麻薬 Drugs

Keleshite Coffee Keleshite Coffee

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別摂取; 中毒軽症、頑健難易度12
価格 5GP
効果 8時間; user ignores the effects of the fatigued condition
効果 8時間後; the user becomes exhausted, and he becomes fatigued only after 8 hours of rest(instead of 1)
ダメージ 1【判】

This particularly strong coffee is popular throughout the Padishah Empire of Kelesh, though it also has aficionados in Absalom, Oppara, and beyond. A morning cup is a good cure for lack of rest, but many find that it becomes a habit.

Magesight Magesight

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 inhaled; 中毒軽症、頑健難易度15
価格 15GP
効果 1d4×10分; the user gains the benefits of a constant detect magic effect, but she treats illumination in the area as dim light; areas of dim light and darkness are treated as darkness
ダメージ 1d2【判】

Dilettantes pursue the visions from magesight simply for the wonder of the experience, while back-alley shopkeeps in Absalom, Katapesh, Katheer, and other major trade cities rely on it to provide a valuable ability they have no other way to obtain.

Muscaria Muscaria

出典 Pathfinder #110:The Thrushmoor Terror 14ページ
種別摂取; 中毒軽症、頑健難易度14
価格 15GP
効果 3時間; +1d6 alchemical bonus on a single Knowledge(any one), Perception, or Sense Motive check once per minute for the duration of the effect Onset 30 minutes
ダメージ 1d4【魅】

These small mushrooms, grown in dark forests, have red caps dotted with white spots. Able to induce strong hallucinogenic states, they have long been used by shamans and other spiritual leaders to enter trances to seek flashes of insight.

Vigilance Vigilance

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 inhaled; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度20
価格 15GP
効果 1d3時間; +10 alchemical bonus on Perception checks
効果 4時間後; user is denied his Dexterity bonus to アーマー・クラス
ダメージ 1d4【耐】

Scholars and students are often willing to accept the clumsiness and slow reactions in exchange for the benefits gained in research and study from this bitter white powder.

Gossamer Veil Gossamer Veil

出典 Potions and Poisons 26ページ
種別 inhaled; 中毒軽症、頑健難易度18
価格 20GP
効果 1日; +4 alchemical bonus on saving throws against disease effects
効果 1日後; –4 penalty on saving throws against disease effects for 7 days
ダメージ 1d4【判】

Cultists of Ghlaunder and similar manipulators wander the streets of impoverished neighborhoods, administering this “vaccine” to prevent diseases common in squalid conditions, often with an admonition that it remains effective only as long as the recipient maintains faith in the priest's deity.

Sting's Savor Sting's Savor

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 injury; 中毒軽症、頑健難易度15
価格 45GP
効果 user immediately heals 1d8+2 points of nonlethal damage
効果 1d4時間; an opponent who attempts a Bluff check to fool the user or a Diplomacy check to change the user's attitude can roll twice and take the better result
ダメージ 1d2【判】

The “sting” administered to willing recipients at some Calistrian temples helps nervous visitors relax. Black-market alchemists have reverse-engineered the drug to meet demand from less savory individuals who appreciate the pliability it elicits in users.

Serpent's Kiss Serpent's Kiss

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 ingested; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度18
価格 50GP
効果 1時間; +2 alchemical bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks
効果 1時間後; the user gains the fatigued condition for 1d4 hours
ダメージ 1d4【敏】
Relied upon by politicians and shy noble scions, this emerald syrup boosts the user's confidence, allowing her to navigate social situations with aplomb, though the tremor it imparts to her hands can cause an unseemly clatter of cutlery or stemware.

Ruk Tar Ruk Tar

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 injury; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度25
価格 55GP
効果 1時間; +2 alchemical bonus to Strength and immunity to pain effects
効果 1時間後; the user gains the exhausted condition
ダメージ 1d4【知】

Common among desperate adventurers, gladiatorial combatants, and orc tribes, ruk tar is often applied after the first blood of a fight is spilled, using the wound as an opportunity to enhance the user's abilities to ensure victory.

Inspiration Dust Inspiration Dust

出典 Potions and Poisons 26ページ
種別 inhaled; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度22
価格 75GP
効果 4時間; +1d4 alchemical bonus on Knowledge, Linguistics, and pellcraft checks
効果 4時間後; for 24 hours, the user takes a –4 penalty on Sense Motive checks and assumes everything heard is a lie, but she can attempt a 難易度 20 Sense Motive check to determine if someone is telling the truth
ダメージ 1d4【判】

The mind-opening properties of this translucent dust enable the user to process information and draw connections rapidly, though the accompanying paranoia can make it difficult to act effectively on the knowledge thus gleaned.

Oblivion Oblivion

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 ingested; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度26
価格 100GP
効果 a user under the effect of a suggestion spell can attempt another saving throw(with the effect's original 難易度) to shake off the spell's effect, but he loses all memories from the previous 1d4 hours, as per modify memory but without the 5-minute limit
ダメージ 1d4 damage to a random ability score

A less pure version of refined cytillesh, oblivion retains the unpredictable side effects and highly addictive properties of the source material. Oblivion is common in Cassomir's slums and the Puddles district of Absalom. Type ingested; Addiction major, Fortitude 難易度 26

Hush Hush

出典 Potions and Poisons 26ページ
種別 ingested; 中毒 moderate、頑健難易度20
価格 200GP
効果 1d6時間; the user gains sonic resistance 5, but must roll twice and take the worse result for Perception checks based on sound and increases her arcane spell failure chance by 5%
ダメージ 1d4【判】

This slate-gray powder is often mixed into alcohol and consumed by those working in the noisy testing ranges at Alkenstar's Gunworks. Its similarity in appearance to gunpowder has led to more than a few fatal mishaps.

Mumia Mumia

出典 Lost Kingdoms 22ページ
種別 inhaled, ingested, or injury; 中毒 major、頑健難易度18
価格 500GP
効果 1d6時間; +1d8 temporary hit points, +2 alchemical bonus on saving throws made against spells and effects with the curse or disease descriptor, fatigue. If the user is addicted for more than a week straight, she has a cumulative +5% chance of transforming into a ghoul every week she remains addicted.
ダメージ 1d2【判】

Perhaps the strangest of the valuables removed from the dusty tombs of Osirion is the flesh of the dead itself. During the years of satrapy-dominated Osirion and later under the rule of Keleshite sultans, a highly prized royal physician of Osirian descent by the name of Merenfren used a previously unknown black, tarlike substance as an ingredient in numerous salves, potions, and pills she concocted to treat ailments and revitalize her wealthy clientele.

Calling the drug mumia, Merenfren managed to keep the key ingredient of her potent cure-all hidden from her patients until 2271 AR, when a rival scholar finally discovered her sinister secret:Mumia was nothing more than the flesh of carefully preserved corpses excavated from Osirian tombs. Even the sweet elixir that she sold as the “water of life” was merely a diluted substance derived from the body of a young child preserved in a jar of honey. Merenfren was quickly tried and executed for her crimes, including the desecration of the dead as well as tricking her noble patients into consuming the vile substance. However, it was too late to undo the chemist's discoveries—she had already left her mark on Osirian society by inspiring an entire subculture based on the trade and consumption of mumia. An extensive black market took hold in Osirion's grisly underworld, and even the Keleshite masters of Osirion continued to partake of the foul drug made from the dead. The mysterious disappearances of mumia addicts were often attributed to their contact with the Osirian criminal element rather than any of the drug's long-lasting side effects, but mumia sellers knew better and took care to not get hooked to the drug themselves.

Even today, mumia made from the bodies of properly prepared and aged corpses—as well as cheap, knock-off mumia made from the embalmed bodies of animals or the recently dead—fetches a fine price in the back alleysof Sothis and other major cities in northern Garund. An unscrupulous graverobber need not hawk only fineries and art anymore, but can profit immensely from the act of plundering mummified bodies as well if she knows where to pawn them.

Cheap, imitation mumia made from the recently deceased or improperly treated bodies has the same stats as mumia, but the benefits are rendered at 50% their normal potency and for half the duration.

Numerian Fluids Numerian Fluids

出典 Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars 28ページ
種別 ingested; 中毒 minor、頑健難易度20
価格 500GP
効果 1d4時間; +1d4 Wis, roll on the Numerian Fluids Side Effects table
効果 after the initial 1d4 hours; -5 penalty to Perception and Sense Motive checks, -2 penalty on saving throws against mind-affecting effects for 2d4 hours
ダメージ 1d2【耐】

Over the centuries, strange fluids have seeped from the wreckage of Silver Mount and other crash sites. Engine fluid, coolant, hydraulic fluids, and stranger substances have mixed together, the chemicals further transformed by the strange radiations of the ship’s drives. Fluids can be found in pools or springs, or collected as they drip from larger pieces of wreckage. Odd behavior in animal life or an abundance of mutations can indicate a nearby source of alien fluids. While many such fluids are no more magical or marvelous than crude oil—and often highly poisonous to humanoids—others have strange and sometimes desirable effects on biological life.

The elite of Numeria cultivate a taste for these latter fluids, ostensibly for the insights and pleasant fugues induced by some of the chemicals. Indeed, repeated exposure to such fluids leads first to addiction, then to dependency. Yet beyond these prosaic effects, the fluids of Numeria unleash change:alterations in mind and body both terrible and wonderful.

Numerian fluids are considered drugs. Initially, the fluids expand perception and insight, opening the mind to new sensations. This overstimulation gives way to mental fatigue, leaving the imbiber distracted and vulnerable to suggestion. A pleasant euphoria lasts as long as the drug’s effects. Unlike most drugs, the effects of Numerian fluids can be negated with a successful 難易度 20 Fortitude saving throw. Success at this saving throw precludes the need to save against addiction, but also prevents the dose from countering the effects of addiction. A person partaking of Numerian fluids can open his mind and body to the fluid’s effects, voluntarily forgoing a Fortitude save. Of course, this also entails accepting the risk of addiction and any side effects from the specific type of fluids consumed.

Each distinct dose of Numerian fluids requires a new roll for side effects, even if multiple doses were recovered from the same source. The inherent instability of the fluid contributes to this variability, as the fluids undergo further reactions even after collection. At the Game Master’s option, fluids collected from the same source at the same time can have a higher chance of providing the same side effect. One option for handling such variation is to roll two d20s of different colors for each subsequent drink from a sample, adding one and subtracting the other from the previous result. Another option is rolling twice, and using the second result only if it matches the previous side effect. Either variant increases the potential value of a dose of Numerian fluids, and the potential for unintended consequences in the campaign.

At least 1 pint of Numerian fluids must be consumed to experience euphoria and expose the drinker to side effects. Smaller amounts leave the drinker slightly disoriented(no game effect). If a drinker consumes a full dose within a single 24-hour period, the drug takes effect when the final portion is consumed.

In addition to imparting normal addiction to the fluids, certain results also addict the imbiber to a particular side effect. This extra addiction and its strength are listed on the Numerian Fluids Side Effects table. Only rolling the same type of side effect for a dose of fluids alleviates this addiction. This is handled as a distinct case of addiction, rather than being grouped in with other addictions, as is normally the case. This special type of addiction has a frequency and a dose requirement of once per week, rather than once per day. If a given creature has to save against the effects of both general addiction and this special addiction on the same day, only roll for the more serious addiction that day.

Identifying the effects of a dose of Numerian fluids presents a challenge, as the composition of the fluids changes constantly. A successful 難易度 25 Craft(alchemy) check has a 75% chance of correctly identifying a fluid’s effects on a specific drinker, and a 25% chance of misidentifying a random effect instead. The dose must be consumed within 1 hour for the results to remain accurate.

Numerian Fluids Side Effects




The drinker’s cellular structure breaks down, and her flesh dissolves off of her bones. The victim dies in 1 round unless a limited wish, regeneration(not just the regeneration ability), or wish spell is administered. Immunity to ability drain prevents death, but immunity to death effects or poison does not.


The drinker permanently loses a random sense(roll 1d4:1–hearing, 2–sight, 3–smell, 4–taste). A regenerate spell restores lost smell or taste. Moderate addiction.


The drinker ages 2d10 years.


The drinker takes 2d6 points of damage to all ability scores(roll once for damage, apply it to each). If any score reaches 0, death results. If the imbiber survives, roll again for an additional side effect, rerolling a result of 15 or lower.


The drinker takes 2d4 points of drain to a random ability score.


The drinker takes 1d4 points of Intelligence damage and loses the ability to speak or write(but not to listen and read) for 1d4 days. Moderate addiction.


The drinker contracts a random form of insanity for 1d4 days.


The fluids impart 1d4 negative levels to the drinker(Fortitude 難易度 20 to remove).


The drinker is rendered unconscious until the effects of the dose wear off. Mild addiction.


The drinker is nauseated for 2d6×10 minutes.


The drinker is sickened until the effects of the dose wear off.


The drinker is fascinated by visions of a far-off reality for 1d4 hours. An interruption that ends the fascination provokes incoherent anger(attack nearest creature) for 1d4 rounds. Strong addiction.


The drinker exudes an unpleasant odor, as the stench ability, for 24 hours.


The drinker gains increased empathy with mechanical minds for 24 hours, gaining a +10 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks against androids and robots, but takes a –5 penalty on such checks against other creatures.


For 1d4 hours, the drinker is healed by a random energy type(acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) instead of harmed. Being healed in this fashion staggers the drinker for 1 round.


The drinker’s skin thickens into armor-like plates. This gives a +2 bonus to natural armor and a –2 penalty to Dexterity. Multiple doses do not stack. It takes 1d4 months for the excess skin to slough off.


Roll twice. If the first result is below 20, add 20 to the result. If the second result is above 80, subtract 20 from the result. If the same side effect results on both rolls, apply it only once, but the drinker becomes severely addicted to that result.


The drinker gains fast healing 5 for 24 hours, but must consume twice as much food and water as normal.


The drinker gains a +6 enhancement bonus to a random ability score for 2d4 days.


The drinker gains telepathy with a range of 100 feet for 2d4 days.


The drinker gains the ability to see possible futures a few seconds ahead for 24 hours. Because the visions are distracting, the drinker takes a –2 penalty on ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, but for one such roll, she can ignore the penalty and roll twice, keeping the better result. The drinker must decide to use this ability before rolling.


The drinker becomes 1d6 years younger. If this changes her age category, adjust physical attributes but not mental. Mental attributes don’t increase when the original age category is reached again(see Young Characters).


The drinker foresees her death in a cryptic and disjointed vision. The next time an effect would cause her death, she can take an extra standard action just before she dies(including actions like healing spells that prevent the impending death).


Roll on the table below. All exceptional effects are permanent.


Exceptional Side Effect


Immortality:The drinker no longer takes penalties for aging(bonuses still apply) and does not die from old age.


Mutant:The drinker gains the mutant template. The mutations should reflect the drinker’s inner personality, as determined by the GM.


Phasing:The drinker gains the ability to become incorporeal for 1d4 rounds as a swift action, but takes 1 point of Con damage when he does so. Phasing can be extended as a free action by taking 1 additional point of Con damage. Coming out of phase inside a solid object is instantly fatal. Phasing cannot be used by creatures that are immune to Con damage.


Three-Dimensional Touch:The drinker gains blindsense with a range of 60 feet. Focusing on this sense as a move action improves it to blindsight with a range of 60 feet until the start of the drinker’s next turn.


Ability Score Bonus:The drinker gains a +2 inherent bonus to a random ability score.


Fluid Generation:The drinker’s body naturally creates its own approximation of Numerian fluids, which he can, as a standard action once a day, redirect into his system to gain the effects of drinking 1 dose of Numerian fluids. Treat the addiction, effects, and side effects of this dose as normal, save that it cannot provide an additional exceptional effect(reroll results of 100).


Bioluminescence:The drinker’s body glows as gem of brightness. The drinker can produce this effect 5 times per day.


Sleep of Experience:For 24 hours, the drinker falls into a coma and cannot be awakened. During this time, he dreams of living an entire lifetime on a different planet in an alien body. The drinker gains the number of bonus experience points needed to advance 1 level. A creature can gain this exceptional effect only once(reroll all future exceptional effect rolls of 10).

Esoterum Esoterum

出典 Potions and Poisons 26ページ
種別 inhaled; 中毒 major、頑健難易度24
価格 600GP
効果 24時間; the user gains the benefits of the Psychic Sensitivity feat but takes a –4 penalty on Will saves and automatically fails Will saves against possession attempts
ダメージ 1d4【耐】、1d4【判】

Legends tell of esoterum dens in Tian Xia and Vudra where dream chasers open their minds to the spirit world, gaining deep insights and abilities beyond mortal ken. Such tales usually continue to describe the destructive rampages that follow when malevolent spirits take advantage of an opened mind and possess the unfortunate individual.

Old-Mage Old-Mage

出典 Potions and Poisons 27ページ
種別 injury; 中毒 major、頑健難易度18
価格 1,500GP
効果 12時間; the user gains the ability to activate scrolls as if she had succeeded at a Use Magic Device check to activate a given scroll. Each time the user activates a scroll this way, she takes 1d4 points of Charisma damage and an amount of nonlethal damage equal to the scroll's caster level. Charisma damage taken this way is counted as ability damage caused by the drug for the purpose of calculating the 難易度 of saving throws to resist addiction to the drug. Neither the Charisma damage nor the nonlethal damage can be healed until the user takes a full 8 hours of rest.

In higher circles of Avistani nobility, some petty nobles pretend to be mighty wizards. Typically created in and smuggled north from Sargava, old-mage offers a temporary taste of eldritch power at an exorbitant cost—both financial and physical.

Adyton Adyton

出典 Book of the Damned pg. 183ページ
種別 contact; 中毒 major、頑健難易度20
価格 2,000GP
効果 An affected creature that succeeds at an additional 難易度 20 Will saving throw has its consciousness transported into the mindscape called the Adyton, where it can linger for as long as it likes and return as a full-round action whenever it so pleases. Those that fail this secondary saving throw sleep fitfully for 2d4 hours and wake remembering snippets of surreal dreams.
ダメージ 1d4【筋】

The drug adyton is central to Mahathallah’s worship and the spreading of her mysteries. It can be purchased only from worshipers of Mahathallah, and typically only by servants of the goddess.

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