Zephyr’s Fleetness/西のごとき素早さ

出典 Inner Sea Races 223ページ
系統 変成術]; 呪文レベル ハンター3、レンジャー3ケレッシュ人
発動時間 1ラウンド
構成要素 音声動作
目標 1体のクリーチャー2レベル
持続時間 1分/レベル
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効(無害)呪文抵抗(無害)



Zone of Foul Flames

出典 Inner Sea Magic 63ページ
系統 変成術呪文レベル ドルイド4ハンター4
発動時間 1標準アクション
構成要素 音声動作物質(アスク森の焦げたの樹皮の薄片)
距離 近距離(25フィート+5フィート/2レベル
範囲 半径20フィートの噴射
持続時間 1分/レベル
セーヴィング・スロー 意志無効呪文抵抗

The twisted druids of the Uskwood forsook fire in ages past for the glory of Zon-Kuthon. Despite this aversion, these servants of Nidal know well the sting of flame, and have learned to turn it back on those that wield it. This spell creates a zone where magical fire effects twist and lash out against those who create the effects. A zone of foul flames looks unremarkable to the casual observer, but a Perception check(難易度 = 20 + the caster’s level) reveals a faint rippling effect in the area, as if of heat distortions in the air.

Whenever a creature casts a spell with the fire descriptor or activates a magical fire effect(as from a magic item or a special attack) while that creature is located in a zone of foul flames, that creature takes full fire damage from the effect. If the effect allows a saving throw to reduce the damage, the victim may attempt the same saving throw to reduce the damage. All creatures in a zone of foul flames gain a +4 circumstance bonus on all saving throws against fire effects, except for those made by a creature attempting to save against fire damage from his own magic. Nonmagical fire in a zone of foul flames burns half as brightly but is otherwise not affected.

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