Humans of Golarion

Pathfinder Player Companion:Humans of Golarion

Masters of the Realm
Brave, cunning, and adaptable, humanity dominates the countries of the Inner Sea. Discover the legendary history and secret ambitions of humankind, the most populous race of the Pathfinder campaign setting. With the potential to do anything they set their minds to, humans have become unrivaled heroes, infamous villains, and even deities—and now the course of humanity’s future is in your hands. Learn of the varied and distinctive ethnicities of humankind, from rugged Ulfen vikings and scheming Chelish diplomats to noble Garundi travelers and mysterious Tian merchants, and master the unique skills and traditions they use to face the dangers of a world that refuses to be tamed.

Humans of Golarion presents a player-friendly overview of the fantastical human cultures of the Pathfinder campaign setting, along with new rules and information to help players customize characters in both flavor and mechanics.


このPathfinder Player Companionは、Pathfinder Chronicles campaign settingの設定であり、Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook や世界で最も古いファンタジー・ロールプレイング・ゲームの3.5版でもっともよく働くが、いかなるファンタジー世界にも容易に組み込むことができる。

著者 James Jacobs, Colin McComb, Sean K Reynolds, Amber Scott, and Larry Wilhelm

刊で32ページの Pathfinder Companion は、各巻のテーマに沿ったプレイヤー向け記事と、社会魔法宗教戦闘焦点を置いたキャラクターのための革新的な新ルールの記事、そしてプレイヤーをキャンペーンに定着させるための特徴を含む。


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