ブライト Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 38ページ
Before human civilizations rose and modern history began, ancient races like aboleths, saurians, troglodytes, and lizardfolk bickered and fought for dominion over the primeval world. Among the most powerful of these prehuman races were the serpentfolk. Few other races could match their power in magic, be it arcane, divine, or psychic in nature. The serpentfolk were inventive and persistent in their application of magical research to bolster their war machines, and those among them who followed primordial druidic traditions were no exception.

These ancient serpentfolk druids worshiped only the raw savagery of nature, and they sought ways to infuse the terrain itself with malevolence and sentience, recruiting the land as yet another minion in their endless wars against their enemies. But when these druids sought to invest the land with raw energies of life they'd siphoned violently from the realm of the fey, something went horribly wrong. The druids, their allies, and the land itself liquefied and then animated into a malevolent form of life that viewed all civilization as the enemy. The protoplasmic monstrosity split apart into countless blots of slimy hatred and infested regions throughout the serpentfolk realm, forcing the ancients to fight a new war within their own homeland. In time, the serpentfolk managed to defeat these intelligent oozes, creatures they came to refer to as blights―yet these life forms proved unnaturally tenacious. They continued to reappear, retreating farther and farther into the wilds each time they were defeated, but always surviving. And when the time of the serpentfolk passed, the blights endured.

Today, blights remain rare, yet their hatred of civilization is stronger than ever, and when a wandering blight encounters the stain of society in the wilds, it takes the presence of such settlements as a personal affront. Patient as they are cruel, blights think nothing of slowly transforming the lands adjacent to a small town or even a city to slowly starve its inhabitants of resources until the monstrous ooze can finally begin the task of reclaiming the urbanized lands as its own.

Although long ago the blights were of one primal nature, the passage of countless eons has seen these creatures evolve and adapt, and now seven notable variants of blight are known to exist in various reaches of the world. While it's certain that other terrains have spawned unique blights of their own, these seven represent the most commonly encountered of these uncommon monsters. Blights have a universal hatred of all things civilized, a fury that extends even to druidic cults and fey. To a blight, any sign of intelligence(barring what might arise in certain plant monsters or magical beasts) represents a potential for civilization―something that cannot be allowed to endure.

A blight finds travel outside of its chosen domain to be physically painful, and when forced to leave its home, the monster avoids conflict and maintains a stealthy cover until it can find a new lair more appealing to its nature. Once a blight settles into an area with the type of terrain its particular variant prefers, it infuses that realm with its presence, creating a domain of evil that fills a large area with magical effects. Typically, a blight creates such a domain in a region adjacent to civilization, so that it can both reduce resources available to nearby settlements and have nearby terrain to prey upon. Capable of magically commanding creatures that dwell within its domain, the blight begins its war against neighboring settlements by sending magically controlled animals and plants to savage citizens and sow terror.

When a blight claims a territory, it often catches more than just animals, magical beasts, and plants in its domain. While it detests creatures with intellects, it still understands that such denizens of its domains can be useful agents in its campaign against civilization. Typically, a blight has little interest in or patience for less powerful creatures(as a general rule, this includes any creature with a 脅威度 equal to half the blight's 脅威度 or less), and these unfortunate denizens are usually the first to die after a blight claims a domain. It approaches more powerful denizens, however, with offers of alliance. Blights are both canny and sly; they understand that their innate spell-like abilities won't work on things like dragons, giants, powerful aberrations, undead, and the like, yet they also know that most such creatures can be bought―be it with promises of material wealth, opportunities to plunder a defeated enemy, or chances to gain power. Some blights even specialize in usurping a primitive tribe's religious center by convincing creatures that they are agents sent from their gods(such tactics work best on primitive tribes with few or no religious leaders, or tribes whose religious leaders have recently been slain in secret by the blight). Yet regardless of what a blight promises these creatures in return for their aid in attacking nearby pockets of civilization, in the end the blight always turns against its one-time allies. They are merely the last to fall to the hateful ooze's wrath, the final sacrifices to the creature's insatiable need to murder all thinking creatures it finds.

Although the individual powers of the various categories of blight vary, all blights share certain features in common, including a thick layer of malleable protoplasm that provides significant natural armor, a host of glaring red eyes, and a shared suite of blight abilities(see the Blight Subtype section). The blights presented on the following pages represent the most well-known of the species, but other, stranger variants may exist in remote regions.

ブライト:ケイヴ・ブライト Blight, Cave Blight

Muscular tentacles ending in stalagmite-like stingers extend from this pale brown slime.

ケイヴ・ブライト 脅威度19 Cave Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 39ページ
経験点 204,800
イニシアチブ +16; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+30


アーマー・クラス 34、接触22、立ちすくみ22(+12外皮、+12【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 325(21d8+231); 高速治癒15
頑健 +18、反応 +19、意志 +18
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、ウーズの種別特性


移動速度 30フィート、穴掘り30フィート、登攀30フィート、地潜り
近接 (×4)=+30(2d8+15/19~20、加えて“石化”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 20フィート
特殊攻撃 Irradiate Domain
擬似呪文能力術者レベル19; 精神集中+26)



基本攻撃 +15; 戦技ボーナス +30(武器破壊+34); 戦技防御値 52(対武器破壊54、足払いされない)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《技能熟練:隠密》、《強打》《クリティカル強化:》、《クリティカル熟練》《攻防一体》《上級武器破壊》《鋼の意志》《武器破壊強化》《迎え討ち》《よろめき化クリティカル》
技能 〈威圧〉+28、〈知識:ダンジョン探検地理〉+27、〈隠密〉+39(洞窟では+47)、〈真意看破〉+30、〈知覚〉+30、〈登攀〉+44、〈はったり〉+28; 種族修正 +8洞窟での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、地下共通語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 cursed domain、得意な地形地下


出現環境 気候問わず/地下
編成 単体
宝物 標準


Irradiate DomainIrradiate Domain(超常) The area of a cave blight's cursed domain becomes infused with radioactive rock formations that manifest as glowing green crystals shedding illumination as per a candle and faint warmth. This radiation interferes with teleportation effects―a creature attempting to cast teleport to travel into or out of a cave blight's domain must succeed at a 難易度30 caster level check or the spell fails. In addition, all creatures that enter the blight's domain must succeed at a 難易度31 Fortitude save every 10 minutes to avoid taking 1 point of Constitution drain(this increases to 1d4 points of Constitution drain within 10 feet of a cave blight). This is a poison effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

石化/Petrification(超常) A creature stung by a cave blight must succeed at a 難易度31 Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of Dexterity drain. A living non-ooze creature that is immune to poison loses its immunity to poison as long as it suffers any Dexterity drain from this sting. A creature whose Dexterity score is drained to 0 becomes petrified, as per flesh to stone. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Cave blights are radioactive oozes that dwell in immense networks of caverns deep below the surface of the world. There, they seek to ruin underground societies―especially svirfneblin settlements, for deep gnomes particularly enrage these oozes due to their ancient links to the primal realm of the fey. Cave blights alone among their kind are adept at magically compelling aberrations to aid them in their wars against other intelligent life.

A cave blight measures 7 feet across and weighs 600 pounds on average.

ブライト:デザート・ブライト Blight, Desert Blight

A roiling mass of orange-brown sludge studded with gleaming red eyes brandishes its lashing tentacles.

デザート・ブライト 脅威度13 Desert Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 40ページ
経験点 25,600
イニシアチブ +11; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+19


アーマー・クラス 28、接触18、立ちすくみ20(+1回避、+10外皮、+7【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 172(15d8+105); 高速治癒10
頑健 +12、反応 +14、意志 +11
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、ウーズの種別特性; 抵抗 [氷雪]20、[]20


移動速度 30フィート、穴掘り30フィート
近接 触手(×3)=+21(2d6+10/19~20、加えて“つかみ”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 10フィート
特殊攻撃 締めつけ(2d6+10)、Dehydration PulseTemperature Extremes
擬似呪文能力術者レベル13; 精神集中+20)



基本攻撃 +11; 戦技ボーナス +21(組みつき+25); 戦技防御値 39(足払いされない)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《回避》《強行突破》《強打》《クリティカル強化:触手》、《神速の反応》《鋼の意志》《迎え討ち》
技能 〈隠密〉+22(砂漠形では+30)、〈知覚〉+19、〈知識:地理〉+17、〈はったり〉+22; 種族修正 +8砂漠形での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、界語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 cursed domain、得意な地形砂漠


出現環境 気候問わず/砂漠
編成 単体
宝物 標準


Dehydration PulseDehydration Pulse(超常) Three times per day as a standard action(but no more often than once every 1d4 rounds), a desert blight can draw in the moisture from an area in a 20-foot radius surrounding itself. Living creatures within range take 12d6 points of damage and are staggered for 1d4 rounds(a successful 難易度24 Fortitude save halves the damage and negates the staggered effect). Creatures with the aquatic or water subtype take double damage from this effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Temperature ExtremesTemperature Extremes(超常) Creatures in a desert blight's cursed domain endure extreme temperatures. In daylight hours, the temperature in a desert blight's cursed domain functions as if it were one category higher than it is(so if the desert's temperature is normally severe heat, the temperature rises to extreme heat conditions within the cursed domain). At night, the temperature swings to the other extreme, and is considered one category lower than the surrounding desert's temperature conditions. If this puts the temperature conditions beyond extreme heat or extreme cold, the conditions function the same as for normal extreme heat or extreme cold(as detailed on pages 442 and 444 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook), but all Fortitude saving throws against these temperature effects are attempted with a -5 penalty.

Desert blights are personifications of blistering heat, thirst, and the bleached bones of all creatures that have ever died among arid dunes. They are particularly fond of forging alliances of convenience with free-willed mummies and other desert undead to combine their power and scourge the living from their already harsh domain. Often, a desert blight sets itself up as the mastermind behind the scenes, urging its undead allies to march upon the living realms while it remains safe in the deeper reaches of the wasteland. Although desert blights have no inborn method of creating new undead minions and allies to replace those inevitably lost in such wars, they understand that in the great deserts of the world, there is no shortage of lost cities to recruit replacement troops from as the need arises. The most canny desert blights seek to dominate necromancers to help bolster their armies.

A desert blight measures 5 feet in diameter and weighs 200 pounds.

ブライト:フォレスト・ブライト Blight, Forest Blight

This mass of dark green protoplasm hangs thick and wet from the branches, and its long tentacles are tipped with thorny claws.

フォレスト・ブライト 脅威度18 Forest Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 41ページ
経験点 153,600
イニシアチブ +15; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+26


アーマー・クラス 33、接触22、立ちすくみ21(+1回避、+11外皮、+11【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 290(20d8+200); 高速治癒15
頑健 +18、反応 +19、意志 +12
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、ウーズの種別特性


移動速度 40フィート、登攀40フィート
近接 (×2)=+29(2d6+14/19~20、加えて“Lignification”)、触手(×4)=+27(1d8+7、加えて“つかみ”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 15フィート
特殊攻撃 Living Forest
擬似呪文能力術者レベル18; 精神集中+25)



基本攻撃 +15; 戦技ボーナス +29(組みつき+33); 戦技防御値 51(足払いされない)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《回避》《頑健無比》《クリティカル強化:》、《クリティカル熟練》《攻防一体》《出血化クリティカル》《神速の反応》《複数回攻撃》《迎え討ち》
技能 〈威圧〉+27、〈隠密〉+31(森林では+39)、〈軽業〉+31、〈知覚〉+26、〈知識:地理〉+24、〈登攀〉+42; 種族修正 +8森林での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、森語; テレパシー domain
その他の特殊能力 cursed domain、得意な地形森林


出現環境 気候問わず/森林
編成 単体
宝物 標準


LignificationLignification(超常) A creature struck by a forest blight's claw must succeed at a 難易度30 Fortitude save or take 1d6 points of Dexterity drain as its flesh transforms into increasingly immobile wood and plant matter. A creature whose Dexterity score is reduced to 0 by this ability is permanently turned into an ordinary tree. This effect ends(but does not restore drained Dexterity) if removed via a spell like break enchantment or remove curse, or if the forest blight is slain. This is a curse effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Living ForestLiving Forest(超常) Non-creature plants within a forest blight's cursed domain twist to clutch at intruders. All creatures treat a forest blight's cursed domain as difficult terrain as a result. Any creature trying to manipulate, control, or interact with the plants of this domain(including those using spells like command plants, entangle, and transport via plants) must succeed at a 難易度25 caster level check or the attempt fails. The forest blight ignores these penalties, and as a free action can designate other creatures that can also ignore these penalties. All plant creatures in a forest blight's cursed domain gain fast healing 5; plant creatures that already

Forest blights' constant urges to seek out and destroy civilization drive them toward isolated lumber camps, wilderness trade routes, and forest settlements. Forest blights are particularly fond of sending plant monsters to do their bidding, and their innate cruelty often compels them to allow one or two survivors to escape their clutches to act as a lure, drawing perspective heroes to attempt foolish acts of retribution against the powerful and egotistical oozes. Forest blights are always eager to add new would-be saviors to their collections of transformed trees, after all.

A forest blight is 7 feet across and weighs 350 pounds.

ブライト:マウンテン・ブライト Blight, Mountain Blight

This black mass of glistening, tar-like slime bubbles and oozes, its two long tentacles each tipped with a stony club.

マウンテン・ブライト 脅威度14 Mountain Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 42ページ
経験点 38,400
イニシアチブ +8; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+20


アーマー・クラス 29、接触14、立ちすくみ25(+15外皮、+4【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 200(16d8+128); 高速治癒10
頑健 +15、反応 +9、意志 +11
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、[雷撃]、ウーズの種別特性; 抵抗 [氷雪]10


移動速度 20フィート、登攀20フィート
近接 叩きつけ(×2)=+24(2d10+18/19~20)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 15フィート
特殊攻撃 Hypoxic DomainTremors
擬似呪文能力術者レベル14; 精神集中+19)



基本攻撃 +12; 戦技ボーナス +24(武器破壊+28); 戦技防御値 38(対武器破壊40、足払いされない)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《頑健無比》《強打》《クリティカル強化:叩きつけ》、《渾身の一打》《上級武器破壊》《鋼の意志》《武器破壊強化》
技能 〈威圧〉+21、〈隠密〉+20(山岳では+28)、〈知覚〉+20、〈知識:地理〉+19、〈登攀〉+36; 種族修正 +8山岳での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、界語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 cursed domain、得意な地形(mountains)、Powerful Slam


出現環境 気候問わず/山岳
編成 単体
宝物 標準


Hypoxic DomainHypoxic Domain(超常) A mountain blight's cursed domain is always treated as being one altitude zone higher than its actual zone would otherwise indicate, so areas that would normally function as a low pass zone(lower than 5,000 feet) function as low peak or high pass(5,000 to 15,000 feet), and areas that normally function as low peak or high pass instead function as high peak(higher than 15,000 feet). If the mountain blight's cursed domain is already located in an area counted as a high peak, the effects of altitude sickness manifest immediately rather than after a 6-hour period spent in the area. Furthermore, as soon as a creature fails a Fortitude save against this effect, it suffers the effects of slow suffocation, as detailed on page 445 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Characters in these zones must attempt regular Fortitude saves to avoid suffering from fatigue and other effects of altitude sickness, as detailed on page 430 of the Core Rulebook. A mountain blight is always considered to be acclimated to its domain and never suffers ill effects from this ability, and it can select creatures within this domain to be similarly protected as a free action.

Powerful SlamPowerful Slam(変則) A mountain blight applies one and a half times its Strength modifier to slam damage.

TremorsTremors(超常) As a swift action up to three times per day but no more often than once every 1d4 rounds, a mountain blight may cause the ground in a 60-foot radius around it to shake and shudder, as if from a localized earthquake. All creatures standing in this area must succeed at a 難易度26 Reflex save or fall prone. These tremors are not strong enough to damage buildings. Creatures that can't be tripped are immune to this effect. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Most mountain blights inhabit rocky peaks or sheer cliffs on Material Plane worlds. Unlike the others of their kind, mountain blights are not as aggressive in seeking bastions of civilization to destroy, yet their penchant for picking well-traveled mountain passes as their domains ensures they have access to a constant influx of travelers and other victims to prey upon.

A mountain blight averages 6 feet in diameter and weighs around 270 pounds.

ブライト:スーアー・ブライト Blight, Sewer Blight

What appears to be a grotesque mass of sewage betrays its true nature with dozens of red eyes and two long, slimy, claw-tipped tentacles.

スーアー・ブライト 脅威度15 Sewer Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 43ページ
経験点 51,200
イニシアチブ +12; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+23
オーラ 悪臭(30フィート、難易度23)


アーマー・クラス 30、接触18、立ちすくみ22(+12外皮、+8【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 229(17d8+153); 高速治癒10
頑健 +16、反応 +15、意志 +13
防御的能 Acidic Spray黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、ウーズの種別特性


移動速度 30フィート、登攀30フィート、水泳30フィート
近接 (×2)=+25(2d8+13/19~20、加えて2d6[強])
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 15フィート
特殊攻撃 Plagued Domain
擬似呪文能力術者レベル15; 精神集中+20)



基本攻撃 +12; 戦技ボーナス +25; 戦技防御値 43(足払いされない)
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《頑健無比》《強打》《クリティカル強化:》、《攻防一体》《渾身の一打》《神速の反応》《鋼の意志》《迎え討ち》
技能 〈威圧〉+22、〈隠密〉+25(下では+33)、〈水泳〉+21、〈知覚〉+23、〈知識:地理〉+20、〈登攀〉+38; 種族修正 +8下での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、地下共通語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 Command Ooze、cursed domain、得意な地形地下


出現環境 気候問わず/地下(下
編成 単体
宝物 標準


Acidic SprayAcidic Spray(変則) As an immediate action, a sewer blight can spray a blast of acid on any creature that damages it with a melee attack. This spray of acid deals 8d6 points of acid damage, split evenly between the weapon and the weapon's wielder(if the weapon was a natural weapon or an unarmed strike, the full damage applies to the attacker). A successful 難易度27 Reflex save halves the acid damage. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Command OozeCommand Ooze(超常) Unintelligent oozes never attack a sewer blight, and a sewer blight can target any mindless ooze with dominate monster, even though they are normally immune to this mind-affecting spell. When a sewer blight dominates an ooze in this way, it gains enough influence over the ooze for the ooze to carry out simple commands(such as “guard this room,” “flank this foe,” or “bring me that dead body”).

Plagued DomainPlagued Domain(超常) The first time a creature enters a sewer blight's domain in a 24-hour period, it must succeed at a 難易度27 Reflex save or contract filth fever. Within the domain, the save DCs for all disease-based effects inflicted by creatures under the sewer blight's control increase by 2 and onset times for all diseases contracted there are reduced to 0.

Sewer blights are unusual among their kind in that they thrive in artificial ecosystems rather than purely natural environs. These oozes prefer to lair in the sewers of large cities, and they see in the foul infestations, toxic fungi, and diseased creatures dwelling in such filthy warrens a sort of perverse rebuttal of civilization by the natural world. Those who dwell in the cities above are their preferred prey.

A sewer blight is 6 feet in diameter and weighs 300 pounds.

ブライト:スワンプ・ブライト Blight, Swamp Blight

A cloud of mosquitoes churns around this quivering blob, its body studded with red eyes and its five tentacles tipped with stingers.

スワンプ・ブライト 脅威度17 Swamp Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 44ページ
経験点 102,400
イニシアチブ +14; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+25
オーラ mosquitoes(10フィート、難易度26)


アーマー・クラス 32、接触20、立ちすくみ22(+12外皮、+10【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 275(19d8+190); 高速治癒15
頑健 +18、反応 +18、意志 +14
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、ウーズの種別特性


移動速度 30フィート、水泳40フィート
近接 (×5)=+26(1d8+12/19~20、加えて“Toxic Acid”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 15フィート
特殊攻撃 Unquiet Bog
擬似呪文能力術者レベル17; 精神集中+24)



基本攻撃 +14; 戦技ボーナス +26(足払い+30); 戦技防御値 46(足払いされない)
特技 《足払い強化》《イニシアチブ強化》《頑健無比》《強打》《クリティカル強化:》、《攻防一体》《上級足払い》《神速の反応》《鋼の意志》《迎え討ち》
技能 〈威圧〉+26、〈隠密〉+29(沼地では+37)、〈水泳〉+42、〈知覚〉+25、〈知識:地理〉+22; 種族修正 +8沼地での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、水界語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 水陸両生、cursed domain、得意な地形湿地


出現環境 気候問わず/沼地
編成 単体
宝物 標準


Mosquitoes AuraMosquitoes Aura(超常) An infestation of mosquitoes with a radius of 10 feet constantly surrounds a swamp blight. Any creature within this area takes 2d6 points of damage at the end of each round it remains in the area. A creature that takes this damage also takes 1d6 points of bleed damage and must succeed at a 難易度27 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. Any area effect attack that deals 20 or more points of damage to a swamp blight destroys the mosquitoes, removing the mosquito aura for 1 minute, after which a new batch of mosquitoes swarms out of the ooze's body to replenish the infestation. The save 難易度 is Constitution-based.

Toxic AcidToxic Acid(変則) ―致傷型; セーヴ頑健難易度29; 頻度 1回/ラウンド(6ラウンド間); 効果 2d6[強]、加えて1【筋】吸収、加えてよろめき状態1ラウンド治癒 2回成功。

Unquiet BogUnquiet Bog(超常) All humanoid creatures that die within a swamp blight's cursed domain rise from death as mummies. Creatures with 7 or fewer Hit Dice rise as swamp mummies(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5 178), while creatures with 8 or more Hit Dice rise as mummy lords(Bestiary 5 176). A swamp blight can control a number of Hit Dice of mummies equal to double its own Hit Dice(up to 38 Hit Dice of mummies for most swamp blights); additional mummies created beyond this limit are free-willed but still regard the swamp blight as an ally.

Swamp blights rule over large swaths of boggy land, populating their realms with the mummified forms of those they have slaughtered or who have fallen prey to their domains' denizens. These mummies are the swamp blights' preferred weapon against nearby settlements, and the mummies typically seek to drag the unconscious bodies of their victims back to be killed within their masters' cursed swamplands so the bodies rise as new mummies to bolster the sodden, undead army. Yet even these undead eventually fall prey to the blights' unwillingness to share their realms.

A swamp blight is 7 feet across and weighs 540 pounds.

ブライト:ツンドラ・ブライト Blight, Tundra Blight

This churning mound of snow-like material has several large red eyes and four tentacles tipped with icy stingers.

ツンドラ・ブライト 脅威度16 Tundra Blight

出典 Bestiary 6 45ページ
経験点 76,800
イニシアチブ +14; 感覚 擬似視覚120フィート; 〈知覚〉+24


アーマー・クラス 32、接触21、立ちすくみ21(+1回避、+11外皮、+10【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 243(18d8+162); 高速治癒15
頑健 +15、反応 +18、意志 +14
防御的能 黄泉がえり完全耐性 [強]、[氷雪]、ウーズの種別特性


移動速度 30フィート、穴掘り30フィート(雪上と氷上のみ)、登攀30フィート
近接 (×4)=+26(1d8+13、加えて1d6[氷雪]、および“呪い”)
接敵面 5フィート、間合い 15フィート
特殊攻撃 Creeping ColdCurse of WinterFrozen Domain
擬似呪文能力術者レベル16; 精神集中+23)



基本攻撃 +13; 戦技ボーナス +26; 戦技防御値 47(足払いされない)
特技 《一撃離脱》《イニシアチブ強化》《回避》《強行突破》《強打》《攻防一体》《神速の反応》《鋼の意志》《迎え討ち》
技能 〈威圧〉+25、〈隠密〉+28(氷上または雪上では+36)、〈知覚〉+24、〈知識:地理〉+21、〈登攀〉+39; 種族修正 +8氷上または雪上での〈隠密〉
言語 アクロ語、界語; domain テレパシー
その他の特殊能力 cursed domain、得意な地形(冷気)氷上歩行


出現環境 寒冷/平地または氷河
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Creeping ColdCreeping Cold(超常) A tundra blight's stings deal an additional 1d6 points of cold damage. In addition, this cold clings to the target and continues to deal an additional 1d6 points of cold damage each round at the start of the affected creature's turn. This creeping cold effect can be stopped by a successful 難易度15 Heal check or through the application of any magical healing. This additional cold damage does not stack with multiple stings.

Curse of WinterCurse of Winter(超常) A creature struck by a tundra blight's sting attack must succeed at a 難易度26 Will save or gain vulnerability to cold. Creatures immune to cold damage that fail this save do not become vulnerable, but are instead no longer immune to cold(they cannot then be made vulnerable to cold from this curse, as its effects do not stack in this manner). This curse persists until it is removed. This is a cold curse effect. The save 難易度 is Charisma-based.

Frozen DomainFrozen Domain(超常) A tundra blight's domain is always treated as being one category colder than the region would otherwise dictate(see page 442 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook). If a region is normally treated as extreme cold, it deals 1d6 points of lethal damage per round of exposure instead of per minute. Anyone attempting a saving throw against the effects of these cold temperatures or a saving throw against cold effects takes a -4 penalty on the save within a tundra blight's frozen domain. When a character attempts to cast any spell with the fire descriptor in this domain, she must succeed at a 難易度30 caster level check or the spell is negated when it is cast.

氷上歩行/Icewalking(変則) A tundra blight can navigate icy surfaces as if under the effect of spider climb. It can move across icy surfaces without penalty and does not need to attempt Acrobatics checks to run or charge on ice.

Tundra blights dwell in the frozen reaches of the world, bringing their freezing domains to borderland settlements.

Tundra blights are 7 feet across and weight 450 pounds.

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