ハイヴマインド・スウォーム Hivemind Swarm

A swarm of rats groups around a barrel, every pair of red eyes staring intently at one rat in the center of the mass.

ハイヴマインド・ラット・スウォーム 脅威度8 Hivemind Rat Swarm

出典 Bestiary 6 156ページ
経験点 4,800
イニシアチブ +6; 感覚 暗視60フィート、夜目鋭敏嗅覚思考感知60フィート; 〈知覚〉+16


アーマー・クラス 20、接触20、立ちすくみ18(+2サイズ、+6洞察、+2【敏】
ヒット・ポイント 76(9d10+27)
頑健 +8、反応 +10、意志 +4
防御的能 スウォーム種別特性


移動速度 15フィート、登攀15フィート、水泳15フィート
近接 群がり(2d6、加えて“病気”、および“わずらわす”)
接敵面 10フィート、間合い 0フィート
特殊攻撃 病気わずらわす難易度16)、psychic spellcasting
擬似呪文能力術者レベル6; 精神集中+9)



基本攻撃 +9; 戦技ボーナス ―; 戦技防御値
特技 《イニシアチブ強化》《技能熟練:知覚》、《神速の反応》《戦闘発動》《追加HP》
技能 〈隠密〉+22(+32 when hiding the nexus)、〈軽業〉+14、〈水泳〉+10、〈知覚〉+16、〈知識:神秘学〉+15、〈登攀〉+14; 種族修正 +10〈隠密〉 when hiding the nexus
言語 アクロ語、共通語、ゴブリン語、ハーフリング語; テレパシー100フィート
その他の特殊能力 集合知性 nexus


出現環境 気候問わず/地形問わず
編成 単体、または大量発生(2~5 のスウォーム
宝物 なし


病気病気(超常) 群がり―致傷型; セーヴ 頑健難易度16; 潜伏期間 1d3日; 頻度 1回/日; 効果 1d3【敏】ダメージ、および1d3【耐】ダメージ治癒 2回連続のセーヴ成功。

A hivemind consists of a swarm of smaller creatures whose individual minds have supernaturally bonded into one to become a single, collective intelligence. Hiveminds often occur in swarms that have existed for generations and that have dwelled in areas of potent magical influence, particularly areas of strong psychic magic. Over time, the swarm learns to work together in more intelligent ways to achieve its goals, and it eventually evolves a cohesive mind. Of course, this evolution can be hastened by direct intervention of potent magic(typically something on the level of a miracle or wish), or as an unintended side effect of esoteric rituals, the use or destruction of artifacts, or the deaths of powerful minds.

A hivemind swarm learns from its surroundings, which in turn shape its choices in the languages it learns and the psychic spells it develops a penchant for casting. An urban swarm may pick up Common, Dwarven, Elven, or Halfling from snippets of conversations overheard through sewer grates, whereas an underground swarm may learn Dwarven or Undercommon. A hivemind may begin to exert its psychic abilities by compelling animals or people to bring it food or protect it from larger creatures, and it slowly graduates to defending itself and actively attacking as it gains experience.

Eventually, the hivemind's mental network takes on more complex tasks as a collective mind. At this point, the hivemind creates a nexus, a single individual in the swarm through which the collective routes all thought. While the nexus is often fairly inconspicuous within the teeming mass of the swarm, it is possible for a highly perceptive observer to notice its decisive movements, spellcasting gestures, or intense gaze. The death of the nexus does not eliminate the shared intelligence of a hivemind, but it is disruptive, forcing the collective to focus inward to regroup and form a new nexus.

ハイヴマインド・スウォームの作成 Creatin a Hivemaind Swarm

“Hivemind swarm” is an acquired or inherited template that can be added to any creature with the swarm subtype(referred to hereafter as the base creature). The hivemind template allows a swarm to increase in power and abilities, much like a class―when you create a hivemind swarm, you can customize its 脅威度 as needed by adjusting the number of additional Hit Dice(and thus associated statistics). A hivemind swarm uses the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

脅威度+1 for each additional Hit Die gained above the base creature's Hit Dice.

種別A hivemind swarm's type remains unchanged unless the base creature was an animal or vermin. In this case, its type changes to magical beast.

感覚A 集合知性 swarm gains 思考感知 to a range of60フィート.

アーマー・クラスA hivemind swarm gains a +1 insight bonus to its アーマー・クラス per additional Hit Die.

ヒット・ダイスA hivemind swarm gains at least one racial Hit Die in addition to the Hit Dice of the base creature. The type of racial Hit Die the hivemind swarm gains is the same as that of the base creature. A hivemind swarm can never gain more than 20 racial Hit Dice in this manner.

セーヴThe hivemind swarm's base saves increase as appropriate for a creature of its type as the hivemind swarm gains racial Hit Dice.

防御的能A hivemind creature retains all of the base creature's defensive abilities and special qualities, including all swarm traits. Due to its increased Intelligence score, a hivemind swarm is not immune to mind-affecting effects; since a hivemind swarm has a single mind, mind-affecting effects treat it as a single target despite its numerous separate bodies.

攻撃A hivemind creature retains its swarm attack, and continues to deal automatic damage to any creature whose space it occupies at the end of its move, with no attack roll needed. The swarm base damage is based on the hivemind's Hit Dice, starting at 1d6 for 1 Hit Die and increasing by 1d6 for every additional 5 Hit Dice beyond the first.

特殊攻撃A 集合知性 creature retains all of the base creature's special abilities and gains the following special ability.

Psychic Spellcasting/Psychic Spellcasting(超常)A hivemind creature gains the ability to cast psychic spells as per a psychic of a caster level equal to the number of additional Hit Dice it gains when it gains this template. A hivemind swarm can still deal swarm damage to creatures whose space it occupies at the end of its move, even if it has already cast a psychic spell in that round.

能力値If a base creature's 【知力】 score is 10 or lower、the hivemind swarm gains a base 【知力】 score of 11. A hivemind swarm's 【知力】 score increases by 1 point for every Hit Die it gains beyond the base creature's Hit Dice. If the base creature's 【魅力】 is lower than 10、the hivemind swarm gains a base 【魅力】 score of 10. For every 4 Hit Dice the hivemind swarm gains beyond the base creature's Hit Dice、it gains a +1 bonus to an ability score of its choice(this bonus can be applied to 【知力】、and it stacks with the bonus to 【知力】 that a hivemind swarm gains for every Hit Die it attains).

基本攻撃ボーナスA swarm's base attack bonus increases as it gains racial Hit Dice as appropriate for a creature of its type.

特技A hivemind swarm loses all feats that the base creature had but gains a number of feats as normal for a creature of its Hit Dice(as presented on Table 1-6 on page 293 of the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary).

技能A hivemind swarm loses all skill ranks that the base creature had but has skill ranks per racial Hit Die as defined by its creature type. A hivemind swarm's class skills are the same as those that its creature type had and also include all Knowledge skills and Spellcraft.

言語A hivemind creature gains テレパシー(100フィート) and can speak a number of languages of its choice equal to 1 + its Intelligence modifier.

その他の特殊能力A hivemind gains the following.

Hivemind Nexus/Hivemind Nexus(変則)The collective intelligence of the hivemind comprises a complex series of connections and pathways among the members of the swarm. In order to focus the mental power of the swarm, the collective network of minds selects an individual member known as a “nexus.” It is through the nexus that all actions and decisions are routed to the entire hivemind. A hivemind nexus often acts in a slightly different manner than the other members of the swarm, and an observer can single out a hivemind swarm's nexus as a move action with a successful Perception check opposed by the hivemind's Bluff or Stealth check(whichever skill has a higher modifier for the hivemind). The hivemind gains a racial modifier of +10 on this Bluff or Stealth check, due to the hundreds of similar-looking creatures constantly moving around it. Once a nexus is spotted, it can be slain if the observer manages to deal at least 1 point of damage to the swarm, provided that damage is applied in the same round that the observer managed to identify the nexus. If a nexus is destroyed, the hivemind swarm is staggered and must succeed at a concentration check(難易度 = 15 + twice the spell level) in order to cast a spell. A hivemind swarm is able to create a new nexus by spending 1d6 rounds concentrating, during which time it can take no other action(including making any swarm attacks).

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