since established their own presence as Abyssal warlords and conquerors. While some pledge their service to powerful demon lords, most vavakias rule small empires of their own in the Abyss, typically in remote corners infested with jungles, swamps, and other primeval terrains.

デーモン:ヴェルムレク Demon, Vermlek

A hideous, pale, wormlike head pushes violently up and out of a corpulent man's body.

ヴェルムレク 脅威度3 Vermlek

出典 Bestiary 6 90ページBook of the Damned - Volume 2:Lords of Chaos pg. 54
経験点 800
イニシアチブ -1; 感覚 非視覚的感知30フィート、暗視60フィート、鋭敏嗅覚〈知覚〉+8


アーマー・クラス 15、接触9、立ちすくみ15(+3外皮、-1【敏】、+3鎧)
ヒット・ポイント 30(4d10+8)
頑健 +8、反応 +0、意志 +5
防御的能 Abandon FleshFlesh Armor負のエネルギーへの親和性ダメージ減少 5/冷たい鉄または完全耐性雷撃]、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10、[]10; 呪文抵抗 14


移動速度 30フィート、穴掘り20フィート
近接 ロングソード=+6(1d8+2/19~20)、噛みつき=+1(1d6+1)
特殊攻撃 Inhabit Body
擬似呪文能力術者レベル3; 精神集中+4)



基本攻撃 +4; 戦技ボーナス +6; 戦技防御値 15
特技 《欺きの名人》《頑健無比》
技能 〈真意看破〉+8、〈脱出術〉+6(+14 when not inhabiting a corpse)、〈知覚〉+8、〈知識:宗教〉+8、〈はったり〉+10、〈変装〉+10(+18 when inhabiting a corpse)、〈魔法装置使用〉+8; 種族修正 +8〈脱出術〉 when not inhabiting a corpse、+8〈変装〉 when inhabiting a corpse
言語 奈落語、共通語; テレパシー100フィート


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス; battlefields or graveyards)
編成 単体、または(2~10)
宝物 標準(ロングソードその他宝物


Abandon FleshAbandon Flesh(超常) As a swift action, a vermlek can abandon an inhabited body, crawling hideously out of its host and leaving behind an empty sack of skin and bits of gristle. In so doing, it absorbs much of the body's flesh to heal itself, regaining 2d6+3 hit points. A vermlek cannot later reclaim this body with its inhabit body ability.

Flesh ArmorFlesh Armor(超常) When a vermlek inhabits a humanoid body(see Inhabit Body below), it treats the dead flesh and muscle as armor, gaining a +3 armor bonus to its アーマー・クラス.

Inhabit BodyInhabit Body(超常) A vermlek can crawl into the body of any dead Medium humanoid, consuming and replacing the bulk of the humanoid's skeleton and internal organs as it does so. This process takes 1d4 rounds, during which the vermlek is flat-footed. Once the process is complete, the vermlek appears for all practical purposes to be a living but hideously obese version of the previous humanoid―it gains a +8 racial bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a normal humanoid while wearing a dead body in this manner, but does not gain any of the abilities that the dead creature had in life, including natural attacks, unusual movement types, or natural armor. It loses its own burrow speed while inhabiting a body but gains the ability to wield weapons or wear armor shaped for humanoids(although the armor bonus granted by wearing armor does not stack with the bonus granted by the vermlek's flesh armor ability).

Vermleks form from the souls of those who habitually violated the dead in life, such as grave robbers, necromancers, and necrophiles. Demonic armies often use them as disposable troops in war, with vermleks inhabiting the bodies of slain humanoid enemies to infiltrate and destroy any surviving humanoids from within their own society. When inhabiting bodies, vermleks tend to mutter and mumble rather than speaking clearly, as they know that a keen eye that peers into the body's mouth can swiftly discern the horrible truth within.

Despite the fact that they are often used as battleground troops, vermleks have little taste for war and, left alone, prefer to live in hiding among humanoids on the Material Plane. There, disguised as laborers like gravediggers or dung sweepers, they can revel in their ghoulish, taboo lusts.

Outside of a host body, a vermlek appears as a worm with four long tails, each of which ends in a tangle of filaments. In this form, the demon is 7 feet long and weighs 90 pounds.

デーモン:イエイニト Demon, Yaenit

Patches of fur adorn the sickly flesh of this gangly but muscular hyena-headed humanoid.

イエイニト 脅威度6 Yaenit

出典 Bestiary 6 91ページBroken Chains pg. 29
経験点 2,400
イニシアチブ +2; 感覚 暗視60フィート、シー・インヴィジビリティ〈知覚〉+10
オーラ Hallucinatory Aura(20フィート、難易度17)


アーマー・クラス 19、接触13、立ちすくみ16(+1回避、+6外皮、+2【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 76(8d10+32)
頑健 +10、反応 +8、意志 +5
ダメージ減少 5/冷たい鉄または完全耐性雷撃]、[]; 抵抗 [強]10、[氷雪]10、[]10


移動速度 40フィート
近接 高品質のファルシオン=+14/+9(2d4+7/18~20)、噛みつき=+8(1d6+2)
特殊攻撃 Break Bones
擬似呪文能力術者レベル8; 精神集中+11)



基本攻撃 +8; 戦技ボーナス +13; 戦技防御値 26
特技 《回避》《強打》《薙ぎ払い》《鋼の意志》
技能 〈威圧〉+10、〈隠密〉+11、〈軽業〉+11、〈知覚〉+10、〈知識:次元界〉+8、〈登攀〉+14、〈はったり〉+12
言語 奈落語、天界語、語、ノール語; テレパシー100フィート


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず(奈落界アビス
編成 単体、小さな群れ(2~5)、または 氏族(6~12)
宝物 標準(高品質のファルシオンその他宝物


Break BonesBreak Bones(変則) Whenever a yaenit scores a critical hit with its bite attack, its opponent must succeed at a 難易度19 Fortitude save or have its base speed reduced by 10 feet(to a minimum of 5 feet). This penalty remains until the affected creature benefits from any amount of magical healing or a successful 難易度20 Heal check. The save 難易度 is Strength-based.

Hallucinatory AuraHallucinatory Aura(超常) Any creature coming within 20 feet of a yaenit must succeed at a 難易度17 Will save or succumb to the demon's foul, mind-warping magic. A creature affected by a yaenit's hallucinatory aura takes a -2 penalty on Will saves, caster level checks, Intelligence-based skill checks, and Wisdom-based skill checks for as long as it remains within the aura's range and for 1d4-1 rounds after leaving the area of effect. This is a mind-affecting effect. Whether or not the save is successful, an affected creature is immune to the same yaenit's hallucinatory aura for 24 hours. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Violent progenitors of Lamashtu's earthly broods, the yaenit demons' purpose is to protect Lamashtu's priestesses and their unholy spawn. Yaenits rise from the souls of evil mortals who in life were exceptionally cruel bullies and tormentors. Their resemblance to gnolls is no coincidence, as many yaenits form from the spirits of gnolls in the Abyss. Gnolls, for their part, revere yaenits as embodiments of Lamashtu's will, and worship these demons as representatives of both the Mother of Monsters and her unholy designs for her devoted gnoll followers.

Terrifying predators, yaenits' deceptively stooped and gangly physiques belie the 300 pounds of knotted and powerful muscle tied to their solid black bones. A yaenit is 6・1/2 feet tall.

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