心霊儀式 Occult Rituals


Aiudara Activation
出典 Occult Realms 54ページ
系統 召喚術招来); レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a diamond-tipped stone chisel worth at least 500gp)、副術(最大4体)
技能判定 Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 29、3回成功、Knowledge(geography) 難易度 29、3回成功
距離 接触
目標 one inactive aiudara
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster is exhausted.
失敗 The portal creates a temporary one-way link with a random location, immediately delivering a hostile creature as though via summon monster VI. At the GM’s discretion, the creature may be accompanied by 1d3 creatures of the same kind from the 5th-level summon monster list, or 1d4+1 creatures of the same type from a lower-level list.

By repairing damaged magical runes and realigning the energies based on the gate’s planetary position, the caster reactivates a dormant aiudara. A reactivated gate automatically reconnects with its linked twin, acting as a two-way gate(as per the spell) between the locations. The caster knows the gate’s password—which might be anything from an Elven phrase to a song’s refrain to a spell—from the research required to learn this ritual. All other creatures who use this gate must also know the password to access the gate’s magic after it has been reactivated.

アイウダラ Aiudara

Created using ancient elven knowledge, the aiudara network is a system of gates placed throughout the solar system. Also known as “elf gates”—a term elves consider vulgar—these portals come in two distinct models:linked gates and hubs. Linked gateways connect two aiudara together, while hubs allow a single location access to multiple sites.

The art of crafting new aiudara remains lost to Golarion’s elves, but occult rituals for activating most existing linked gates persist. Rules for this ritual are presented below. Rules also exist for activating hub gates, although these aiudara are rare. The ritual for reconnecting a hub gate to all its affiliated gates is modified from the ritual below as follows:Level 7; Casting Time 70 minutes; Components add F(a rare gem worth at least 5,000gp); Skill Checks add 1 Knowledge(history) success; Failure same effect, except the hostile creature comes from the summon monster VII list(and potential additional creatures come from the 6th-level list or lower-level lists).

Known rituals to activate aiudara can be found within the libraries of Kyonin and the Mordant Spire, while the writings of the Ekujae and Snowcaster elves detail similar procedures for maintaining gateways in their respective territories.


Analytical Congress
出典 Occult Realms 54ページ
系統 変性術; レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a spool of copper wire and incense worth 500gp)、副術(最小2体、最大8体)
技能判定 〈交渉〉 難易度 31、1回成功、〈知覚〉 難易度 31、2回成功、Sense Motive 難易度 31、1回成功
距離 接触
目標 主要術者および副術者
持続時間 1日(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗(無害)
反動 The primary caster and all secondary casters take 1 point of Dexterity and Strength damage.
失敗 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of Intelligence damage and Wisdom damage; all secondary casters take 1d6 points of Intelligence damage and of Wisdom damage.

Through a process of reaching mutual understanding and agreeing on a shared goal, the casters of this ritual are joined in the pursuit of knowledge. Each secondary caster holds on to a section of long copper wire, while the primary caster questions them. Only when assured of the purity of joint purpose among all casters does the primary caster permit the other casters to let go of the wire, successfully completing the ritual. Failure by the primary caster to conduct this purpose-driven interrogation, or by the secondary casters to withstand it, can lead to severe mental trauma for all involved.

While devoting the remainder of the day to research and study, each caster can choose one of the following bonuses after the ritual’s completion.

Decrease the time necessary to attempt an untrained Knowledge check by using a library(as per the Knowledge skill) to 1 hour.

Gain a +5 insight bonus on all Knowledge checks of one type for the remainder of the day.

While using a library or similar research resource, replace a required Knowledge check with a Perception check at a –5 penalty.

Reroll any one Knowledge check attempted over the course of the day.


Beacon Retrieverリトリーヴァーの篝
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 75ページ
系統 召喚術招請)[混沌]; レベル 8
発動時間 8時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(希少なおと高価な蓄インクを使用して描かれた25,000GPに相当する魅惑的な図形、または脅威度 15以上の知性のある善属性クリーチャーの生贄)、副術(最大主要術者の【魅力】修正値まで)
技能判定 〈製作:鎧、クロックワーク、または武器難易度 28、2回成功; 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 28、2回成功; 〈知識:次元界〉 難易度28、2回成功; 〈知覚〉 難易度 28、2回成功
距離 5フィート
効果 リトリーヴァー1体の招来
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 全ての術者は2d6ポイントのダメージを受ける。
失敗 主要術者は過労状態となる; さらに、リトリーヴァーは制御できずに到着し、即座に主要術者を攻撃する。主要術者が殺害された場合、または10分経過のいずれか早い方で、リトリーヴァーアビスへと帰る



Breath of Forgotten Life
出典 Disciple's Doctrine 31ページ
系統 占術精神作用]; レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(過去の人生におけるトークン)、焦点(エレガントな)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈知識:歴史〉 難易度 30、2回成功; 〈知識:自然〉 難易度30、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 1時間/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster takes 4d6 points of damage and becomes exhausted.
失敗 A shade of one of the primary caster’s past lives manifests and attacks the casters. This shade functions as an animus shade(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 6 10) of the primary caster.

The primary caster channels the experiences of her previous lives into a vessel of her current life, gaining meaningful insight from her forgotten past. The breath of forgotten life ritual must be cast within a location of great significance to the primary caster, such as her childhood home or marriage shrine. The primary caster meditates on her current life by focusing on the mirror and recalling her past deeds in reverse chronological order, while any secondary casters act out the scenes she describes. After the casting time, the primary caster’s reflection in the mirror changes to an image of one of her past forms. This image describes its own deeds, which are relevant to the primary caster’s immediate future and grant her a +2 insight bonus to her Armor Class and on initiative checks for the ritual’s duration. The primary caster also gains the ability to cast legend lore as a spell-like ability once within the following week.


Call the Darkness
出典 Inner Sea Temples 12ページ
系統 召喚術創造または招来); レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 音声動作物質(10,000GPの価値のあるブラック・ダイヤモンドの末)、副術(少なくとも8体、最大16体)
技能判定 〈知識:地理〉 難易度 36、2回成功; 〈知識:次元界〉 難易度36、3回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉 難易度36、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 36、2回成功
距離 近距離
効果 最大20個の10立方フィート/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル
持続時間 10分/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster takes 1 permanent negative level.
失敗 All casters must succeed at a Will saving throw(難易度 = 19 + primary caster’s Charisma modifier) or be transported to a random location on the Shadow Plane, as per plane shift.

This ritual must be cast on the Material Plane. The primary caster begins the ritual by delineating the boundaries of the area to be affected using the black diamond dust. The casters link hands and chant verses from Zon-Kuthon’s holy book, Umbral Leaves. Upon the ritual’s completion, magical darkness fills the designated area as the Material Plane and Shadow Plane blend together there. The affected area thereafter exists simultaneously on both planes, becoming an amalgam of the two. A thin layer of impenetrable darkness surrounds the affected area, so it is impossible to see beyond the area’s boundaries into either plane. Colors appear faded in the area, but not completely black and white as on the Shadow Plane. The area has the enhanced magic and impeded magic traits of the Shadow Plane, but all other planar traits correspond to those of the Material Plane. As long as the primary caster remains within range of the designated area, this effect lasts for up to 10 minutes per character level of the primary caster, but if the primary caster ever moves beyond the range, the effect immediately ends.

Any creature that enters the affected area remains on the same plane as before but can interact with creatures on the other plane as though they were on the same plane. While casting this ritual, the primary caster can set a condition that allows creatures to cross over from the Shadow Plane to the Material Plane or vice versa. This condition can be a password, a specific action that a creature must take(such as stepping through a mirror), or a specific type of item that a creature must carry in order to cross over. Alternatively, the primary caster can grant a creature passage between the two planes as a standard action. If the primary caster does not set a condition or grant passage, creatures cannot cross between the two planes.


Chadao Benediction
出典 Heroes of the High Court 19ページ
系統 変成術レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声動作物質(enough green tea leaves of exceptional quality to brew a pot of tea)、焦点(a tea ceremony set worth at least 150gp)、副術(少なくとも1体、最大4体)
技能判定 〈交渉〉 難易度 30、2回成功; 〈知識:貴族〉 難易度30、2回成功
距離 接触
持続時間 24時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster takes a –4 penalty to Strength and Dexterity for 24 hours.
失敗 All casters can’t benefit from morale bonuses for 1 week.

The primary caster brews a pot of tea and serves it to the secondary casters in a formal ceremony. Everything, from the amount poured into each cup to the tea’s temperature, must be precise. During this time, the casters can either remain silent or speak politely to one another, but never of anything crude. If the tea ceremony is interrupted in any way, the ritual fails, no matter how many successes the casters have accrued. When the casters have finished drinking the tea and successfully completed the ritual, they are filled with a sense of serenity. Each caster receives a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects for the next 24 hours.

Any caster can dismiss the ritual’s effect for herself as an immediate action and gain one of the following benefits.


Craft Sinspawnシンスポーン作成
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 75ページ
系統 変成術レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 音声動作物質(5,000GP相当のダイアモンドの末を混ぜた; 殺害されたばかりの人型生物)、焦点(適切な罪深いクリーチャーの魂を含む少なくとも20,000GPの価値のある宝)、副術(少なくとも6体、最大20体)
技能判定 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 35、3回成功; 〈知識:次元界〉 難易度35、2回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉 難易度35、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 35、2回成功
距離 中距離
効果 術者毎に2体のシンスポーン
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は1レベル永続的な負のレベルを受ける。
失敗 術者は、がプールに吸収するものとして、2d4ポイントの【耐久力】吸収を受ける; このは、術者の人数に等しい制御されていない暴的なフレッシュドレッグに変化する。



Dance of the Dawnflower Dervish
出典 Inner Sea Temples 53ページ
系統 変成術レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a flask of blessed sunflower seed oil worth 100gp for each caster and a potion of cat’s grace)、焦点(a masterwork scimitar made from rose gold worth 5,000gp)、副術(少なくとも1体、最大主要術者の【魅力】修正値)
技能判定 Acrobatics 難易度 30、3回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉 難易度30、2回成功; Perform(dance) 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 接触
目標 主要術者と副術者
持続時間 1日(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗(無害)
反動 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of damage and all casters are exhausted.
失敗 All casters cannot be targeted by any beneficial spells from the conjuration(healing) school(such as cure light wounds) and cannot touch a scimitar for 1 year(this is a curse effect, and can be removed with remove curse or similar effects).

This ritual must be cast at dawn beneath the open sky on the Material Plane. The ritual must be performed at a site of Sarenite worship(such as a dervish house, shrine, or temple of Sarenrae) that has hosted active worship services for at least 52 consecutive weeks. The primary caster holds aloft the rose-gold scimitar, and the secondary casters stand around him and begin spinning in place. The primary caster recites 23 verses from Sarenrae’s holy text, The Birth of Light and Truth, taking a sip from the potion of cat’s grace between each stanza. After the last verse is completed, the secondary casters whirl around the primary caster, each anointing the rose-gold scimitar with blessed sunflower seed oil. Upon the successful completion of the ritual, all the casters are filled with the spirits of dervish heroes, becoming faster, stronger, tougher, and more skilled in combat. Each caster gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution; a +2 dodge bonus to アーマー・クラス; and a +2 sacred bonus on all saving throws. The caster’s base attack bonus is equal his character level(which may give the caster multiple attacks). If the caster’s base attack bonus is already equal to his character level, he gains one additional attack at his highest base attack bonus when making a full-attack action. In addition, any scimitar wielded by a caster is treated as if it has the keen weapon special ability. In exchange, each caster temporarily loses his ability to cast spells, save for those from the conjuration(healing) school.

Finally, once during the duration of the ritual, each caster can activate a whirling dance on the battlefield as a standard action. While dancing, the caster gains the effects of a displacement spell and can use the Spring Attack and Whirlwind Attack feats as if he possessed them without meeting their prerequisites. This dance is a supernatural effect and lasts a number of rounds equal to the primary caster’s character level.

Each caster of the ritual can individually choose to dismiss the ritual’s effects for himself.


Divert Soul
出典 Concordance of Rivals 46ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(black diamond worth 25,000gp)、焦点(a forked metal rod attuned to the destination plane, as that used for plane shift)、副術(少なくとも6体、最大12体)
技能判定 〈知識:次元界〉 難易度26、4回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉 難易度26、3回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 26、2回成功
距離 接触
目標 one helpless creature or soul(such as a soul imprisoned by soul bind or trap the soul)
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 For 1 week following the performance of the ritual, every psychopomp within 10 miles of a caster knows the distance and direction to that caster and is aware that the caster was involved in a ritual to thwart a soul's natural progression.
失敗 A helpless creature is automatically freed and whisked away to a place it considers familiar and safe, as word of recall. An imprisoned soul is automatically freed. In addition, a memitim psychopomp appears adjacent to each caster and attacks the caster to the best of its ability. The memitim disappears once its designated caster is slain or after 10 minutes, whichever comes first.

This powerful ritual attempts to shunt the target's soul to a plane determined during the preparation for the ritual. A key component of the ritual is a forked rod, just like that used for a plane shift spell. Any other device suitable for use as a focus component for plane shift is also suitable for use with this ritual. The casters form a circle around the target, each touching the shoulder of the caster to his left to form a ring representing the multiverse as a whole. The primary caster stands inside this ring with the target, holding the diamond in one hand and the forked rod in the other. As the casters chant, the primary caster walks around the target in a circle. At the conclusion of the ritual, the primary caster touches the forked rod to the black diamond, which shatters. If the ritual is performed successfully, the target's soul is immediately sent to the designated plane and manifests there as a petitioner or another appropriate outsider, just as if the designated plane were the soul's appropriate reward and regardless of the soul's actual alignment or outlook. If the target is a helpless creature, it is slain by this effect(no save). If the target is a soul trapped inside an object, the object is emptied when the soul departs to its designated destination.

As this ritual bypasses the soul's judgment and natural passage to the afterlife, it is considered anathema to the psychopomps. Agents of the psychopomp ushers actively attempt to suppress knowledge of this ritual wherever they find it, but the psychopomps' enemies—such as daemons and sahkils—work hard to disseminate knowledge of the ritual to inquisitive mortals.


Earthbound Ward
出典 Haunted Heroes Handbook 16ページ
系統 防御術レベル 5
発動時間 10 minutes per 10-ft.-cube affected by the ritual(minimum of 50 minutes)
構成要素 音声動作物質(materials worth 500gp per 10-ft.-cube of the ritual’s area)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈知識:次元界あるいは宗教難易度 35、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 35、3回成功
距離 lose
範囲 one 10-ft. cube/2 character levels of the primary caster(S
持続時間 24時間
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters become fatigued for twice the ritual’s casting time.
失敗 All casters take a –4 penalty on saving throws against effects used by creatures that the earthbound ward was intended to affect for 24 hours.

The primary caster marks an enclosed space upon the ground with a material that is anathema to a specific type of creature that the caster wishes to keep at bay; typically, this ritual is used against specific outsider subtypes and undead creatures. Typical materials(and a list of creatures affected by those materials) include cold iron powder(daemons, demons, and fey), mithral or silver powder(devils and lycanthropes), oil mixed with sulfur(agathions, angels, archons, and azatas), and salt(undead and outsiders with the incorporeal subtype). At the GM’s decision, additional materials may be available for use against other creatures. The area to be affected must be enclosed, with no gaps in the material’s outline.

If the ritual is successful, creatures to whom the used material is anathema cannot enter or exit the warded area, much as if the area were under the effects of an outward facing magic circle effect against those creatures. Those creatures cannot cross the area’s boundaries or exit it by any means, including via extradimensional travel(astral projection, blink, dimension door, etherealness, gate, plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, wind walk, or similar means), and they cannot reach across the area’s boundaries with melee attacks(even those with greater than 5 feet of reach). Incorporeal creatures cannot enter or pass through solid objects into or out of a warded area. An affected creature can make physical ranged attacks at targets within the earthbound ward, but the ward blocks line of effect(but not line of sight) for spells. Flight allows a creature to pass over earthbound wards, but it cannot approach closer than 10 feet off the ground within the area outlined by the ward. A flying creature that falls or otherwise attempts to land in the area is instead shunted to the closest available area just outside of the earthbound ward’s area of effect and is knocked prone.

If the markings used to create an earthbound ward are disturbed or defaced, the effects of the ritual immediately cease. Physical efforts(such as scratching, erasing, or otherwise breaking or damaging the materials), spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities used by a creature for whom the material is anathema cannot target the markings. Such creatures can damage the markings as a consequence of those abilities, so long as the markings aren’t directly targeted. For example, such a creature can use earthquake to disturb an earthbound ward set against it because the spell targets an area, not the markings itself. The ritual’s magic prevents minor effects from disrupting the wards, although severe or stronger winds can do so.


Egoist's Militia
出典 Chronicle of Legends 15ページ
系統 召喚術レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作物質(1 pint of the primary caster’s blood, diamond dust worth 5,000gp)、焦点(at least four weapons)、副術(少なくとも2体、最大10体)
技能判定 Craft(weapons) 難易度 36、軍用武器毎に1回成功; Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 36、2回成功; Knowledge(nobility) 難易度 36、2回成功
距離 接触
目標 接触した武器
持続時間 permanent(D) or until the death of the primary caster
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of damage per weapon and is exhausted.
失敗 All casters take a –10 penalty on attack rolls for 1 month, and all of the targeted weapons gain the broken condition.

This ritual must be performed in a place that holds a significance related to weapons, such as an armory, an old battlefield, or a warrior’s crypt. The primary caster begins this ritual by mixing her blood with the diamond dust, smearing each weapon with the mixture, and placing the weapons in a circle around herself. The primary caster then holds each weapon and demonstrates the weapon in a combat performance. After the primary caster finishes her performance with a weapon, she places the weapon into the air in front of her, now held in midair by her force of ego.

Upon successful completion of this ritual, ghostly apparitions of the primary caster appear and grasp each of the weapons before fading, representing the shards of the primary caster’s own ego placed within each weapon. The egoist weapons are treated as if they are held by the primary caster, using her base attack bonus, ability scores, and any relevant feats when calculating their attack and damage rolls, but the weapons function independently from the primary caster. Egoist weapons make attacks on the primary caster’s initiative. When moving, egoist weapons have a fly speed of 100 feet. An egoist weapon uses the statistics of the base weapon and retains its magical enhancements and material properties. For every 2 Hit Dice the primary caster has, an egoist weapon has a hardness of 10 and 5 hit points(magical weapons maintain their additional bonuses to アーマー・クラス and ヒット・ポイント). When an egoist weapon is reduced to 0 hit points, it is destroyed.

All casters who were part of the ritual can issue simple commands to the egoist weapons, and the weapons follow these commands to the best of their abilities. If an egoist weapon completes its task and does not receive further orders, it remains in its location until it receives additional orders. The primary caster can dispel an individual egoist weapon as a standard action. This ritual can be used to create more than four egoist weapons. The 難易度 of each skill check increases by 1 for each weapon beyond the fourth added to the ritual.


Enter the Umbral Court
出典 Nidal, Land of Shadows 7ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a whip made of braided strips of skin flyed from the targe)、副術(少なくとも2体、最大7体)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度 31、2回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 31、2回成功; Knowledge(nobility) 難易度 31、4回成功
距離 近距離
目標 クリーチャー1体
持続時間 permanent
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗
反動 casters take 1 permanent negative level.
失敗 The casters are immediately shunted to a single place on the Shadow Plane that is anywhere from 5 to 500 miles(5d%) from Xovaikain, Zon-Kuthon’s deific realm, as plane shift. Within 1 round of arriving, the casters are attacked by a number of apostle kytons equal to the number of casters plus 3.

Before this ritual can be cast, the casters must reach deep into the target’s mind to extract the most personally heinous torture the target could imagine, and then the casters must inflict it upon the target during the casting. This often involves whips, spiked chains, barbed hooks, or other torturous elements usually constructed from the target’s own skin and viscera. While the target endures this torture, it must recite the parable of Nidal’s pact with Zon-Kuthon while the casters alternatingly chant epic poetry vaguely detailing the Midnight Lord’s travels behind reality and the unfathomable horrors that he is capable of inflicting on the target’s soul. If the target does not cower in fear at these descriptions, the ritual fails.

Upon successful completion of this ritual, the target’s eyes fill with inky black shadow, and it gains the following benefits. It is immune to spells from the shadow subschool and those with the shadow descriptor, though it can choose to suppress or restore this immunity as a standard action. The target also gains regeneration 5, bypassed by good weapons and spells and silver weapons, and ダメージ減少 15/good or silver.

If the target’s alignment is not already lawful evil, it immediately shifts to such upon this ritual’s successful completion. Further, this ritual ties a shard of the target’s soul to Zon-Kuthon and his realm on the Shadow Plane. If the target commits a heretical act against Zon-Kuthon’s faith, there is a 25% chance(1–25 on d%) that at a random time within 24 hours the target is transported to Xovaikain via plane shift into a private, eternal torment-scape of the Midnight Lord’s choosing. This effect cannot be suppressed or removed.


Eternal Apotheosis
出典 Occult Realms 55ページ
系統 死霊術]; レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(incense made from ground-up bits of undead creatures)、焦点(phylactery worth at least 120,000gp)、副術(少なくとも1体、最大21体; 本文参照
技能判定 Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 34、3回成功; Knowledge(nobility) 難易度 34、3回成功、Spellcraft 難易度 34、3回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All secondary casters take 20d6 points of damage. Those slain are reduced to dust.
失敗 The primary caster becomes a forsaken lich, doomed to inevitable destruction in 1d10 days.

The primary caster must begin this incantation at dusk. The ritual must be performed in a place of significance to the caster and is typically the site where she began her descent into evil, or a site where she committed a great atrocity. Unlike other occult rituals, the secondary casters are simply fodder for the necromantic energies unleashed by the aspiring lich; they do not contribute to the ritual beyond taking the damage of the ritual’s backlash. Unlike with normal occult rituals, these secondary casters do not need to be willing participants, but they do need to be within close range(25 feet + 2 feet per character level of the primary caster) of the primary caster for the duration of the ritual. For every seven secondary casters, the ritual’s level is reduced by 1(to a minimum of 6th level), the casting time is reduced by 1 hour, and the number of skill checks required decreases by one. When reducing the ritual’s level in this manner, the primary caster can choose which check or checks are eliminated. The primary caster also receives a +1 bonus on the required skill checks for every four secondary casters, as normal.

Casting this ritual funnels raw and very painful necromantic energy through the primary caster, possibly eviscerating all of the secondary casters in the process. Successful completion of the ritual allows the primary caster to transfer her soul into the phylactery, forever sealing it within the magical receptacle and turning her into a full-fledged lich.


Exorcise Haunt
出典 Haunted Heroes Handbook 16ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a glass of wine, nine candles, and rare incense worth 500gp)、焦点(a lexicon on the exorcism of spirits worth 750gp)
技能判定 Diplomacy 難易度 31、1回成功; Knowledge(religion) 難易度 31、2回成功、Sense Motive 難易度 31、1回成功
距離 接触
持続時間 one persistent vaporous haunt
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗
反動 The primary caster becomes helpless for the ritual’s duration and the target haunt’s hit points are fully healed to its total maximum. If the target haunt has been neutralized, it immediately reactivates.
失敗 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of Wisdom drain. A caster whose Wisdom drain equals or exceeds her Wisdom score dies, her spirit becoming conjoined with that of the haunt to create a more powerful haunt(subject to GM discretion but typically increasing the haunt’s 脅威度 by 1).

The caster reads aloud from her chosen lexicon while standing amid a circle of candles, reciting passages that fill her with dedication and conviction. Upon the completion of the ritual’s casting time, she steps into the target haunt’s area, causing her to forge a psychic connection with the haunt that pulls her mind into a binary mindscape(Occult Adventures 235) of the haunt’s creation and that is strongly reminiscent of the haunt’s anguish and themed along the lines of the haunt’s destruction method.

This ritual allows the caster to instigate a psychic duel with the target haunt(Occult Adventures 202), functioning like instigate psychic duel. Unlike with instigating a duel with another creature, a haunt remains responsive in the real world during the psychic duel; it is able to act during its normal initiative. The haunt counts as a psychic spellcaster with a caster level equal to the haunt’s caster level for all purposes and can generate an unlimited number of manifestation points, though it can spend only a number of manifestation points equal to 1/2 its caster level(minimum 1st) per psychic manifestation. In the mindscape, the haunt’s saving throw bonuses are equal to its 脅威度 + 2, and its melee and ranged attack bonuses are equal to 1-1/2 its 脅威度 + 2. In addition, the haunt has an amount of temporary hit points equal to its normal hit point total. If these temporary hit points are reduced to 0, the haunt is destroyed as if its specific destruction action had been performed.


Festival of Flowers
出典 Distant Shores 52ページ
系統 占術レベル 4
発動時間 12時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(100 lbs. of flowers per caster, a feast consisting of 1,000gp worth of food and drink)、焦点(set of 7 silver cups worth a total of 1,500gp)、副術(7体)
技能判定 Knowledge(nature) 難易度 30、1回成功; Perform(dance) 難易度 30、1回成功、Perform(sing) 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 接触
目標 primary caster and secondary casters
持続時間 3 months or until discharged
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The next time the casters attempt a check, they must roll twice and take the worse result.
失敗 All casters receive a –1 luck penalty on saving throws for 1 year.

The ritual takes place from sunrise to sunset, and involves the performance of dozens of traditional songs and dances. At the completion of the ritual, the Seven Petals drink a special brew made from herbs and fungus from seven silver cups.

The primary and secondary casters gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws for 3 months following the ritual. At any point during this time, a caster can roll twice for a single saving throw and take the higher result, but once this reroll is used, the luck bonus ends.


Fiendish Conjuration
出典 Book of the Damned 189ページ
系統 召喚術(召喚)[]; レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 音声動作物質(rare incense worth 1,000gp)、焦点(a conjuration circle and an offering pleasing to the fiend, such as a sacrifice or trapped soul of 脅威度 equal to the fiend’s 脅威度 + 1)
技能判定 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate 難易度 34、4回成功; Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 34、1回成功、Knowledge(planes) 難易度 34、1回成功; Linguistics 難易度 34、2回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 34、1回成功
距離 近距離
目標 one evil outsider
持続時間 1 hour/character level of the caster
セーヴィング・スロー 不可(本文参照); 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster becomes exhausted.
失敗 The conjured fiend escapes from its conjuration circle. Its actions can vary, but most escaped fiends eagerly attack their conjurers for at least a few rounds before teleporting or otherwise fleeing into the world to begin a reign of terror.

The first 20 minutes of the ritual of fiendish conjuration involve preparing the conjuration circle and inscribing the appropriate names around the circle. This step involves attempting both Linguistics checks; if the conjuration circle is permanently inscribed and has been successfully used for this ritual at any point in the past, these Linguistics checks are attempted with a +5 bonus. The next 30 minutes of the ritual invokes the fiend, involving the Knowledge and Spellcraft checks; if the fiend’s true name is used, these checks are attempted with a +5 bonus. At the start of the final 40 minutes, the smoky, indistinct shape of the fiend manifests within the circle, at which point the caster must attempt the final four Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate checks. Once this stage is reached, the fiend manifests in the flesh at the end of the ritual regardless of the ritual’s success or failure, but only if the ritual is successful is the fiend trapped within the conjuration circle and unable to visit harm upon the caster.

If the ritual is successful, the fiend remains on the Material Plane for a number of hours equal to the caster’s character level, during which the caster makes an offering to the fiend and asks for its aid. If the caster’s alignment is the same as the fiend’s, the fiend automatically agrees to perform a service that takes no more time to perform than the ritual’s duration. A fiend will agree to perform a longer task if it is given an additional offering for its services. Each offering given must be of equal or greater value to the one given during the ritual’s casting and secures the fiend’s cooperation for an additional number of hours equal to the caster’s character level. At the caster’s discretion, the start time for these additional hours can be delayed until a certain circumstance arises, at which point the fiend immediately reappears in its original conjuration circle and can immediately depart to complete its task. If the fiend’s true name was used during the ritual, all of these periods of time normally measured in hours(including the ritual’s initial duration) are instead measured in days.

If at any point during the fiend’s servitude the caster is slain or the original conjuration circle is damaged, the fiend can attempt a Will save to escape the ritual’s binding power. If successful, the fiend is no longer bound to perform the task it has been ordered to do and can remain on the Material Plane for as long as it wishes.


Fiendish Transformation
出典 Occult Realms 56ページ
系統 変成術]; レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(powdered obsidian, vial of unholy water)、焦点(the severed head of a good-aligned outsider whose 脅威度 was 10 or higher)
技能判定 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate(選択したもの1つ) 難易度 31、3回成功; Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 31、2回成功、Knowledge(planes) 難易度 31、1回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 1週間
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster takes a –4 penalty on Will saves for the next 24 hours.
失敗 The caster gains 1 permanent negative level and must succeed at a Will saving throw(難易度 = 16 + caster’s Charisma bonus) or be transported to a random location in Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell(based on the ritual), as per plane shift.

A solitary ritual, the rite of fiendish transformation must take place in an area bereft of light, save for that of a single candle. The candle is centered on a circular sigil crafted out of powdered obsidian and lined with unholy water. As the ritual commences, the caster holds aloft the severed head of a good outsider, through which a fiendish patron speaks. The circle channels the patron into the head without summoning its full presence, and the primary caster can choose which evil plane the creature comes from(Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell).

A grueling negotiation determines whether the ritual succeeds or fails. Success imparts the half-fiend template to the primary caster for 1 week, while simultaneously damning the soul of the primary caster to the plane he has contacted.


First Apotheosis
出典 Book of the Damned 190ページ
系統 変成術]; レベル 4
発動時間 4時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(exotic incense worth 500gp)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度 18、2回成功; Knowledge(planes or religion) 難易度 18、2回成功
距離 自身
目標 術者
セーヴィング・スロー 不可(本文参照); 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster takes 4d6 points of damage and is exhausted.
失敗 The caster is rendered unconscious for 2d4 hours and must wait 1 year before attempting the first apotheosis again.

The first ritual is the simplest and requires nothing more than for the caster’s alignment to become lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil(depending on the type of fiend the user wishes to transform into). To prepare for this ritual, the caster must undertake acts of a vile and destructive nature over the course of a year. The caster consigns her soul to Abaddon, the Abyss, or Hell even if she never finishes the subsequent rituals. The caster must select a powerful fiend at this point to serve as a demonic patron. The acts the caster must undertake can vary, but they should be of a nature that represents and honors the areas of interest of her chosen demonic patron—these acts are intended to attract the patron’s attention, after all. Even casters who begin the transformation ritual with an evil alignment must undergo this stage of the ritual, if only to select a fiendish patron.

On the day precisely 1 year after she began these evil acts, she must perform the 4-hour first apotheosis ritual to properly devote her previous year in the name of her chosen patron. Once she successfully completes the first apotheosis, she becomes eligible to undertake the second apotheosis.


Five-Generation Curse
出典 Blood of the Coven 24ページ
系統 死霊術呪い]; レベル 7
発動時間 7時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(a sample of the victim’s hair or blood), F(a ruby worth at least 5,000gp)、焦点(a ruby worth at least 5,000gp)、副術(最大4体)
技能判定 Knowledge(arcana or history) 難易度 33、2回成功; Knowledge(nobility or religion) 難易度 33、2回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 33、2回成功
距離 接触; 本文参照
目標 本文参照
持続時間 永続
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(本文参照); 呪文抵抗
反動 All casters become exhausted and gain 1 temporary negative level.
失敗 All creatures that would have been targeted by the ritual gain the benefits of spell resistance(術者レベル = primary caster’s Hit Dice) against the primary and secondary casters of the ritual until the next full moon.

This ritual inflicts a terrible curse upon an entire family line. The casters use a sample of the victim’s hair or blood to infuse a ruby with dark magic and a shred of their target’s soul. If successful, the ritual functions as bestow curse, affecting the primary target, as well as the primary target’s siblings, children, grandchildren, parents, and grandparents, no matter their location. Each target can resist the curse with a successful Will saving throw; success means the negative effects of the curse do not affect that individual, though they may still pass the curse on to their descendants. Children born into the curse manifest its effects and attempt their saving throws upon reaching maturity.

By increasing the skill check DCs by 2, the ritual can be modified to instead affect the primary target and the primary target’s children, grandchildren, and two additional generations of descendants beyond. When cast, the ritual must specify a single condition any member of the family can fulfill to destroy the curse— this condition must be possible, however unlikely, though victims of the curse do not automatically know what condition or actions might destroy the magic. The curse remains empowered by the gem originally used as the ritual focus. Should the focusing gem be destroyed, the curse ends immediately. As such, most covens take great care in hiding and defending the focusing gems of their victims. An individual can be freed from the five-generations curse with a break enchantment or remove curse spell cast by a spellcaster whose caster level is higher than the primary ritual caster’s Hit Dice, and the curse can be removed from an entire line with a miracle or wish spell.


Form Blight
出典 Ultimate Wilderness 238ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(the hearts of one or more creatures native to the environment associated with the intended blight whose total 脅威度 equals that of the intended blight))、焦点(a bone altar filled with various natural alchemical liquids worth 20,000gp)、副術(最大20体)
技能判定 Knowledge(geography)、難易度 24+脅威度(本文参照)、3回成功; Knowledge(nature) 難易度 24 + 脅威度(本文参照)、4回成功; Survival 難易度 24 + 脅威度(本文参照)、22回成功
距離 近距離
範囲 5-square-mile area of appropriate terrain; see text
反動 All casters take 6d6 points of damage and are exhausted.
失敗 The primary caster takes 15d6 points of damage(no save). If slain by this damage, the primary caster is reduced to a pile of rotten sludge, and can be restored only by true resurrection or greater magic.

The primary caster leads a grueling session of incantations and feats of physical prowess throughout a specific type of terrain. Example terrain types include(but are not limited to) cave, desert, forest, mountain, sewer, swamp, or tundra. This ritual corrupts the affected area, summoning forth a blight(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 6 38) associated with the terrain as well as turning the affected area into the blight’s cursed domain. The 難易度 for skill checks associated with this ritual is 24 plus the 脅威度 of the associated blight(for example, 難易度 37 for a desert blight, 難易度 40 for a tundra blight, and so on). During the ritual’s enactment, the primary caster guides any secondary casters through the terrain, defiling the area with blasphemous words from a long-extinct, primordial language. A bone altar, often assembled from sacrificed animals or humanoids, must stand at the center of the area to be affected, and is the starting and ending point of the ritual. Once the surrounding area is suitably prepared, the primary caster deposits the preserved hearts into the altar. If the ritual is successful, the associated blight bubbles forth from within the altar, formed from the alchemical soup that the altar contains.

This ritual provides no protection against the formed blight, and it’s likely that the blight’s first action is to attack the primary and secondary casters. Luckily for the primary caster, blights created in this manner have a penchant for consuming the secondary casters first, giving ample time for the primary caster to escape.


Fourth Apotheosis
出典 Book of the Damned 191ページ
系統 変成術]; レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(significant living sacrifice of 脅威度 9 or higher)、副術(最大20体)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度31、3回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 31、3回成功; Knowledge(religion) 難易度 31、2回成功
距離 自身
目標 術者
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary and secondary casters take 4d6 points of damage and become exhausted.
失敗 The primary and secondary casters are slain.

For those who wish to go further than merely becoming a half-fiend, a fourth ritual exists. The primary caster’s fiendish lord grants no vision or advice to begin this ritual—the primary caster must take it upon herself to honor her patron in a manner appropriate to that fiend’s interests and areas of concern. Once every year, on the anniversary of the day the primary caster completed the third apotheosis, she can perform a special ceremony that recounts her accomplishments over the past year and culminates in a significant sacrifice(usually consisting of the sacrifice of an important member of an enemy faith,or of a lawful or good outsider; in either case, the sacrifice must be at least 脅威度 9). If this ritual is a success, the primary caster transforms into a full-fledged fiend:she loses all benefits of her previous race and the half-fiend template but can immediately apply all of her class levels to her new fiendish race(for example, a human fighter 10 could become a vrock fighter 10). The type of fiend that she transforms into depends on both the nature of her chosen fiendish patron and the GM’s discretion, but it should generally not have a total number of Hit Dice more than twice her original Hit Dice. The primary caster generally gets only one chance at the fourth apotheosis, for failure results in her death; however, should she be restored to life, she can attempt the fourth apotheosis again.


Grand Coven
出典 Blood of the Coven 24ページ
系統 心術レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作物質(elderberry wine and secret herbs worth 100gp per caster)、副術(最大12体; 本文参照
技能判定 Knowledge(nature) 難易度 28、2回成功; Perform(sing or dance) 難易度 28、2回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 28、1回成功
距離 自身
目標 同意するクリーチャー1体
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗(無害)
反動 The subject and all casters are fatigued for 24 hours.
失敗 The subject and all casters are sickened until the next full moon.

This ritual allows an established coven to induct a new member, allowing the coven to increase in size beyond the usual limit of three members. The newcomer must be a creature that could normally join a coven, such as a hag or a witch with the coven hex. Under the shadow of the new moon, the entire coven and the prospective member must prepare a bowl of rich red wine as they dance and chant, with each member adding handfuls of rare and expensive herbs. At midnight, the coven consumes the wine together. If the ritual is a success, the newcomer becomes a full member of the coven; see the details of forming a coven under the monster entry for a green hag. Every additional coven member above four increases the ritual skill check DCs by 2. No coven can be larger than 13 members.

Any three coven members can participate together to cast coven spells, as normal. Each additional coven member participating in a coven spell beyond the minimum requirement for a given spell increases the effective caster level of that spell by 1, to a maximum of 術者レベル 20th. Every two coven members participating in a coven spell beyond the minimum requirement also increase the saving throw 難易度 by 1. When a coven reaches seven members, it gains the following new spells, which require all seven participants acting in concert to cast:create undead, dominate person(難易度 18), epidemic(難易度 19), fairy ring retreat, major curse(難易度 18), magic jar(難易度 18), and prying eyes. When a coven reaches 13 members, it gains the following new spells, which require 13 participants acting in concert to cast:create greater undead, cursed earth(難易度 22), dominate monster(難易度 22), greater prying eyes, and wail of the banshee(難易度 22).


Hag's Eye Brew
出典 Blood of the Coven 25ページ
系統 変成術創造); レベル 4
発動時間 2週間と4時間; 本文参照
構成要素 音声動作物質(a hag or witch eye)、副術(最大6体)
技能判定 Knowledge(dungeoneering) 難易度 30、2回成功; Craft(alchemy) or Profession(cook) 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 接触
反動 All casters are sickened from the fumes for 24 hours.
失敗 The primary caster is permanently blinded.

This ritual is used to create a loyal servant and spy for the coven:a hag eye ooze. Before the ritual can begin, the primary caster must spend 2 weeks carefully preparing an alchemical stew of animal organs, poisonous plants, and potent liquors.

Once the brew is prepared, the casters begin a 4-hour ritual of chanting around the bubbling cauldron. At the ritual’s end, the eye of a hag or witch—ideally the primary caster—is added to the cauldron(using an eye from anyone not participating in the ritual increases all skill check DCs by 5). If the ritual is successful, the noxious fluid in the cauldron animates into a hag eye ooze loyal to the ritual’s primary caster.


Harvest Bounty Festival
出典 Distant Shores 52ページ
系統 変成術レベル 8
発動時間 24時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(a feast capable of feeding at least 1,000 people)、焦点(ceremonial sickle worth at least 500gp)、副術(最大100体)
技能判定 Perform(oratory) 難易度 33、2回成功; Knowledge(nature) 難易度 33、3回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 28、1回成功; Profession(cook) 難易度 33、3回成功
距離 接触
目標 クリーチャー1体
持続時間 30日; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster is sickened for 1d4 days.
失敗 The casters are nauseated for 24 hours.

At the completion of this ritual, one of the casters is selected as the target for the effect. The selected caster gains the ability to cast commune with nature as a spell-like ability once over the course of the next 30 days, and the ability to cast plant growth(enrichment only) five times over the course of the next 30 days. The caster level for these effects is equal to the character level of the primary caster. In addition, all casters who celebrate the festival gain a +1 morale bonus on Diplomacy checks for 48 hours.


Harvest the Defiled Soul
出典 Haunted Heroes Handbook 17ページ
系統 死霊術]; レベル 5
発動時間 5時間; 本文参照
構成要素 音声動作物質(one candle worth 10gp per 5 feet of the area’s perimeter)、焦点(special alchemist’s lab whose components have handles made from bone)、副術(up to the Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier of the primary caster [whichever is highest])
技能判定 Knowledge(arcana or religion) 難易度 29、5回成功;
距離 近距離
範囲 100 square ft. + 10 square ft./character level of the primary caster
持続時間 1 hour/character level of the primary caster
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters take 1d6 points of Constitution damage.
失敗 All casters take 1d6 points of Constitution drain.

Formulated and perfected by the Whispering Way’s most twisted minds, this ritual allows the caster to perform a number of fell rites that thoroughly defile the metaphysical soul of a specific haunt or incorporeal creature, causing its essence to coalesce into a refined ectoplasmic material that can be used to craft especially powerful magic items and artifacts. Before she can begin casting this ritual, the primary caster must draw necromantic sigils around the area to be affected and adorn them with candles, a 12-hour process. Each secondary caster participating in the ritual reduces this time by 1 hour, to a minimum of 1 hour. During the ritual, one specific incorporeal undead creature or haunt must be present within the affected area for its entire casting time. Upon completing the ritual, the primary caster can harvest material components from the specific creature or haunt as if she had the Haunt Scavenger feat, though the creature or haunt need not be destroyed or neutralized. If she already has this feat, she gains a +20 competence bonus on skill checks to harvest material components from the specific creature or haunt and the gp value of those components doubles. This process doesn’t destroy or neutralize the creature or haunt, and can be used on a specific creature or haunt only once per month.


Inhabit Rune Giantルーン・ジャイアント寄生
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 76ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作、副術(最大主要術者の【知力】修正値まで)
技能判定 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 26、3回成功; 〈知識:地域〉 難易度 26、3回成功
距離 100マイル/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル; 本文参照
効果範囲 半径1マイル/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル
持続時間 1時間/主要術者のキャラクターレベル(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は2d6ポイントのダメージを受ける。
失敗 全ての術者は1レベル永続的な負のレベルを得、負のレベルが取り除かれるまで過労状態となる。



出典 Concordance of Rivals 46ページ
系統 変成術レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(chalk, four intricately carved cogs worth 125gp each)、副術(up to the Intelligence modifier of the primary caster)
技能判定 Craft(clockwork) 難易度 28、2回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 28、2回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 28、2回成功
距離 接触
目標 同意するか無防備状態クリーチャー1体
持続時間 1時間
セーヴィング・スロー 不可 ; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters take 4d6 points of damage.
失敗 The primary caster is exhausted and the target gains the benefit of a magic circle against law effect(術者レベル equal to the primary caster's character level) for 1 hour.

The caster carefully places the four cogs around the target and traces chalk lines connecting them. As the chalk lines must be as close to perfectly square as possible, the caster typically uses a guide or straight edge to draw the lines, although these components aren't strictly necessary if the caster can draw the lines freehand with exceptional precision. As the caster recites certain mathematical formulae, the cogs slide slowly along the chalk lines and closer to the target, redrawing the chalk lines across the floor as they move. As the cogs approach the target, the target's skin and clothing become more metallic-looking, and the target's gaps and joints appear to contain rapidly whirring clockwork mechanisms, as though the target were a quasi-mechanical creature like an inevitable. If the ritual is successful, the target is infused with the essence of Axis and can act only with rigid precision. The first ability check, attack roll, caster level check, saving throw, or skill check the target makes each round throughout the ritual's duration is automatically treated as though the natural d20 roll resulted in an 11. When the duration ends, the target's appearance returns to normal.


Invert Giantジャイアント反転
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 77ページ
系統 変成術レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作物質のプール)、焦点(5,000GPの価値のある)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈治療〉 難易度 29、2回成功; 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 29、3回成功
距離 近距離
目標 1体の無防備状態の生きているジャイアント
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 頑健無効呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は1d4ポイントの【耐久力】ダメージを受け、疲労状態となる。
失敗 全ての術者は永続的な負のレベルを得、過労状態となり、負のレベルが取り除かれるまでこの過労状態から回復することはできない。さらに、目標はもはや無防備状態ではなく、物理的または魔法的な制約があれば、それを自動的に解放する。



Invisible Aegis/見えない庇護
出典 Pathfinder #140:Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer 52ページ
系統 防御術レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声物質透明ガラス玉)、焦点(鉄製の鍵)
技能判定 〈知識:神秘学〉難易度 30、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 30、1回成功; 〈魔法装置使用〉 難易度 30、1成功
距離 接触
目標 サイズが1立方フィート以下の1つの物体
持続時間 1ヵ
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害、物体); 呪文抵抗 可(無害、物体
反動 可(無害、物体
失敗 術者は24時間の間目標物体接触したり使用したりできない。



Invoke the Nemisis
出典 Blood of the Coven 25ページ
系統 召喚術招来)[呪い]; レベル 7
発動時間 7時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(a treasured possession of the target)、焦点(a depiction of the nemesis creature worth at least 5,000gp)
技能判定 Bluff 難易度 30、2回成功; Diplomacy 難易度 30、2回成功; Knowledge(planes)、3回成功
距離 接触; 本文参照
目標 クリーチャー1体; 本文参照
持続時間 a year and a day; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 意志・partial; 本文参照呪文抵抗 可; 本文参照
反動 The nemesis creature feeds on a portion of the primary caster’s life force, inflicting a permanent negative level that cannot be healed until the nemesis creature is dismissed.
失敗 The nemesis creature is offended and harries the primary caster for a year and a day.

This ritual conjures forth a restless spirit or otherworldly entity to harass and sabotage a target of the caster’s choice. The ritual must take place in an environment pleasing to the nemesis creature(an allip must be called in an asylum, a gremlin must be called in a clocktower or site of misfortune, etc.). The caster supplicates before a representation— usually a statue or tapestry—of the nemesis creature, reciting a long litany of the target’s real or imagined sins and how deeply the target deserves to suffer.

Success conjures up the nemesis creature chosen from the list below, which goes forth to harass the victim to the best of its abilities. A pugwampi will hide and subject its victim to bad luck, while a lovelorn will stalk the victim and undermine his relationships.

Nemesis creatures do not kill their victims, and they avoid doing anything that might result in their victims’ deaths(though they have no rules against killing others).

Beyond defining the nemesis creature’s target, the ritual casters have no special control over or connection to the conjured beast.

A nemesis creature always knows its victim’s location, but it must travel to the victim under its own power(or its creator’s power). A victim can conceal itself from the nemesis creature’s senses for 24 hours by succeeding at a Will saving throw each day at dawn. Should the nemesis creature be discovered and slain, its spirit returns to the depiction used to conjure it, where it re-forms after 1d4 days per Hit Die. Once re-formed, the nemesis creature emerges from its depiction to resume its campaign of subterfuge. The curse bestowed by this spell cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed with a miracle or wish spell. If the depiction of the nemesis creature is destroyed or if it is targeted with a remove curse or break enchantment spell, the nemesis creature is immediately destroyed and the curse ends.

The following creatures can be summoned as nemesis creatures:allip, gremlin(any), hellhound, imp, lovelorn, poltergeist, quasit, or tooth fairy.


Labyrinthine Wilds
出典 Ultimate Wilderness 238ページ
系統 幻術幻覚); レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作物質(the bones of local wildlife carved into divining runes and daubed in specially treated wildlife blood worth 2,000gp)、焦点(a compass using a highly sensitive magnetic needle worth 10,000gp)、副術(少なくとも4体、最大10体)
技能判定 Knowledge(geography) 難易度 30、2回成功; Survival 難易度 30、3回成功;
距離 近距離
範囲 2-square-mile region/character level of the primary caster
持続時間 永続(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 意志・disbelief(if interacted with); 本文参照呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster gains 1 temporary negative level.
失敗 All casters gain 2 temporary negative levels and are permanently blinded(the blindness is a curse effect, and it can be removed with remove curse and similar effects).

The primary caster must prepare for this ritual by walking a path along the outer edge of the desired area—an act that likely takes longer than the ritual casting time. As the primary caster walks this path, she must periodically mark the area with tiny runes. Once the primary caster returns to her starting point, and assuming the area she outlined is less than 2 square miles per character level she has, the actual casting of the ritual can begin. At this point, all casters cross the threshold to enter the region and then begin following a series of erratic paths, each using the material component divining runes as they wander aimlessly. Completing this ritual creates a powerful obfuscating effect, affecting creatures entering the area surrounded by the primary caster’s initial walk.

The area within the border becomes an illusory replica of the local terrain that is difficult to navigate. In order to successfully travel to a desired location within the labyrinthine wilds, a creature must succeed at a 難易度 20 Intelligence check or a 難易度 30 Survival check. Success at this check allows a creature to reach its destination as normal. Failure at this check indicates the creature(and any allies it guides) spends 2d6 hours traveling along the path, only to return the starting point with no memory of its wanderings and fatigued from the journey.


Manifest Manifestation
出典 Book of the Damned 193ページ
系統 占術レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 S物質(the complete Book of the Damned or the diabolic Book of the Damned)
技能判定 Knowledge(planes) 難易度 33、3回成功; Linguistics 難易度 33、4回成功; Perception 難易度 33、2回成功(these checks take a –4 penalty if the diabolic Book of the Damned is used as the ritual’s focus)
距離 接触
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster becomes exhausted.
失敗 The caster’s own true name appears somewhere in a random document in a library located somewhere on Abaddon, in the Abyss, or in Hell. Once per year, at a time chosen by the GM(invariably at a time that is inconvenient to the caster), there is a percent chance equal to the number of times the caster’s true name has appeared in such a document(1% per failed attempt to perform the manifest manifestation) that some other force discovers the caster’s true name and uses it. Typically, this results in the caster being conjured elsewhere via powerful magic to perform services—at the GM’s discretion, this could be played out, or the caster could simply return to his point of origin 4d6 hours later with 1d6 points of ability drain, 1d3 negative levels, a strange curse, or some other affliction but with no memories of how this affliction came to be. Removing one’s name from these locations can be accomplished only via a significant quest.

When the caster begins the manifest manifestation ritual, he must have in mind a specific type of fiend to learn the true name of. If he seeks to learn the true name of a specific individual fiend or unique fiend, the 難易度 of the skill checks for manifest manifestation increase by 5, and if he seeks to learn the true name of a fiendish demigod or quasi deity, all skill checks for manifest manifestation increase by 10.(In the latter case, the fiendish demigod or quasi deity’s true name changes once the caster learns it, so this information is useful only once, and in the event of a failure, the demigod or quasi deity learns the caster’s true name instead.) Once a creature’s true name is divulged by the manifestation of the Book of the Damned’s list of true names, the caster can use that information how he sees fit, but abuse of the information will likely have repercussions. For example, a caster who gains a reputation for spreading a powerful fiend’s true name far and wide could find himself hunted by a wide range of powerful fiends, all eager to see the caster destroyed. Such reprisals rise not out of any sort of familial devotion to the inconvenienced fiend but purely from self-defense, for who is to say which fiend’s true name might next be publicized by such a careless caster?


Multiversal Knowledge
出典 Concordance of Rivals 46ページ
系統 占術レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a spool of silver wire)、焦点(a compendium, encyclopedia, or similar book related to knowledge worth at least 5,000gp)、副術(最大5体)
技能判定 Linguistics 難易度 30、2回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 10 minutes/character level of primary caster
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters take 2d6 points of damage.
失敗 All casters gain a temporary negative level(難易度 = 14 + primary caster's Intelligence bonus to remove after the first day), and the primary caster is confused for 24 hours.

The ritual allows the primary caster to tap into the multiversal connection shared by all aeons. The primary caster weaves complicated occult patterns around herself with the silver wire; if secondary casters are involved in the ritual, they stand around the primary caster and the primary caster wraps the silver wire around their outstretched limbs to form these patterns. If successfully performed, the primary caster can utilize the envisaging ability as though she were an aeon to communicate with other creatures, can attempt Knowledge checks untrained, and gains an enhancement bonus on Knowledge checks equal to half her character level or twice the number of secondary casters, whichever is greater. Although the primary caster can communicate with aeons themselves across vast gulfs of distance and even planar boundaries, they are unlikely to respond except to profess amusement or mild annoyance.


Quartern Disjunction
出典 Book of the Damned 187ページ
系統 変成術レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 音声動作物質(9 doses of holy water)、焦点(the complete Book of the Damned)
技能判定 Craft(books) 難易度 35、3回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 35、3回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 35、3回成功
距離 接触
目標 the complete Book of the Damned
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster becomes exhausted.
失敗 The caster is drawn into the Book of the Damned’s demiplane(see the Book of the Damned pages 167–170) and affected by feeblemind(術者レベル 20th); the Book of the Damned is transported to a random location on a random Material Plane world.

The first step in destroying the Book of the Damned is to divide the book into four sections—one each for its daemonic, demonic, and infernal portions, and one for its apocrypha. Separating the book into these four parts is both difficult and dangerous. The ritual requires scrubbing the pages with holy water and reciting potent magical words while reading key phrases hidden throughout the text. Upon the successful completion of the ritual, the Book of the Damned tumbles apart into its four components, each of which must be swiftly separated from the others, for should all four components of the Book of the Damned be within 30 feet of each other at any point in time once 1 minute has passed following their separation, they immediately reform into the complete Book of the Damned as if the quartern disjunction had never been performed.


Reconsecrate Altar
出典 Occult Realms 56ページ
系統 力術混沌、あるいは秩序; 本文参照]; レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作物質聖水あるいは邪)、焦点(a holy symbol of the altar’s deity worth at least 300gp)、副術(最大4体)
技能判定 Knowledge(planes) 難易度 27、2回成功; Knowledge(religion) 難易度 27、3回成功
距離 接触
目標 broken alter
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster is exhausted.
失敗 For a period of 1 month, none of the casters can be targeted by divine magic that draws its power from the deity previously tied to the altar.(This is a curse effect, and can be removed with remove curse and similar effects.)

This ritual works only on inoperative divine altars, rendered powerless through damage or other ways, and must be performed on a holy day of the deity to which the altar is dedicated. In order to repair a broken altar, the primary caster and all secondary casters must be worshipers of that same deity. The exact process of revitalizing altars varies by religion, but such rituals require a dose of holy or unholy water when dealing with good- or evil-aligned deities, as well as a masterfully wrought holy symbol regardless of the deity’s alignment. By speaking numerous prayers and conducting the required religious ceremonies, the primary caster can restore the altar to its previous function, effectively restoring its capabilities as a magical item.

A reconsecrate altar ritual has the chaotic, evil, good, or lawful descriptors depending on the alignment of the altar’s deity. For instance, a reconsecrate altar ritual performed to restore the altar of a lawful good deity has the lawful and good descriptors. A ritual tied to a nonlawful, nonchaotic neutral deity has no descriptor.


Reinforce Campsite
出典 Ultimate Wilderness 238ページ
系統 防御術レベル 4
発動時間 40分
構成要素 音声動作物質(flint and steel, tent)、焦点(a set of magically attuned stones to encircle the campfire, worth at least 500gp)、副術(最大5体)
技能判定 Knowledge(nature) 難易度 24、2回成功; Survival 難易度 24、2回成功
距離 近距離
効果 30フィート半径の範囲
持続時間 1 hour/character level of the primary caster
反動 The primary caster is exhausted.
失敗 The campfire extends 200 feet into the air for 1 round, followed by a near-deafening booming noise. In addition to alerting any nearby creatures, this results in an 80% chance of attracting a random encounter if the ritual was performed in an outdoor environment.

This ritual is cast as part of constructing a campsite. The primary caster and any secondary casters work to secure a 30-foot perimeter around a central campfire. The fire is ringed with ritualistic warding stones, which are required as foci to complete the ritual. These warding stones can be used only once every 7 days, though the primary caster can purchase additional sets of stones if she wishes to create multiple campsites during that time. If the ritual is successful, several effects occur for the duration of the ritual or until the primary caster decides to dispel the ritual(a full-round action).

Alarm:If a living creature that was not within the area at the time of the ritual’s completion crosses into the affected area, an audible alarm sounds. The alarm lasts for 2 rounds and is sufficient to wake any creature resting in the campsite.

Defensive Ring:The outermost 5 feet of the area take on a roughened texture, counting as caltrops for any creature not within the area of the ritual when the ritual was cast.

Shelter:Creatures within the area of the ritual gain the benefits of endure elements(術者レベル = character level of the primary caster). They also gain a +4 circumstance bonus on saving throws against weather effects.


Return to Dormancy
出典 Ultimate Wilderness 239ページ
系統 心術(強制)精神作用]; レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a bone, piece of skin, or scale belonging to the target)、副術(少なくとも4体、最大20体)
技能判定 Diplomacy or Intimidate 難易度 36、2回成功; Knowledge(nature) 難易度 36、2回成功; Perform(any) 難易度 36(本文参照)、4回成功
距離 中距離
目標 one Colossal creature(minimum 20 ヒット・ダイス
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters are exhausted.
失敗 The primary caster becomes the sole focus of the target, which attacks the primary caster to the best of its ability for the next hour.

Numerous variants of this ritual exist, though the intent is always the same:to lull the rage within a gigantic, rampaging threat. The target is usually a unique creature with a specific Perform check is required to affect it. For example, returning King Mogaru to dormancy requires a successful Perform(sing) check as part of this ritual. Other creatures’ requirements are left to the GM’s discretion.

The successful completion of this extensive ritual forces the target, which must be a Colossal creature with at least 20 ヒット・ダイス, to attempt a Will save. On a failed save, the affected creature stops its current actions and retreats away from civilization for a period of no less than 1 year. Should the target succeed at this save, the ritual fails and its failure effect occurs immediately. Creatures with the kaiju subtype cannot use their recovery ability to attempt a new saving throw against this ritual’s effect. If a creature affected by this ritual is attacked and damaged, the effects of return to dormancy immediately end and the ritual’s failure effect takes place.


Runelord Manifestationルーンロードの願望実現
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 77ページ
系統 占術念視); レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作、副術(最大主要術者の【知力】修正値まで)
技能判定 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 28、3回成功; 〈知識:次元界〉 難易度 28、2回成功; 〈呪文学〉 難易度 28、3回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 1分/主要術者のレベル(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は2d6ポイントのダメージを受け、過労状態となる。
失敗 全ての術者は一的に負のレベルを得(初日以降に負のレベルを取り除くための難易度 = 16+主要術者の【魅力】ボーナス)、主要術者は1週間の間全ての念視効果抵抗するために-4のペナルティを受ける。

この儀式では、主要術者は任意の距離範囲観察できるが、この念視効果のために作成されたセンサーは、その範囲の上にある主要術者の巨大な可視画であり(見える範囲が屋内や地下であっても)、解呪することはできないことを除く。この画は、正確なレプリカやや雲から形成された形状など、主要術者が望む任意の形をとることができるが、画は常に主要術者として認識される。主要術者は画から発せられる大きな声でその範囲のあらゆるクリーチャー話すことができる。以下の呪文はセンサーを通じて確実に機能する:ディテクト・ケイオスディテクト・イーヴルディテクト・グッドディテクト・ローディテクト・マジックディテクト・ソウツメッセージリード・マジックタンズトゥルー・シーイング。他の呪文は画を通して機能させるために精神集中判定に成功する必要がある(難易度 = 20+呪文レベルの2倍)。失敗すると呪文は失われる。


Scarlet Vigil
出典 Occult Realms 57ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 7
発動時間 7時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(a giant mantis claw)、副術(少なくとも2体、最大4体)
技能判定 Heal 難易度 30、2回成功; Knowledge(religion) 難易度 30、2回成功; Perception 難易度 30、2回成功
距離 近距離
目標 one corpse and secondary casters; 本文参照
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All secondary casters take 2d6 points of damage.
失敗 The primary caster is stunned for 1d6 rounds(no save). The targeted corpse is immediately revived, as if via the spell resurrection.

This ritual requires the intact corpse of a target slain by the primary caster, who must possess at least 5 levels in the Red Mantis assassin prestige class. Each of the secondary casters must possess exactly 1 level in the Red Mantis assassin prestige class. During the ritual, the primary caster reveals meticulous details about the victim’s demise to the secondary casters, describing in anatomical detail the damage done to the individual and pointing out visual cues on the corpse, all while connecting the methods of execution to the teachings of the mantis god Achaekek, patron of the assassin order. During the ritual, the secondary casters must use a giant mantis claw to draw blood from themselves in a place where the corpse was damaged; in the case of poisons and similar effects, the location can be symbolic. If the corpse took damage in many different locations, the secondary casters must draw blood from themselves in the place where the victim sustained the most damage.

If the ritual is successful, the secondary casters gain an intrinsic link to the deceased individual; from that moment on, the secondary casters know if the assassinated creature is returned to life, as per the Red Mantis assassin resurrection sense class ability. An assassinated body used in a failed scarlet vigil occult ritual cannot subsequently be used in another such ritual. Since failing to correctly perform this ritual unravels the primary caster’s assassination and puts all casters at risk, high-level Red Mantis members choose their secondary casters carefully, sometimes watching them for months to determine whether they are worthy of participating, as well as seeking guidance from senior leadership and Achaekek concerning which novices are the best choices.


Second Apotheosis
出典 Book of the Damned 190ページ
系統 変成術]; レベル 5
発動時間 5時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(exotic incense worth 500gp, burned offering of a family member)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度 23、3回成功; Knowledge(planes or religion) 難易度 23、2回成功
距離 自身
目標 術者
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The caster takes 4d6 points of damage and is exhausted.
失敗 The caster is rendered unconscious for 2d4 hours.

Preparation for the second apotheosis requires many more months of debased acts and vile plots, but at some point during this second year, the caster must contact her chosen fiendish patron, via either commune or contact other plane. A trusted minion or ally can cast this spell on the caster’s behalf; it’s common for a spellcaster to gain a cacodaemon, im, or quasit familiar so that it can use its commune spell-like ability for this purpose. Once contact is made, the patron must be told of the caster’s desire to become a fiend; during this time, the commune or contact other plane spell cannot be used to ask any other questions. At any point thereafter but before a year has passed, the caster must offer a significant sacrifice to her fiendish patron as a burned offering in a temple consecrated to the fiend. This offering can be either living or dead, but the burned offering must be of someone who is related to the caster by blood or family(such as a spouse or an adopted parent or child) and the caster and the offering must once have shared a positive emotional connection such as love or pride. If this ritual fails, the caster can try again, although the number of attempts she can make is limited in that each new attempt requires a burned offering of a different relative. Once the second apotheosis is successful, part of the caster’s body transforms into something fiendish as proof of her patron’s favor. Use the various fleshcraft grafts to model these partial transformations; the specific transformation granted is up to the GM, but typical results include claw gauntlet or wings of darkness. Once the caster successfully completes the second apotheosis, she becomes eligible to undertake the third apotheosis.


Sever Spirit
出典 Ultimate Wilderness 239ページ
系統 防御術呪い]; レベル 6
発動時間 60フィート
構成要素 音声動作物質(salt mixed with the cremated remains of a family member or former friend)、焦点(a set of 43 holy symbols belonging to at least 10 different deities)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度 34、2回成功; Knowledge(local) 難易度 34、3回成功; Sense Motive 難易度 34、1回成功
距離 近距離
目標 one animal companion, eidolon, kami ward, or phantom(see text)
持続時間 永続
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効; 本文参照呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters take 3d6 points of damage and are sickened for 1 hour.
失敗 The primary caster requires twice as much food and water as a normal creature of its species for 1 year(this is a curse effect, and it can be removed with remove curse and similar effects).

By reciting false litanies associated with the various deities represented among the holy symbol foci, the primary caster shakes the unseen spiritual pillars of the mortal world. This ritual has no visible effect to mortal eyes, but it creates a powerful rending cut in the world of spirits. By successfully completing this ritual, the caster can achieve one of two goals:severing a kami from its ward, or untethering a bound companion.

Sever Kami Ward:Successfully completing the ritual forces the ward’s kami to attempt a Will save(use the kami’s Will save in the case of targeting its ward). On a failed save, the kami loses its connection with its ward. This functions as if the kami’s ward were destroyed:the kami cannot merge with its ward, it loses its fast healing, and it is permanently sickened. Many kami suffering from this cruel fate transform into malicious oni.

Untether Companion:Successfully completing the ritual forces the creature whose animal or spiritual companion, such as an eidolon or phantom, was targeted to attempt a Will save. Failing this save causes the creature to lose its bond with the targeted animal companion or spirit. An animal companion severed in this manner retains its abilities and statistics, but it gains an intense loathing for its former master. In the case of eidolons or phantoms, the severed companion gains the unfettered eidolon template or becomes an unfettered phantom with the appropriate Hit Dice. For creatures with animal companions, this functions as if the creature’s companion had been slain, allowing the target to gain a new companion. For creatures with bonded spirits(such as spiritualists), the means of gaining a new companion are left to the GM’s discretion.


Song of the Kami's Gift
出典 Disciple's Doctrine 32ページ
系統 召喚術招来); レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作物質(an offering of food, artwork, or clothing valued at 100gp)、焦点(a handcrafted shrine worth 500gp)、副術(最大20体)
技能判定 Knowledge(nature) 難易度 32、3回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 32、2回成功
距離 100フィート
効果 one summoned kami manifestation
持続時間 1日(解除可)
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of damage and becomes exhausted. The secondary casters become fatigued.
失敗 A zuishin appears and attacks all of the casters until the zuishin or the casters are destroyed. Afterward, all kami completely ignore the casters for 1 year and will not answer to any ritual in which any of those casters are involved.

The primary caster appeals to a local kami to ask for assistance in battle. The casters must assemble a shrine within 100 feet of the kami’s ward. Once the ritual begins, the casters each utter a unique prayer to the kami, complete with devotionals and explanations about why the kami’s help is needed. If the casting is successful, the kami manifests(as per summon monster V) and fights alongside the casters. This kami uses the statistics for a kodama and refuses to move farther than 1 mile from its ward.


Soul Trap
出典 Book of the Damned 192ページ
系統 死霊術]; レベル 9
発動時間 90分
構成要素 音声動作物質(a crystal lens worth at least half the value of the soul to be trapped)、副術(最大12体)
技能判定 Knowledge(planes) 難易度 31、3回成功; Knowledge(religion) 難易度 31、3回成功; Spellcraft 難易度 31、3回成功
距離 近距離
効果 one living or recently dead creature
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary and secondary casters each gain 1 temporary negative level.
失敗 The primary and secondary casters become staggered for 10 minutes. Unless the ritual was performed in an area that bars dimensional travel, this feedback draws the attention of a psychopomp or psychopomps of a total 脅威度 equal to the 脅威度 of the creature whose soul the casters were attempting to trap, and the magical feedback allows the psychopomps to manifest at the location of the ritual to punish the casters for meddling with souls.

The body of the creature whose soul is to be trapped must be within the ritual’s range for the duration. If the body is removed from this area before the ritual is completed, the ritual immediately fails(triggering the failure result detailed above). If the target creature is alive, it must be killed at some point during the ritual’s casting time; traditionally this occurs at the end of the ritual, so that if the victim resists having its soul trapped with a successful saving throw, the casters could potentially try to capture the soul a second time by immediately starting a second ritual. If the target creature was already dead, it must have been dead no longer than 1 minute before the soul trap ritual begins, and in this case, the creature’s soul can still attempt a Will save to resist the effects as if it were still alive.

If the ritual is a success, the creature’s soul is transformed into a glittering soul gem. This gem is a fragile Fine object that has hardness 2 and 1 hit point. In this state, the soul cannot be returned to life by any means; the soul gem must first be destroyed, at which point methods of restoring life to the creature function normally.


Trapped souls are one of the fundamental currencies throughout Abaddon, the Abyss, and Hell. Three key factors influence a soul’s value in the soul trade:the strength of the soul’s life force(which relates directly to the 脅威度 of the creature from which the soul was harvested), the soul’s age(how long the soul has been cycled through reincarnation, which directly relates to the sapience of the creature from which the soul was harvested), and the soul’s flavor(which is determined by factors that include the alignment, personality, and religion of the creature from which the soul was harvested). Of course, it’s worth noting that while trading in souls may prove lucrative, the practice is undeniably evil and an affront to the natural order, and thus it is considered to be an evil act unless one is trading souls for an altruistic purpose(such as to smash purchased prisons and release the souls trapped within).

Life Force:A soul’s life force sets its base gp value. This is equal to the 脅威度 of the creature from which the soul was harvested × 1,000. Thus, the base value of a 脅威度 1 creature’s soul is 1,000gp, while the base value of a 脅威度 20 creature’s soul is 20,000gp.

Age:A soul from a creature who in life had an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score of 2 or less(including the lack of a score at all in one of those categories, and regardless of how high the other ability scores were) is less refined and younger in age, and as such is worth half its base value. Thus, the soul of a 脅威度 1 animal with an Intelligence of 1 is worth 500gp, while the soul of a 脅威度 20 vermin with no intelligence score at all would be worth 10,000gp.

Flavor:As a general rule, a soul’s flavor has no direct impact on its gp value for the purposes of functioning as a material component or raw materials for magic item creation, but in certain circumstances subject to the GM’s discretion, the soul’s flavor can halve or double its final value. For example, a paladin’s soul might have double its normal value to a daemon who finds lawful good souls to be particularly delicious, while the soul of a devout worshiper of Desna might be worth only half as much when used to create a magic item designed to be particularly deadly when used against chaotic good creatures, since such a soul would inherently resist being used in such a way.


The Viridian Transcendence/ヴィリジアンの超越
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 78ページ
系統 召喚術瞬間移動); レベル 8
発動時間 80分
構成要素 音声動作物質(少なくとも10,000GPの価値のある宝用原レンズ)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈知識:神秘学〉 難易度 30、2回; 〈知識:次元界〉 1回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉 難易度 30、1回成功; 〈芸能〉 難易度 30、4回成功
距離 接触
目標 主要術者と副次術者
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は4d6ポイントのダメージ受け、過労状態となる。各副次術者は2d6ポイントのダメージ受ける。
失敗 術者は即座にTemple of the Peacock SpiritへのGlorious ApproachのエリアC3のにてレポートされ、1レベルの一負のレベルを得る(GMの裁量で、全てのPCが儀式の発動に関与していない場合は、代わりにこの失敗の効果を全ての術者に2レベルの一負のレベルを得るように置き換えることができる。これにより、パーティをエリアC3と儀式を行ったゴラリオンのどこかの場所で分割する必要がなくなる)。

主要術者は副次術者が周りに円を描くように立っている、Peacock Spiritのシンボル――中央にを開いている孔雀の羽――をに描く。副次術者は主要術者の周りでを組みPeacock Spiritを称賛しなければならない(伝統的に、心、体、魂の三つが一緒になることに焦点を当てた賛歌と舞踊)。副次術者は声を出すことができるが、完璧に調和していなければならない。

術者が儀式を行うことに成功するとして聖歌がピークに達し、色のエネルギーの爆発が主要術者から出て、副次術者を飲み込む。この点で、主要術者は成功した儀式を使用してTemple of the Peacock Spiritに移動するか、副次術者の1人にエネルギーを注入してヴィリジアンの脱出を与えるかを決定しなければならない。

Temple of the Peacock Spiritへの移動/Temple Travel:主要術者がこの選択肢を選択した場合、主要術者はと全ての副次術者はワード・オヴ・リコールのようにCloister of Cerulean LanguorのエリアB1にてレポートされる(13ページ参照)。そのエリアに収まりきらないキャラクターは、主要術者が選択したように取り残される。クリーチャーは成功した儀式に参加した回数だけ利益を得ることができる。

ヴィリジアンの脱出/Viridian Escape:エネルギーを注入された副次術者は即行アクションとして、一度だけワード・オヴ・リコールを使用することができる。この能を発動すると、明るい色のの中に消え、この効果注入した場所に再び現れる。クリーチャーは生涯に1回だけヴィリジアンの脱走を承ることができる。


Third Apotheosis
出典 Book of the Damned 190ページ
系統 変成術]; レベル 6
発動時間 6時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(exotic incense worth 2,000gp; prior completion of special quest)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 Intimidate 難易度 28、3回成功; Knowledge(planes or religion) 難易度 28、3回成功
距離 自身
目標 術者
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary and secondary casters take 4d6 points of damage and become exhausted.
失敗 The primary and secondary casters are reduced to –1 ヒット・ポイント.

At some point after the primary caster contacts her fiendish patron(typically after she succeeds at the second ritual, but sometimes before), the fiend sends the primary caster a vision of a task she must complete(such as freeing a bound evil outsider from a Material Plane prison or assassinating a powerful cleric of a good-aligned religion). This task is typically one of significance to the fiend, and in many cases it is one that the primary caster has no hope of completing until she grows more powerful. There is no time limit for how long the primary caster has to complete this task, but she must perform weekly devotions to her fiendish patron in the intervening time in the form of regular worship and continued atrocities in the fiend’s name. Additional burned offerings to the demon, assaults on innocents, and betrayals of allies are popular choices. Once the assigned task is completed, the primary caster can perform the third apotheosis. Unlike the first and second rituals, the third apotheosis allows for the use of secondary casters, yet it carries a much greater risk for failure. If the primary caster succeeds, she permanently gains the half-fiend template and becomes eligible to undertake the fourth apotheosis.


Trial of the Sixteenth Step
出典 Occult Realms 58ページ
系統 死霊術]; レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作焦点(a ring or amulet worth at least 5,000gp)、副術(最大4体)
技能判定 〈はったり〉 難易度 29、3回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉難易度 29、3回成功
距離 近距離
目標 クリーチャー1体; 本文参照
持続時間 1週間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は2d6ポイントのダメージ受ける。
失敗 The primary caster takes 2d6 points of force damage for each use of channeled energy being siphoned. All secondary casters take 1d6 points of force damage per use of channeled energy being siphoned.

In order to enact this ritual, the primary caster must interact with at least one creature capable of channeling positive energy to heal living creatures. This subject must have at least one use of channel energy remaining for the day. The primary caster then engages in a ritual of deception, eroding the subject’s faith and siphoning it away into the focus item. This requires equal amounts of subterfuge and religious knowledge on the part of the primary caster, who ensures the subject willingly concedes matters of faith without entirely forsaking her deity.

If the ritual is successful, the subject loses a number of uses of channel energy equal to the primary caster’s Charisma modifier. These charges are stored in the focus for up to 1 week. The wearer of the focus can release the channeled energy as a standard action to heal living creatures in a 30-foot burst centered on the wearer. The amount of damage each use of channeled heals is equal to the amount it would have healed if coming from the target creature.


Unmaking Touch
出典 Concordance of Rivals 47ページ
系統 変成術レベル 5
発動時間 50分
構成要素 音声動作信仰焦点(a chaos emerald)、副術(up to the Charisma modifier of the primary caster)
技能判定 〈知識:次元界〉難易度 32、2回成功; 〈手先の早業〉難易度 32、1回成功; 〈魔法装置使用〉難易度 32、2回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 1 hour/character level of the primary caster(D
反動 The primary caster takes 1d4 points of Constitution damage and becomes fatigued.
失敗 All casters gain a temporary negative level(難易度 = 16 + the primary caster's Charisma bonus to remove the negative level after the first day) and are also exhausted until this negative level is removed.

The primary caster juggles the chaos emerald back and forth between his hands, under his clothing, and between any secondary casters involved in the ritual. As the ritual progresses, the primary caster's actions with the chaos emerald become increasingly improbable(putting it into his mouth and pulling it out of his ear, for example, or placing it into the cupped hands of one secondary caster and removing it from the cupped hands of a different secondary caster). If the ritual is successful, the chaos emerald disappears entirely, and the primary caster gains the ability to inflict warpwaves like a protean for the ritual's duration. The primary caster can inflict a warpwave on a creature within 100 feet as a standard action. The target can negate the effects of the warpwave with a successful Fortitude save(難易度 10 + half the primary caster's character level + the primary caster's Charisma modifier). When the duration expires, the chaos emerald reappears in the primary caster's possession—usually in a hidden place, such as the bottom of a backpack or inside a hat.


Untangle Ley Linesレイ・ラインの解法
出典 Pathfinder #142:Gardens of Gallowspire 75ページ
系統 変成術レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作物質(incense ground from First World plants)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈知識:自然〉難易度 35、1回成功; 〈知識:次元界〉難易度 35、1回成功; 〈知覚〉難易度 35、3回成功; 〈呪文学〉難易度 35、1回成功; 〈手先の早業〉難易度 35、3回成功
距離 接触
目標 witchgate1つ
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 すべての術者は1レベル永続的な負のレベルを受ける。
失敗 すべての術者は、特定のwitchgateによって決定される呪いまたは呪文効果を受ける(指定されていない場合は、儀式の呪文難易度術者レベルを使用したfinger of deathを用いる)。副次術者はセーヴィングスローを試みることができる(主要術者は自動的にセーヴィング・スローに失敗する)。



Utterings of the Wendo
出典 Occult Realms 58ページ
系統 召喚術招請); レベル 6
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(砕いた動物と2つの滑らかな)、副術(最大8体)
技能判定 〈交渉〉 難易度 31、2回成功; 〈知識:自然〉難易度 31、3回成功; 〈知識:宗教〉難易度 28、1回成功
距離 主要術者
持続時間 主要術者の精神集中
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗 不可
反動 全ての術者は過労状態となり、1レベルの一負のレベルを得る(初日以降に負のレベルを取り除くための難易度 = 16+主要術者の【魅力】ボーナス)。
失敗 主要術者は潜伏期間なしで即座にマラリアに罹る(病気セーヴ 難易度 18; 頻度 1/日; 効果 1d3【筋】、1d3【耐】 /日、加えて疲労状態治癒 2回連続のセーヴ成功)。GMの裁量により、特に強な敵対的なwendoが主要術者に憑依することがある(ポゼッションとして)。これは次の24時間の間継続する。

By using finely crushed animal bones to mark her own skin with symbols associated with a specific wendo, the primary caster readies herself for possession by that wendo. After lying prostrate and placing smooth stones over her eyes, the primary caster negotiates with the wendo to convince it to inhabit her body.

An unwilling wendo can resist the summons by succeeding at a Will saving throw. If the wendo succeeds at the saving throw, it doesn’t enter the primary caster, but the ritual is still considered a success. A wendo that fails or forgoes this save is summoned into the primary caster’s body, where it speaks by way of the caster’s voice, which takes on elements associated with that wendo(a gravelly quality for a wendo tied to the earth, for example). The wendo has no further control of the caster’s mind or body, and it must leave the primary caster when that caster ceases to concentrate. While the wendo speaks through the caster, secondary casters can ask it questions, at a maximum rate of 1 question per round(regardless of the number of secondary casters). The wendo speaks in a language the primary caster knows and can refuse to answer questions, can answer them cryptically, or can lie using Bluff with a +16 bonus on the attempt. The wendo is not otherwise beholden to the ritual casters.


Voice of the Damned獄堕ちの声
出典 Haunted Heroes Handbook 17ページ
系統 死霊術レベル 4
発動時間 30分
構成要素 音声動作物質(150gpの価値のある羊皮紙)、副術(最大主要術者の【知力】修正値まで)
技能判定 〈交渉〉 難易度 31、2回成功; 〈威圧〉 難易度 31、2回成功
距離 近距離
目標 1つの中和した霊障
持続時間 1分/レベル
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗 不可
反動 全ての術者は1d6ポイントの【耐久力】ダメージを受ける。
失敗 全ての術者は1d6ポイントの【耐久力】吸収を受ける。



Waking the Drowned God
出典 Occult Realms 59ページ
系統 召喚術招来); レベル 9
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作焦点(a piece of Tychilarius’s body)、副術(少なくとも4体、最大12体)
技能判定 Knowledge(arcana) 難易度 35、2回成功; Knowledge(dungeoneering) 難易度 35、2回成功; Knowledge(planes) 難易度 35、5回成功
距離 近距離
目標 one helpless or willing creature with at least 11 ヒット・ダイス
持続時間; 本文参照
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 The primary caster and all secondary casters each take 1d4 points of Intelligence damage.
失敗 The primary caster is immediately pulled into the Dark Tapestry and killed. No means can locate the primary caster’s remains or return her to life.

The primary caster begins the ritual by placing the focus in a pool of water that measures at least 30 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 50 feet deep. After this is done, the secondary casters surround the pool and perform ceremonial chants and wild supplications to the Drowned God, while the primary caster whispers the horrifying truths of Tychilarius into the target’s ear. The unspeakable horror and veracity of the whispers create a stronger bond between the target and the Drowned God. The ritual casters then place the target inside the pool.

If the ritual succeeds, the vast and alien mind of Tychilarius overwhelms the target. The Drowned God immediately and hideously transforms the target’s body and irrevocably destroys it, replacing the gory remains with the writhing form of Tychilarius, now freed from its prison and unleashed to wreak the destruction it craved so hungrily, and for so long, in its unknown prison. The target is annihilated and can be restored to life only with a miracle or wish spell.


Waning Light Festival
出典 Distant Shores 53ページ
系統 占術レベル 8
発動時間 9時間
構成要素 音声動作焦点(each caster must wear a ceremonial costume worth 500gp), SC(up to 12)
技能判定 Knowledge(religion) 難易度 29、3回成功; Perform(dance) 難易度 29、3回成功; Perform(percussion) 難易度 29、3回成功
距離 primary and secondary casters
持続時間 2時間
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗 不可
反動 All casters become exhausted and gain 1 temporary negative level(難易度 = 16 + the primary caster’s Charisma bonus to remove after the first day).
失敗 All casters gain 1 temporary negative level(難易度 = 16 + the primary caster’s Charisma bonus to remove after the first day), and the primary caster takes 4d6 points of damage.

At the completion of the festival, the primary and secondary casters are charged with magical energy. For the next 2 hours, any creature they touch gains a resistance bonus on their next 5 saving throws equal to 1 for every 5 Hit Dice the primary caster possesses. It’s considered auspicious if it rains during the festival, even more so if thunder and lightning crack through the sky. If the ritual is performed in these conditions, the benefit is doubled, instead granting the bonus on saving throws for the next 10 saves.

Since the casters must touch a celebrant to bestow the boon, the 2-hour period after the ritual turns into a huge parade as the casters wind through the city to greet the populace. Segadans gather along the streets to reach out and touch one of the casters as they pass.


Wrest Resources/資源強奪
出典 Pathfinder #135:Runeplague 79ページ
系統 召喚術瞬間移動); レベル 7
発動時間 60分
構成要素 音声動作物質(500GPの価値のある1の天然鉱物、金属、または宝)、焦点(5,000GPの価値のあるアダマンティンのスペード)、副術(最大20体)
技能判定 〈知識:地理〉 難易度 42、3回成功; 〈知識:自然〉 難易度 42、2回成功; 〈生存〉 難易度 42、2回成功
距離 10マイル/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル
効果範囲 10立方フィート1つ/主要術者のキャラクター・レベル
セーヴィング・スロー 不可; 呪文抵抗 不可
反動 主要術者は1レベル永続的な負のレベルを得る。
失敗 全ての術者は6d6ポイントのダメージを受け過労状態となる。主要術者はフレッシュ・トゥ・ストーン呪文目標となるが(難易度 = 16+主要術者の【魅力】ボーナス)、の代わりに呪文は術者を物質構成要素で使用している資源に変える。


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