“墓所の貴婦人The Lady of Graves”ファラズマ(fah-RAZ-mahと発音する)[1]はゴラリオンしたる魂の全てを裁く女神である。君がんだなら、その魂は外方次元界にある“ファラズマ骨庭Pharasma's Boneyard”に向かう。外方次元界からアストラル界を貫く、信じられないほど高い尖塔の上にこの場所は存在している。




ファラズマ骨庭”の全てを見下ろしているのは他の下級神である。これは“終末の神the god of the End Time”グロトゥスである。骨庭を上から見降ろす感覚を持った狂気の小衛であり、最後の生きている魂がぬのを待っている。最後の生物の体が物質界んだ後、その魂をファラズマが裁いたとき、グロトゥスは別の現実のためにごみを「掃除して」平らげるために物質界に移る前に、グロトゥスファラズマが行動を開始するために“骨庭”に降下してくる。最後の魂が裁かれた点でグロトゥスが何をするかを、本当に理解しているものはいない。しかしそのことは心の良いものではないだろうと考えられている[2]。








ファラズマ聖典は『螺旋内のThe Bones Land in a Spiral』と呼ばれている。


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Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Fate Death Prophecy Rebirth
Cleric Alignments 中立にして善 秩序にして中立 真なる中立 混沌にして中立 中立にして悪
Domains Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Water
Favored Weapon dagger

"The Lady of Graves", Pharasma(pronounced fah-RAZ-mah)[1] is the goddess who judges all of the dead souls in Golarion. If you die, your soul goes to Pharasma's Boneyard in the Outer Sphere, which sits atop an impossibly tall spire that pierces the Astral Plane from the Outer Planes.

Atop the spire is an immense graveyard, at the center of which is Pharasma's palace, where she sits on her throne and judges each of the dead souls that pass before her; an endless line of them winds out of her throne room through the surrounding graveyard. In many ways, the Boneyard is like purgatory; a place for you to come to terms with your death(or in some cases attempt to escape). When a soul is judged, it gets sent on to heaven or hell or wherever it is supposed to go. Those who worship Pharasma and do so well get to join her staff in her palace in death. Those who worship her poorly or for whatever reason mess something up(such as some, but not all heretics and blasphemers) get buried in the Boneyard itself, which is not a pleasant fate. Agnostics and athiests do not get buried in the Boneyard.

Overlooking all of Pharasma's Boneyard is another, lesser god. This is Groetus, the god of the End Times, a sentient and cruel moonlet that looks down upon the Boneyard and waits for the last living soul to die. When Pharasma judges the last soul after the last living body dies on the Material Plane, Groetus descends to the Boneyard to do something to it and Pharasma before he moves on to the Material Plane to "clean up" and pack the dust away for another reality. No one really knows what Groetus is going to do once the last soul is judged, but it is generally accepted that it will not be pleasant.[2]

◎Fate Domain and the Death of Aroden
The death of Aroden, the first of the ascended gods, 100 years ago, was extremely unexpected. His death was not prophesied, and once he died, most of the other prophecies in the world started to go bad as well. Many of Pharasma's priests have lost their faith and/or gone mad as a result, but those who stuck it out are finding that Pharasma's hold over prophecy is becoming less important while her domain over death and birth and fate are growing stronger. It's a time of change for Pharasma and her faith. Some legends say that Pharasma knew the death of Aroden was approaching, but chose not to tell her followers for reasons unknown. [2]

○Church of Pharasma
Pharasma is alternatively known as the mad prophet, the reaper of the dead, or the midwife, depending on her current role. Her followers dress in black for her ceremonies, with their clothes silver and tiny vials of holy water. Her followers, in general, view the undead with hatred. They consider it a duty to put any undead to rest.

Pharasma's pleasure is often signified through scarabs, beetles and whippoorwills. Black roses are thought by her followers to bring good luck, most especially if the rose bears no thorns. Her displeasure is signified by bleeding from beneath the fingernails, an unexplained taste of rich soil, the discovery of a dead whippoorwill, the feeling that something important has been forgotten, or cold chills down the spine..[3]

◎Holy Texts
Pharasma's holy book is called 'The Bones Land in a Spiral'.

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