Staff of the Master(Necromancy)

Staff of the Master(Necromancy)/)
出典 Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale 25ページ
市価 15,200GP; オーラ 微弱・死霊術術者レベル 5; 重量

Often given as gifts to apprentices upon reaching the rank of master, these staves come in eight different varieties, one each for every school of magic. This particular staff is for the school of necromancy. Aside from acting as a +1/+1 quarterstaff, this staff allows use of the following spells:

In addition, this staff can be used to cast spells using any metamagic feats known by the wielder, without increasing the spell's level. This consumes a number of charges equal to the number of spell levels increased by the feat. No more than one feat can be applied to a spell cast by the wielder in this way. Using the staff for this purpose does not increase the casting time of the spell.


コスト 7,900GP、584XP
《スタッフ作成》、ray of enfeeblement、spectral hand、vampiric touch

Crook of Cidhureen

Crook of Cidhureen/)
出典 Realm of the Fellnight Queen 29ページ
市価 16,800GP; オーラ 中程度・幻術術者レベル 9; 重量 4ポンド

This twisted and gnarled black oak staff draws upon the formless magic of the Shadow Plane to allow use of the following spells:

In addition, the staff can further influence shadow conjuration and shadow evocation spells, whether cast from the staff or the wielder’s daily allotment of spells, without increasing the spell’s level. By expending extra charges, the wielder can increase the shadowy substance used to form such spells by +10% per charge, up to a maximum of +50%. Using the staff for this purpose does not increase the casting time of these spells.


コスト 8,400GP
《スタッフ作成》、major image、shadow conjuration、shadow evocation


Staff of Internal Assault獄の強襲のスタッフ
出典 Dragonslayer's Handbook 31ページ
市価 20,800GP; オーラ 中程度・様々; 術者レベル 8; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 10,400GP

Shory Acolyte's Staff

Shory Acolyte's Staff/)
出典 Advanced Class Origins 29ページ
市価 21,600GP; オーラ 中程度・様々; 術者レベル 8; 重量 1ポンド

These slender crystal shafts span 4 to 5 feet in length, with facets covered in deeply etched white runes of unknown make. Since the only known examples of these staves were discovered near Mount Dowama in the Mwangi Expanse, most scholars conjecture that they are relics of the Shory. The staff’s holder is protected by a continuous feather fall effect. Additionally, the staff contains the following spells:


コスト 10,800GP
《スタッフ作成》、fly, levitate, shocking grasp

Zenj Totem Staff

Zenj Totem Staff/)
出典 Advanced Class Origins 29ページ
市価 24,800GP; オーラ 中程度・様々; 術者レベル 8; 重量 2ポンド

A creature that willingly grasps a zenj totem staff is affected as though it were in a zone of truth. This effect has no saving throw, lasts as long as the creature remains in contact with the staff, and can simultaneously affect as many creatures as can hold the staff at one time. This power is always on, and doesn’t need to be activated.

The staff also acts as a normal magical staff and contains the following spells:

A shaman who wields the staff can cast summon nature’s ally II and summon nature’s ally IV from the staff even though those spells are not on her spell list. Additionally, once per day when a druid or shaman uses the staff to cast either of those spells, she can instead summon the creature to perform a single task for her with a duration of up to 1 hour per level. If summoned in this fashion, the summoned creature refuses to enter combat and is immediately dismissed if it takes damage from any source.


コスト 12,400GP
《スタッフ作成》、aura sight, protection from evil, summon nature's ally I, summon nature's ally II, zone of truth

Drazmorg's Staff of All-Sight

Drazmorg's Staff of All-Sight/)
出典 Hungry are the Dead 27ページ
市価 25,000GP; オーラ占術念視); 術者レベル 9; 重量

This long, gnarled staff looks like several bones fused together and encased in desiccated, gray skin. It appears as if grown from living flesh and bone, then mummified. At the top of the staff, a clump of sinew clasps a spherical object. When the command word is spoken and two charges are expended, the sinew folds back revealing the petrified eyeball of some mammoth beast. The petrified eye functions in a similar fashion to a crystal ball, allowing the user to see events through the eyes of his minions. Drazmorg can use his staff to project his voice from any minion he is currently scrying through, allowing him to usher warnings and threats over great distances, as well as command his spawn. It loses this ability after its charges are consumed.

In addition, the staff allows the use of the following spells:

The staff is linked to Drazmorg and the seeping energy of the broken Seal. When Drazmorg dies, the staff bends and twists like a wounded snake, then shudders and becomes inert, its eye open and staring. The petrified eyeball retains some of its power, functioning as an eye of scrying, and can be pried or cut out of the “dead” staff without harming its abilities.


コスト 12,500GP、1,000XP
《スタッフ作成》、clairaudience/clairvoyance、detect scrying、scrying


Staff of Curchanusカルカヌススタッフ
出典 Pathfinder #122:Into the Shattered Continent 77ページ
市価 26,600GP; オーラ 中程度・変成術術者レベル 8; 重量 5ポンド




コスト 13,600GP

Oaken Staff

Oaken Staff/)
出典 Heroes of the Wild 29ページ
市価 31,800GP; オーラ 中程度・力術術者レベル 10; 重量 4ポンド

This thick, 5-foot-long wooden staff is made of rough oak and has two branches growing from the top. The branches twist together and bend back toward the body of the staff, and their leaves often rustle as if blown by a light breeze even when the surrounding air is still. An oaken staff functions as a +1 calledUE spell storing quarterstaff, but can’t be used as a double weapon(only one end of the staff is usable in combat). The staff allows use of the following spells.

The wielder is immune to the terrain effects of the plant growth spell cast from the staff. In addition, shillelagh can be cast on an oaken staff despite it being a magic quarterstaff, increasing its enhancement bonus by 1. The staff retains the effects of the shillelagh spell even if wielded by someone other than the spell’s caster. Once per day, a character wielding an oaken staff who has either barkskin or plant growth on her class spell list can cast speak with plants from the staff without attempting a Use Magic Device check(this expends 3 charges instead of 2).


コスト 16,050GP
《魔法の武器防具作成》《スタッフ作成》、barkskin、plant growth、speak with plants、teleport、creator must be a caster of at least 12th level

Staff of the Prime Mover

Staff of the Prime Mover/)
出典 Down the Blighted Path 63ページ
市価 38,300GP; オーラ 中程度・力術術者レベル 10; 重量 2ポンド

This slender silver cane feels more unwieldy than its low weight might suggest, as if a hidden force fights its wielder for control. The staff functions as a +1/+1 anchoringUE mithral quarterstaff, and allows use of the following spells.

As long as the staff’s anchoring special ability is in effect, these spells work differently when cast by the wielder, as noted below.

Kinetic reverberation not only damages an attacker’s weapon, but also pushes the attacker away. Immediately after the spell’s damage is dealt, as an immediate action, the wielder may attempt a bull rush combat maneuver against his attacker, using his opponent’s attack bonus as his combat maneuver bonus. This combat maneuver does not provoke attacks of opportunity and the wielder does not move with his opponent.

Force hook charge pulls the target to a square adjacent to the staff on a successful ranged touch attack, rather than pulling the staff and wielder toward the target. The spell’s target may resist this pull with a successful Fortitude save. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Force punch deals 1d6 points of force damage to its target per caster level(maximum 10d6) against an opponent that is affected by the staff’s anchoring special ability, rather than 1d4 points of force damage per caster level. An anchored opponent is not pushed away.


コスト 20,300GP
《魔法の武器防具作成》《スタッフ作成》、force hook chargeUM、force punchUM、kinetic reverberationUC、levitate


Staff of Spirit-Talking会話のスタッフ
出典 Sargava, the Lost Colony 29ページ
市価 39,050GP; オーラ 中程度・占術術者レベル 11; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 19,525GP


Spherewalker's Staff/スフィアウォーカーのスタッフ
出典 Pathfinder #75:Demon's Heresy 63ページ
市価 43,400GP; オーラ 中程度・召喚術術者レベル 9; 重量 3ポンド




コスト 21,700GP


Staff of the Dark Tapestry闇の綴れ織りのスタッフ
出典 Pathfinder #88:Valley of the Brain Collectors 63ページ
市価 43,500GP; オーラ 中程度・召喚術術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド


このスタッフ武器としても使用でき、チャージが消費された状態でも、+1 インパクトUE・クォータースタッフとして機能する。


コスト 21,900GP


Staff of Hunting/狩猟のスタッフ
出典 Dragonslayer's Handbook 31ページ
市価 51,000GP; オーラ・様々; 術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 25,500GP


Staff of the Freed Man/自由民のスタッフ
出典 Champions of Purity 31ページ
市価 51,688GP; オーラ 中程度・様々; 術者レベル 17; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 25,840GP


Doomsday Staff終末の日のスタッフ
出典 Pathfinder #63:The Asylum Stone 60ページ
市価 52,000GP; オーラ・様々; 術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 26,000GP

Crook of Unseen Forces

Crook of Unseen Forces/)
出典 Down the Blighted Path 60ページ
市価 51,688GP; オーラ召喚術力術術者レベル 12; 重量 5ポンド

This iron staff, silvered and inlaid with diamonds, curves at one end like a shepherd’s crook. It functions as a +1/+1 quarterstaff and grants an additional +2 bonus on dragAPG and repositionAPG combat maneuvers. However, its true power is to summon and command invisible forces, allowing the use of the following spells.

Both the spiritual weapon and spiritual ally gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage, and any spiritual weapon or spiritual ally created by the crook is invisible as per greater invisibility, gaining the usual benefits when attacking creatures are unable to see it.

The wielder of a crook of unseen forces can spend 1 or more charges as a standard action to create an invisible wave of force in a 30-foot line. This wave of force attempts a dragAPG, repositionAPG, or trip combat maneuver(wielder’s choice) against one creature in this line for each charge expended. This special combat maneuver check does not provoke attacks of opportunity and uses the better of the wielder’s Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom modifiers in place of his Strength modifier to his 戦技ボーナス.


コスト 28,300GP


Staff of Wingsスタッフ
出典 Chronicle of the Righteous 53ページ
市価 59,400GP; オーラ幻術変成術術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド



コスト 29,700GP


Staff of Stoneweaving織りのスタッフ
出典 Pathfinder #34:Blood for Blood 67ページ
市価 63,180GP; オーラ防御術変成術術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド




コスト 31,430GP


Quiema's Branch/キエマの枝)
出典 Pathfinder #34:Blood for Blood 69ページ
市価 72,750GP; オーラ防御術召喚術変成術術者レベル 15; 重量 2ポンド



コスト 36,375GP


Staff of Wavesスタッフ
出典 Aquatic Adventures 63ページ
市価 90,300GP; オーラ死霊術術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド

このスタッフは絡み合った珊瑚でできており、鮮やかなサファイアがついている。スタッフの上では+1 クウェンチング・クォータースタッフ}として機能し、の下では+1 インパクト・クォータースタッフとして機能する。スタッフ・オヴ・ウェイヴスでの攻撃水中でも殴打近接武器によるペナルティはない。スタッフ・オヴ・ウェイヴスは以下の呪文を使用できる:


コスト 45,300GP
《スタッフ作成》ハイドローリック・トレントAPGライド・ザ・ウェイヴズUMスリップストリームAPGヴォーテックスAPG、wave form


Staff of Nethys/)
出典 Divine Anthology 4ページ
市価 131,550GP; オーラ防御術術者レベル 13; 重量 5ポンド

These staves are often made of darkwood and topped with the holy symbol of Nethys, the eyes of which are made of rare gems that glow with magical energy. While the upper end of the staff(along with its symbol) always appears clean and pristine, the lower end of the staff’s shaft appears charred by fire and pitted by acid. This staff allows the use of the following spells:

In addition, the wielder of the staff can store additional spells in the staff itself, similarly to a ring of spell storing. The staff of Nethys can contain up to 5 levels of spells(arcane, divine, or psychic, or even a mix of all three). The wielder doesn’t need to spend charges to cast one of these stored spells from the staff, but must have levels in a class with that spell on its spell list.


コスト 65,775GP
《スタッフ作成》、Heightened Spell、arcane sight、channel the giftISGまたはimbue with spell ability、fractions of heal and harmISG、prying eyes、spell gaugeISG、spell scourgeISG


Winter's Reach/)
出典 Pathfinder #72:The Witch Queen's Revenge 63ページ
市価 228,000GP; オーラ力術変成術術者レベル 19; 重量 5ポンド

This staff is made of a single icicle that tapers to a sharpened point at each end. It can be used as a +3 icy burst quarterstaff(only one end of the staff bears this magical enhancement), even if all of its charges are drained. It allows the use of the following spells and abilities:

Like a frost brand, Winter’s Reach extinguishes all nonmagical fires in a 20-foot radius. As a standard action, it can also dispel lasting fire spells, but not instantaneous effects. The bearer must succeed at a dispel check(1d20+19) against each spell to dispel it. The 難易度 to dispel such spells is 11 + the caster level of the fire spell. The staff can also be used to counterspell any spell with the fire descriptor as if with dispel magic. Dispelling or counterspelling a fire spell in this way uses 1 charge.


コスト 114,000GP
《スタッフ作成》、cone of cold、dispel magic、freezing sphere、frostbiteUM、ice bodyUM、ice storm、icy prisonUM、wall of ice

Lasirro's Staff

Lasirro's Staff/)
出典 Lost Treasures 38ページ
市価 240,000GP; オーラ・様々; 術者レベル 15; 重量 5ポンド

Lasirro’s staff is a variant staff of power(Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment 199) that allows the wielder to cast a wide range of spells.

Lasirro’s Staff is a +2 quarterstaff that grants its wielder a +2 luck bonus to アーマー・クラス and on saving throws. Like a staff of power, it can be intentionally broken by its wielder as a retributive strike. Doing so is a standard action. All creatures and objects within 20 feet of the broken staff take 20 points of damage per charge, those within 40 feet take 15 points of damage per charge, and those within 60 feet take 10 points of damage per charge. Anyone affected who succeeds at a 難易度 17 Reflex save takes only half damage, though the wielder is always destroyed.

The retributive strike destroys the staff, although it reforms on the anniversary of Lasirro’s death 10d10 years later somewhere on the Material Plane within 100 miles of one of Lasirro’s descendants.


コスト 120,000GP
《魔法の武器防具作成》《スタッフ作成》、Heighten Spell、Widen Spell、break enchantment、fireball、flame arrow、greater dispel magic、invisibility、knock、nondetection、repulsion、wall of force

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