呪術 Hex

ドラゴン頑丈(変則)/Draconic Resilience 出典 Heroes from the Fringe 8ページシャーマン魔法のように頑丈性のあるドラゴンの性質の一部を接触するクリーチャーに与え、シャーマンレベルの等しいラウンド数の間魔法睡眠効果完全耐性を与える。7レベル点で、クリーチャーはこの持続時間の間麻痺効果に対する完全耐性も得る。一度クリーチャードラゴン頑丈さの呪術から利益を得た後、24時間の間呪術の利益を得ることはできない。

威嚇演舞(変則)/Intimidating Display 出典 Heroes from the Fringe 8ページシャーマンドラゴン威厳の一部を呼び起こし、敵を倒すことができる。シャーマン前提条件を満たしていない場合でも。ボーナス特技として《威圧演舞》を得、武器を用いていなくても使用できる。

絹糸の輪縄(超常)/Silkstring Snare 出典 Legacy of the First World 17ページシャーマンスパイダーシルクのリボンを1タイのクリーチャーの足元の地面から吹き出させる。目標反応セーヴに成功するか、絡みつかれた状態となりその場に固定される。敵は標準アクションとして同じ難易度〈脱出術〉または【筋力】判定に成功することでシルクから脱出することができる(シルクの硬度は0)。この呪術は3+シャーマン【判断力】修正値に等しいラウンド数の間持続する。この呪術響を受けたクリーチャーは24時間の間再び響を受けることはない。

(超常)/Wings 出典 Heroes from the Fringe 8ページシャーマンは1日に自身レベルに等しい数分数の間、一対のを成長させることができる。この数分間は連続している必要はないが1分単位で消費しなければならない。最初は、このシャーマン飛行することを可能にするはないが、1d3ポイントのダメージを与える二次的攻撃として使用できる(小型シャーマンの場合は1d2ポイント)。3レベル点で、フェザー・フォールを使用しているかのようにを使用して任意の高度を安全に降下できる。7レベル点で、貧弱の機動性の30フィートの飛行移動速度飛行することができるが、シャーマンは各ターンの終了に着陸するか落下しなければならない。

シャーマンのアーキタイプ shaman Archetypes

Benefactor Benefactor

出典 Healer's Handbook 26ページ

Though most shamans dole out banes and boons equally, a benefactor seeks to improve the lives of others by primarily offering powerful supportive abilities and magic to her allies and others she deems worthy.

Benefactor Ethos/Benefactor Ethos:Benefactors cannot cast shaman spells with the curse descriptor; for the benefactor’s purpose, they are considered not on the shaman spell list. A benefactor can’t use spell-completion or spell-trigger magic items that use shaman spells with the curse descriptor unless she succeeds at a Use Magic Device check.

This alters the shaman’s spellcasting.

Benefactor Hexes/Benefactor Hexes:A benefactor adds the following hexes to the list of shaman hexes she can choose from whenever she gains a new hex or a wandering hex. A benefactor cannot gain a hex that is a curse effect or that has the word “curse” in its name as a hex or a wandering hex.

This ability alters hexes.

Boon Reservoir(超常)/Boon Reservoir:Once per day, a benefactor can perform a 10-minute ritual with one of her allies, plus one additional ally for every 3 shaman levels she has. All creatures that participate in the ritual(including the benefactor) gain a boon reservoir with a number of points equal to 1/2 the benefactor’s shaman level(minimum 1) for 24 hours. As an immediate action, a creature can spend 1 point from its boon reservoir to gain a +2 insight bonus on all saving throws it attempts until the start of its next turn. Boon reservoir points that are not spent within 24 hours are wasted.

Expanded Boon(超常)/Expanded Boon:When a benefactor gains this hex, she chooses one of the following:ability checks, attack rolls, or skill checks. Instead of gaining an insight bonus on saving throws, any creature with a boon reservoir granted by the benefactor can spend 1 point as an immediate action to gain a +2 insight bonus on rolls or checks of the chosen kind until the start of its next turn. This hex can be chosen multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different roll or check. A benefactor must have the boon reservoir hex before choosing this hex.

Suppress Curse(擬呪)/Suppress Curse:As a standard action, a benefactor can attempt to suppress one curse effect that is affecting a creature or object with a touch. This functions as per remove curse, except the curse’s effects are suppressed for 1 hour, even if it is a cursed shield, weapon, or suit of armor. This allows a creature afflicted with any such cursed item to remove or get rid of it. The benefactor uses her shaman level as her caster level for the purpose of this hex.

Crystal Tender Crystal Tender

出典 Heroes of the Darklands 22ページ

Crystal tenders are most often found among subterranean races and races bearing a strong connection to the earth. A crystal tender focuses on the spirits of metal and stone, using crystals as a means to focus the power of the spirits she venerates. Many crystal tenders take it upon themselves to guard rich gem veins and other mineral treasures from those who would mine them out of greed, much in the way that surface-dwelling druids might defend a sacred grove from woodcutters.

The crystal tenders of Orv meditate within the Crystal Womb, often near the churning vortex that makes up the heart of the Vault. They learn to focus the cavern’s energies through ley lines in the stone, and they study the birth of crystals within the Womb in order to mimic the process.

Scion of the Stones(変則)/Scion of the Stones:A crystal tender forms a mystic connection with the precious stones and gems she has sworn to protect. Her spirit animal always appears to be composed of a crystalline substance and gains a +2 bonus to its natural armor. Her spirit animal is treated as an outsider with both the earth and native subtypes, and counts as a crystalline creature for the purposes of spells and abilities. The unique nature of her spirit animal increases the cost of replacing it to 750gp per shaman level.

This alters spirit animal.

Reciprocal Resonance(超常)/Reciprocal Resonance:At 4th level, a crystal tender learns to form a temporary bond with a spirit of crystal. When selecting her wandering spirit, she can forgo gaining a spirit ability to instead grant herself and her spirit animal ダメージ減少 1/adamantine as long as they’re within 10 feet of one another. While benefiting from this ability, the crystal tender’s skin takes on a crystalline sheen. The ダメージ減少 gained from this ability increases to 2/ adamantine at 8th level, 3/adamantine at 12th level, 4/adamantine at 16th level, and 5/adamantine at 20th level.

This alters wandering spirit.

Invoke Latent Facets(超常)/Invoke Latent Facets:At 8th level, both a crystal tender and her spirit animal gain all of the benefits of any ioun stones worn by one another, as long as they’re within 100 feet of each other. The crystal tender’s spirit animal can also embed a number of ioun stones equal to the crystal tender’s Charisma modifier into its crystalline form. Embedded ioun stones don’t gain any additional abilities, save that they don’t orbit the spirit animal and can’t be separately targeted. A slain or unconscious spirit animal immediately loses all embedded ioun stones, which tumble to the ground beside its body.

This replaces the shaman hex gained at 8th level.

Cabochon Form(擬呪)/Cabochon Form:At 20th level, as a standard action, a crystal tender can transform her body into a living gemstone as per iron body with a duration of 12 hours. Instead of being vulnerable to effects that can harm an iron golem while in this form, she is vulnerable to effects that can harm a crystalline creature(such as shatter). She can use this ability once per day.

This replaces manifestation.

Deep Shaman Deep Shaman

出典 Aquatic Adventures 51ページ

While most shamans of the waves spirit have powers associated with surface waters, deep shamans are tied to spirits from the depths. Some say that the first deep shamans served Besmara back when she was a water spirit, before she achieved full godhood.

Deep Spirit/Deep Spirit:A deep shaman must choose the waves spirit. The deep shaman must choose a spirit animal with the aquatic subtype, and it gains the amphibious special quality instead of gaining the ability to breathe in water. A deep shaman gains Swim as a class skill.

This alters spirit, spirit animal, and the shaman’s class skills.

Aquatic Hexes(超常)/Aquatic Hexes:When a deep shaman uses beckoning chill on a creature in the water, that creature becomes fatigued due to hypothermia for the duration, and it also becomes entangled if the creature takes damage from he deep shaman’s spirit abilities and from spells and abilities with the water descriptor. Her crashing waves hex applies to her spirit abilities that deal damage as if they were spells with the water descriptor, raising her effective shaman level for those abilities. Instead of mist’s shroud and watersight, she can select the two hexes below.

This alters hexes.

Buoyancy Control(擬呪)/Buoyancy Control:The deep shaman touches a willing creature and changes its buoyancy(see page 43) to whichever of the five states she wishes for 1 minute. A creature affected by this hex can’t be affected by it again for 24 hours. The deep shaman has neutral buoyancy, regardless of what her normal buoyancy would be, though she can end or resume the effect as a standard action.

Deep Heart(超常)/Deep Heart:The deep shaman gains the ability to breathe underwater and gains a swim speed equal to her unmodified base land speed. At 8th level, she takes only half the normal amount of pressure damage and she adjusts to a new pressure all at once after succeeding at five Fortitude saves, rather than 100 feet at a time(see Pressure on page 48).

Aquatic Spirit Abilities(超常)/Aquatic Spirit Abilities:When used underwater, a deep shaman’s wave strike deals lethal bludgeoning damage and pushes the target away 5 feet + an additional 5 feet for every 6 shaman levels she has. At 11th level, whenever the deep shaman is underwater, all weapons she holds are treated as if they had the impact special ability instead of quenching. Instead of a swim speed and the ability to breathe underwater, fluid mastery provides tremorsense with a range of 30 feet while in the water, and when underwater, fluid mastery’s torrent deals 1d6 points of damage per shaman level in a 30-foot cone.

This alters spirit ability and greater spirit ability.

Brine Dragon Form(超常)/Brine Dragon Form:When a deep shaman gains access to the true version of the waves spirit, she can assume the form of a Large(or smaller) brine dragon as per form of the dragon II, with a line of acid breath weapon, acid resistance 20, and a swim speed of 60 feet. She can use this ability for 1 hour per shaman level each day, divided any way she chooses in 1 hour increments, though the spell’s breath weapon limit applies across the whole day. Time she spends underwater doesn’t count against this limit, but every minute(or fraction thereof ) that she spends flying expends 1 hour of her daily uses. At 18th level, she can assume the form of a Huge or smaller brine dragon as per form of the dragon III instead.

This ability replaces the elemental form of the true spirit ability.

Draconic Shaman Draconic Shaman

出典 Legacy of Dragons 24ページ

In some regions of Tian Xia, shamans are unusually common, and may have strong ties to dragon gods and imperial dragons who act as mentors. Some of these shamans draw their powers from the might of dragons, rather than from spirits. These shamans each gain a powerful drake as an ally, and view caring for that drake as a sacred duty.

Drake Companion/Drake Companion:A draconic shaman gains a drake companion instead of a spirit animal, and she communes with the drake to prepare her spells just as other shamans commune with their spirit animals. She doesn’t gain a primary spirit, but she still gains wandering spirit at 4th level. She must select all her hexes(other than her wandering hexes) from the list of shaman hexes, and she can’t select the witch hex shaman hex. She doesn’t gain spirit magic slots until 4th level when she gains her wandering spirit. Any ability granted by a wandering spirit that would normally affect a spirit animal(such as nature’s true spirit ability) has no effect for a draconic shaman.

This ability replaces spirit, spirit animal, and the hexes gained at 4th and 10th levels and alters spirit magic.

Grasping Vine Grasping Vine

出典 Legacy of the First World 16ページ

Grasping vine shamans are typically adherents of one of several scattered sects dedicated to the Green Mother. They revere plant life in all its forms, with a special fondness for poisonous or carnivorous plants. Unlike most shamans, a grasping vine is guided by a plantlike creature rather than a spirit animal.

Spirit/Spirit:Though a grasping vine is not limited to a particular choice of spirit, common selections are Life, Nature, or Wood(Pathfinder Player Companion Heroes of the Wild 26).

Plant Spirit(変則)Plant Spirit:A shaman’s spirit animal is made of leaves and thorny vines. This plant spirit has the statistics and abilities as a shaman’s spirit animal, but it is treated as a creature of the plant type rather than a native outsider.

This ability alters the shaman’s spirit animal.

Verdant Magic/Verdant Magic:A grasping vine adds the following spells to the list of spells she can cast using spirit magic:entangle(1st), barkskin(2nd), thorny entanglementACG(3rd), command plants(4th), wall of thorns(5th), fire seeds(6th), animate plants(7th), horrid wilting(8th), and shambler(9th).

This ability replaces the spirit magic spells granted by the shaman’s spirit.

Greentongue(擬呪)/Greentongue:At 2nd level, as a standard action, a grasping vine can use speak with plants as a spell-like ability. The grasping vine can use this ability a number of times per day equal to half her shaman level. In addition, while under the effects of speak with plants, the grasping vine can deliver a suggestion(as per the spell) to a single plant creature within 30 feet, ignoring the plant’s immunity to mind-affecting effects. The grasping vine can use this ability once per day at 2nd level, plus an additional time per day every 4 levels after 2nd level.

This ability replaces the shaman’s hex gained at 2nd level.

Flower’s Form(擬呪)/Flower’s Form:At 8th level, as a standard action, a grasping vine can assume the form of a Small or Medium plant creature, as per plant shape I. At 12th level, this ability functions as plant shape II. At 16th level, this ability functions as plant shape III. The grasping vine can use this ability for 1 minute per shaman level per day. This duration does not need to be used consecutively, but it must be spent in 1-minute increments.

This ability replaces the shaman’s hex gained at 8th level.

Overseer Overseer

出典 Magic Tactics Toolbox 23ページ

While all shamans use their connection to the spirits of the world to draw upon otherworldly magic powers, the shamans of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings have a unique tradition in which they use the power of patron spirits to directly control their enemies. Such overseers may assume roles as religious leaders and protectors of their tribes, turning foes into short-term allies for the tribe’s greater good. Other overseers become tyrants who enforce their will upon the weak for personal gain. In combat, an overseer manages the battlefield by debilitating foes using her hexes and specialized spells.

Controlling Magic(超常)/Controlling Magic:The overseer adds the following spells to the list of spells she can cast using spirit magic:charm person(1st), hideous laughter(2nd), hold person(3rd), crushing despair(4th), feeblemind(5th), mass suggestion(6th), power word blind(7th), irresistible dance(8th), and dominate monster(9th).

This ability replaces the spirit magic spells gained from the shaman’s spirit.

Spirit Surge(変則)/Spirit Surge:At 3rd level, an overseer gains the ability to cast any of her mind-affecting spells that target a single creature through her spirit animal. When she’s using this ability, the selected spell’s range becomes touch, and she must deliver the spell through the spirit animal via the spirit animal’s deliver touch spells supernatural ability. The shaman’s effective caster level for these spells is 2 higher than her normal caster level. The overseer can deliver any other spells via the deliver touch spells spirit animal ability.

This alters the deliver touch spells spirit animal ability.

Primal Warden Primal Warden

出典 People of the Wastes 7ページ

The influence of primal magic extends beyond what is visible and material. Spirits that linger in areas where primal magic reigns can become warped, losing touch with their former selves and experiencing random surges of power. A shaman who communes with such spirits learns to stabilize these erratic energies and draw upon them to her benefit. Such shamans gradually learn to guide their spirits toward coherence and lucidity, and in the process learn to bend chance and fortune in their favor.

Spirit Animal/Spirit Animal:A primal warden’s spirit animal exhibits unusual physical features for a creature of its type, such as unnatural colorations and extra or missing appendages. Each day, the spirit animal gains resistance 10 against a random element. Roll 1d4 to determine the type of resistance(1 = acid, 2 = cold, 3 = electricity, 4 = fire).

This replaces the abilities the shaman’s spirit animal gains from the shaman’s chosen spirit.

Unstable Spellcasting/Unstable Spellcasting:A primal warden’s spirit is ever shifting, and the spells it grants the primal warden change from moment to moment.

When the primal warden would spontaneously cast a 1st-through- 8th-level spell using the spirit magic class feature, she produces a random spell from the list of shaman spells on page 48 of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide of 1 spell level higher than the spell slot expended; use an appropriate die or another randomization method to determine the spell. When she would spontaneously cast a 9th-level spell using spirit magic, she instead casts a random 9th-level spell from the shaman spell list in the Advanced Class Guide, treating her caster level as 2 higher. There is no way to predict the spell before the shaman begins casting it using spirit magic, and she cannot enhance the spell using metamagic feats. The spell uses the shaman’s caster level, even if that caster level would normally be too low to cast the spell. There are 47 potential 2nd-level spells, 46 potential 3rd-level spells, 41 potential 4th-level spells, 30 potential 5th-level spells, 22 potential 6th-level spells, 22 potential 7th-level spells, 18 potential 8th-level spells, and 14 potential 9th-level spells.

At 8th level, after determining the spell that she would cast using spirit magic, once per day as a free action, the primal warden shaman can choose to randomly select another spell instead, using the same method of randomization as she used before(if she obtains the same result a second time, she must keep that result). At 12th level and every 4 shaman levels thereafter, she can choose to randomly select a different spirit magic spell one additional time per day, up to a maximum of four times per day at 20th level. She cannot use this ability more than once in the same round.

This alters spirit magic and replaces the hex gained at 8th level.

Hexes:A primal warden shaman gains the hexes below at the specified levels.

A primal warden shaman cannot select the chant hex, the evil eye hex, the misfortune hex, or any witch hexes. This alters hexes and replaces the hexes gained at 4th and 12th levels.

Primal Blessing(超常)/Primal Blessing:At 4th level, the shaman gains the ability to channel primal magic into a target within 30 feet. Roll 1d4 to determine the effect. On a result of 1, the target takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. On a result of 2, the target’s size is enlarged or reduced, as per enlarge person or reduce person, and the effect functions even if the target is not a humanoid; roll randomly to determine the effect. On a result of 3, the target gains a +20-foot enhancement bonus to her base speed. On a result of 4, all attacks against the target suffer a 20% miss chance. The effects of this hex last for 1 minute. A creature affected by this hex cannot be affected by it again for 24 hours.

Greater Primal Blessing(超常)/Greater Primal Blessing:At 12th level, the shaman’s primal blessing hex improves. This functions as the primal blessing hex in all ways, except that the shaman has a chance to bestow greater benefits upon her targets. Roll 1d6 to determine the effect. On a result of 1–4, refer to the primal blessing ability to determine the effect. On a roll of 5, the target gains a +2 luck bonus on attack rolls and saving throws and to her Armor Class. On a roll of 6, the target gains the benefit of the haste spell, using the primal warden’s shaman level as her caster level.

Serendipity Shaman Serendipity Shaman

出典 Blood of the Beast 5ページ

Although some catfolk venerate elven and human deities, the traditional worship of the so-called “spirits of creation” is by far the most prevalent religion among their kind, especially in the catfolk nation of Murraseth. The serendipitous, shamanistic rites associated with this faith focus upon attracting good fortune and banishing ill fortune in the name of these spirits. Although the ancient practices of the serendipity shaman were once exclusive to the mysterious catfolk nation, the catfolk’s curiosity and willingness to travel have spread them across Golarion, where today many with a tendency toward good fortune embrace the faith.

Limited Calling/Limited Calling:A shaman must have a racial trait with “luck” in its name to select this archetype, such as cat’s luck or half ling luck. A character with the Defiant LuckARG feat also qualifies for this archetype.

Luck Magic/Luck Magic:A serendipity shaman adds the domain spells from the Luck cleric domain to the list of spells she can cast with the spirit magic ability instead of her spirit’s spirit magic spells.

This ability alters spirit.

Luck Hexes/Luck Hexes:A serendipity shaman can select from any of the following hexes, in addition to general shaman hexes and the hexes granted by her spirit. When she gains the wandering spirit class feature, she can select one of these hexes in place of a wandering hex.

Channel Luck(超常)/Channel Luck:A serendipity shaman gains the ability to channel luck, as the cleric variant channeling ability of the same name(Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 30), using her shaman level to determine her effective cleric level for the purpose of her channel energy ability. She does not count as having the channel energy ability for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites or prestige class requirements with the exception of Selective Channeling, which the shaman can take as normal. A shaman must be at least 8th level before selecting this hex.

Fortune(変則)/Fortune:This hex functions as the dual-cursed oracle revelation of the same name(Ultimate Magic 58), using the shaman’s class level as her effective oracle level.

Misfortune(変則)/Misfortune:As a standard action, a serendipity shaman can afflict one target within 30 feet with misfortune, causing it to take a –2 penalty on all saving throws against the shaman’s spells. The effect lasts for 1 minute or until the target hits the shaman with an attack.

Spirit Magic/Spirit Magic:A serendipity shaman adds both her spirit’s spirit magic spells and the domain spells from the Luck cleric domain to the list of spells she can cast with the spirit magic ability. This hex cannot be taken as a wandering hex.

Tweak the Odds(超常)/Tweak the Odds:Whenever the serendipity shaman or one of her allies within 30 feet rolls an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, the shaman can use this ability as an immediate action to tweak the odds in her favor, increasing the result of the die roll or check by 1. This can turn a normal hit into a critical threat, but it cannot make an attack roll an automatic hit(this bonus does not stack with effects that increase a weapon’s critical threat range, such as Improved Critical or keen edge). The shaman can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her shaman level. At 4th level and every 4 shaman levels thereafter, she can spend an additional use of this ability to further increase the die result of the target’s roll by an additional 1. For example, a 12th-level shaman can spend up to three uses of this ability to increase an ally’s roll by 1 per use expended.

True Silvered Throne True Silvered Throne

出典 Occult Origins 23ページ
The true silvered throne archetype grants the Extra Hex feat at 4th level and Iron Will feat at 8th level rather than gaining the ritual hex and esoteric rites abilities.

Members in good standing who have risen to a prestigious rank within the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, true silvered thrones have managed to discover rituals and occult secrets within the lore of their order. They are scholars of ancient mysteries and keepers of forbidden secrets who go beyond simply learning eldritch traditions to make the occult a part of their very souls.

クラス技能A true silvered throne adds all Knowledge skills, Linguistics, and Sense Motive to his list of class skills, but loses Handle Animal and Survival as class skills. This alters the shaman’s class skills.

Occult Grimoire(変則)Occult Grimoire:A true silvered throne’s divine magic arises from communion with spirits alongside study of archaic lore compiled into a personal occult grimoire. Unlike a wizard’s spellbook, this grimoire doesn’t contain specific spells. By studying his grimoire, a true silvered throne can prepare any spell on the shaman spell list or provided by his spirit. If this grimoire is lost or destroyed, he cannot prepare new spells or use his spirit magic class feature until it is replaced, which requires 1 week of work. This ability replaces spirit animal.

Ritual Hex/Ritual Hex:A true silvered throne gains Ritual Hex(see page 24) as a bonus feat.

Scarab of the Second Throne(変則)/Scarab of the Second Throne:At 4th level, a true silvered throne successfully constructs a golden scarab that is infused with some of his occult potential. Treat this construct as a clockwork spy(Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 58), except it has half its master’s total hit points regardless of its Hit Dice and can write and take dictation rather than record audio. If worn in the true silvered throne’s amulet slot, the golden scarab provides a +4 bonus to アーマー・クラス against sneak attacks and attacks of opportunity, as the scarab animates and moves to intercept attacks. If lost or destroyed, the golden scarab can be replaced in a week-long ritual costing 250gp.

Wandering Ritual(超常)/Wandering Ritual:At 6th level, a true silvered throne can attempt to coax a nearby spirit into service with a 1-minute-long ritual once per day, gaining that spirit’s spirit ability and adding its list of spells to those he can cast using his spirit magic. The silvered throne can maintain this bond for 1 hour, or until he dismisses the spirit as a free action. At 12th level, he also gains this spirit’s greater spirit power while bonded, and at 20th level gains its true spirit power as well. He can perform a wandering ritual one additional time per day at 8th level and 14th level. This ability replaces wandering spirit and wandering hex.

Esoteric Rites(変則)/Esoteric Rites:At 8th level, a true silvered throne gains a +1 insight bonus on skill checks attempted as part of an occult ritual. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 shaman levels beyond 8th(to a maximum of +5 at 20th level). If the true silvered throne is the ritual’s primary caster, he also adds this bonus to the caster level of the ritual’s effect. This ability replaces the 8th-level hex.

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